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After a long wait...

The battle between Behemoth and Melittin rages on with the Poison Bee once again aiming for the Iron Snake's tail. His previously plan didn't get the result intended, though neither did it harm him. Both Pokémon simple ended up missing each other. Behemoth however isn't the fastest anymore and he noticed how his previous attack ended up in biting dust as Melittin flew away at the very last moment. It is something he does intend to let happen again and his current attacks are going to make sure of that. Knowing that Melittin goes for his tail Behemoth does not prepare his Fire Fang to strike where the Beedrill is now, but rather to strike where he anticipates the Poison Bug to show up after another last second dodge. This all the while he does plan to use his Cut as a direct attack so that no matter what the opponent does, he will be hit by either one attack.

With Fae being somewhat reassured, Keith asks Rowan if it is okay for him to bring out his Duskull to help Fae get over her fear of Ghosts-types.

"No problem my friend," Rowan answers Keith's question with a smile, "I appreciate the help, I aspire to acquire some Ghosts myself too to be honest with you and I would like it if Fae could be friends with them too without fearing them."

Only a second after Rowan finishes his sentence he hears Meowth screaming from above and sees him and his own Magnemite falling down. Keith however reacts quickly and lets Cyanide use her Psychic to get both Pokémon to the ground safely, Magnemite still being fast asleep. But having seen him and Meowth fall from such a hight, Rowan can already guess what must have happened.

"I'm so sorry Meowth," he apologizes to the Cat Pokémon, "Magnemite likes to play games like this unfortunately. Besides generally being able to be quite annoying, I have experience that myself too." He walks over his newest Steel-type and picks it up, "However, I need my Magnemite here. I know he can irritate people with his Magnet Pull, he stole the Adoption Center's clerk's car keys when I left there for example, but his ability is what makes him so valuable for me too. He is the only one who can restrain Behemoth should it ever be necessary." Rowan looks up to the Steel giant that is still fighting Melittin, wondering what triggered his aggression in the first place.

"Say Meowth," Rowan turns his attention back to the cat, "You can speak with Pokémon and people alike right? Could you be so nice to ask Fae where her fear of Ghosts comes from? It may make it easier for us to help her get over her fears."

Meanwhile outside of the base, Rose and Chuck are having their own. Chuck says her he will stay with her and him taking Rose by her hand does reassure her. And besides, even though the tree in front of her gave her eerie feeling, Peach never did. So Rose decides to take the step. She looks at Chuck, nods and points up towards Peach indicating to the Gasly she wants him to take her up there as, unlike the Pachirisu, her climbing skills are not very good.

Peach meanwhile keeps being her hyperactive self. Here come this way! Almost at my place just follow me! This branch here and to the main trunk almost there!" she shouts at the two as she rushes off into the tree.

Chuck and, with his help, Rose follow the rodent who leads them to an opening in the trunk of the tree at about six meter above the ground, another thing Rose is not comfortable about.

"Here here here home home HOME!" Peach shouts and runs inside with Chuck and Rose entering after her. The inside of the tree is surprisingly light and well equipped as living place. Where the outside of the tree has a dark look over it, the inside is full of faintly glowing veins that carry a strange substance through the tree, lighting the cavity up and engulfing it in a light green hue. The cavity itself is not very big, but it almost looks like a house with small furniture being carved out of the inside, being one with the tree. There are even two doors made out of leaves and twigs.

"Here here here sit sit sit! Peach runs around her hyper-actively as usual, pointing at the chairs everytime she runs past them, I don't get many visitors often you're my friends now hare sit sit sit, sorry I only have two chairs I don't get many visitors often. Want nuts? I have nuts enough. I love nuts I go nuts about nuts!"

Rose does as Peach asks, though not really sure about what she actually said, her pointing at the chairs did make it clear to her she meant her and Chuck to use them. As she is seated Rose looks at her lover, she smiles, but inside the feeling of discomfort remains. Though Peach seems to be okay, there is something with this tree that is not natural.
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