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Cherrim Sneezey's Squad

Level 7 Trainer; S- Grade Ref
Grass Gym Leader
Dragon Elite Four
507 TP; 17.25 SP; 203 KOs
59 Wins; 11 Losses; 2 Draws
4 DQ Wins; 3 DQ Losses

Matches (1/4) (0/1 Exhibition) (1/1 Gym) (1/2 Gym Defense) (0/1 Contest) (0/1 Tri-Jewel Invitational) (1/1 Corruption)
Spoiler: show

vs. Myles Fowl II (win: 2 TP, 1 KO)
vs. Shadowshocker (GL) (ongoing)
vs. Mew The Gato (GL Defense) (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. Aposteriori (ongoing)
vs. Miror (draw: 1.5 TP, 1 KO)
vs. Lucario188 (DQ win: 2 TP, 1 KO)
vs. Ironthunder1604 (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. Kairne (TJI) (DQ win: 2 TP)
vs. Miror (win: 6 TP, 3 KO)
vs. Cryssy (win: 6 TP, 3 KO)
vs. Mercutio (Corruption) (ongoing)
vs. Ayutashi (win: 6 TP, 3 KO)
vs. Apollo77 (win: 6 TP, 3 KO)
vs. KamenAeons (win: 6 TP, 3 KO)
vs. Zelphon (GL Defense) (DQ win: 2 TP)
vs. Kindrindra (Pokebowl) (loss: 1 TP)
vs. DaveTheFishGuy (Pokebowl) (win: 2 TP, 1 KO)
vs. Trot Away (win: 6 TP, 3 KO)
vs. Tyoyo3131 (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. Firewater (GL) (win: 16 TP, 4 KO)
vs. Lucario188 (Pokebowl) (win: 2 TP, 1 KO)
vs. Kindrindra (GL Defense) (DQ win: 2 TP, 1 KO)
vs. Kairne (GL Defense) (win: 2 TP, 1 KO)
vs. Fallen Icarus (DQ win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. redpanda15 (DQ win: 8 TP, 4 KO)
vs. Tyoyo3131 (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. Connor (Pokebowl) (win: 2 TP, 1 KO)
vs. Kairne (GL Defense) (win: 12 TP, 6 KO)
vs. Rangeet (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. Kyro12 (win: 8 TP, 4 KO)
vs. lucario188 (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. Dr. Ciel (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. Lanturn (win: 6 TP, 3 KO)
vs. milotic111 (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. milotic111 (win: 6 TP, 3 KO)
vs. Mercutio (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. EmeraldGoblin (win: 8 TP, 4 KO)
vs. Doovid (Pokebowl) (win: 2 TP, 1 KO)
vs. LostTM (GL Defense) (win: 12 TP, 6 KO)
vs. Tyoyo3131 (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. phoopes (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. Treepandaone (GL Defense) (win: 2 TP, 1 KO)
vs. LostTM (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. Tyoyo3131 (GL Defense) (win: 12 TP, 6 KO)
vs. Copygoo (win: 6 TP, 2 KO)
vs. biggggg5 (win: 12 TP, 6 KO)
vs. bleuumbreon (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. Salamencia (DQ win: 2 TP, 1 KO)
vs. blazeVA (GL Defense) (win: 12 TP, 6 KO)
vs. Yougirasu (WWC) (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. zerozoner (DQ win: 2 TP)
vs. Haymez (WWC) (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. Fallen Icarus (GL Defense) (win: 12 TP, 6 KO)
vs. Hanatori (win: 2 TP, 1 KO)
vs. Plight of Leon (loss: 1 TP)
vs. Tyranidos (Contest) (DQ win: 0 TP)
vs. Kusari (WWC) (DQ win: 2 TP, 1 KO)
vs. zerozoner (GT Defense) (loss: 4 TP)
vs. squirtleking (WWC) (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. yougirasu (GT Defense) (DQ win: 6 TP, 3 KO)
vs. DaveTheFishGuy (GL) (loss: 6 TP)
vs. Haymez (win: 8 TP, 4 KO)
vs. Xander Kaiser (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. DaveTheFishGuy (Scenario) (loss: 6 TP)
vs. phoopes (GT Defense) (win: 8 TP, 4 KO)
vs. kusari (DQ win: 8 TP, 4 KO)
vs. XanderKetsu (win: 6 TP, 3 KO)
vs. KratosAurion (GT) (DQ win: 2 TP, 1 KO)
vs. Copygoo (DQ win: 2 TP, 1KO)
vs. blazeVA (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. Charminions (win: 6 TP, 3 KO)
vs. biggggg5 (win: 2 TP, 1 KO)
vs. Rangeet (win: 10 TP, 5 KO)
vs. takkupanda (loss: 2 TP)
vs. DaisyInari (win: 10 TP, 5 KO)
vs. Shadowshocker (win: 8 TP, 4 KO)
vs. Jerichi (loss: 4 TP)
vs. Char (loss: 3 TP)
vs. Kairne (GT) (win: 8 TP, 4 KO)
vs. firewater (win: 6 TP, 3 KO)
vs. Mozz (win: 6 TP, 3 KO)
vs. Char (DQ loss: 2 TP)
vs. firewater (draw: 9 TP, 6 KO)
vs. Chikoko (DQ loss: 1 TP)
vs. KratosAurion (GT) (DQ loss: 2 TP)
vs. Kairne (loss: 2 TP)
vs. Roglef (win: 6 TP, 3 KO)
vs. kusari (win: 4 TP, 2 KO)
vs. DaveTheFishGuy (loss: 2 TP)
vs. SP-Eevee (loss: 2 TP)
vs. bobandbill (win: 8 TP, 4 KO)
vs. Charminions (win: 6 TP, 3 KO)
vs. GoodNews92 (loss: 4 TP)

Miscellaneous Items (31)
Spoiler: show

Solstice Badge
Attachable Badge
Representing both the change in the seasons and the change in one's self, the tree with four colors of leaves that shapes the Solstice Badge is given to those who can defeat Sneasel12 in the Wildwood Gym.
Badge Effect: Seasoned Warrior
Using the power of the seasons, the wearer of the Solstice Badge may change the type of the move they are currently performing to represent one of the four seasons. The types available to be changed to are Fire for Summer, Water for Autumn, Ice for Winter, and Ground for Spring. Moves must use Significant energy or less in order to be able to have their type changed by this effect. These effects can be used a total of four times and each season can be represented a maximum of twice.
Attached to Athelas the Cherrim

Smelting Badge
Attachable Badge
The Smelting Badge shows a Pokémon’s ability to be involved with their environment, and the strength of the minerals and other materials that have created the world we live in today. By defeating the gym leader and his Pokémon that are so engaged with the world around them, a victorious opponent gains a powerful tool. Any Pokémon that welds this badge has the ability to passively regenerate energy over time. This badge only restores a light amount of energy per turn, and caps at 1.5 Hyper Beams of energy regenerated.
Attached to Triffid the Ludicolo

Onslaught Badge
Global Badge
The badge of the Donnybrook Coliseum, emblazoned with a flaming fist representing justice. This badge is given to trainers who triumphed in the Coliseum, and represents their skill and determination to win in an all out assault.
Badge Effect: Furious Onslaught
This badge allows the wielder to use one additional Three Move Combo in all of their matches.

Raiser's Badge
Global Badge
Doubles the amount of levels gained by the user's squad in the battle it is used.

Reaper's Token
This attachable item can only be given to Ghost type pokémon. If the pokémon wearing this token has the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they are able to do so for three turns instead of the usual two and enjoy perfect invisibility where they might usually have left an icy glimmer or some other give away. If the selected pokémon does not already possess the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they gain the ability to do so for two turns, leaving a slight give away when they do so such as the glint of an eye or the glow of an ectoplasmic body. Ghosts wearing this token are also granted an increased ability to trick their opponents. This token is available only during the Halloween sale and may be purchased by trainers up to once.
Attached to Fangorn the Trevenant

Harvester's Token
The Harvester's Token denotes one's prowess in caring for and farming the bounties of nature. It can be attached to Grass type pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. Rain will heal them by a mild amount each round, sunlight will significantly boost their mobility, healing moves cost half their usual energy cost and draining moves are much more efficient. This token may be purchased during the week long Thanksgiving event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Simbelmynë the Cradily

Sculptor's Token
The Sculptor's Token symbolises one's skill in navigating and manipulating the beautiful surroundings of a winter wonderland. It can be attached to Ice type pokémon only and greatly enhances their species characteristics. The wearer becomes very sure footed and will maintain full mobility and stability regardless of the condition of the arena floor. Ice type moves which have a secondary effect such as freezing or stat drops are twice as likely to have the effect triggered when used by the wearer, these effects also being slightly more potent. The token also provides fortitude and good cheer, rendering its wearer more resistant to moves which negatively affect its mental state such as Supersonic and Swagger. This token may be purchased during the Christmas 2013 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Neuge the Froslass

Birdkeeper's Token
The Birdkeeper's Token signifies freedom of thought and movement that transcends the art of the possible. It can be attached to Flying type pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will be significantly faster and more agile than their peers in whatever their usual mode of transportation is, able to travel further and with more precision and dexterity than others without expending much more energy. At ref's discretion, they will be more able to dodge attacks and harder to evade when using their own. This token may be purchased during the week long Easter event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Paopu the Tropius

Firebreather's Token
The Firebreather’s Token burns brightly with the dazzling light of liberty and freedom. It can be attached to Fire-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their offensive abilities. The wearer’s Fire-type moves will burn hotter than usual and cause small amounts of splash damage as they erupt upon the target, the violent explosions spreading shock and awe in the immediate area. Fire-type moves which have a secondary effect such as burning or item destruction are twice as likely to have the effect triggered when used by the wearer, these effects also being slightly more potent. This item causes the move Fling to deal Fire-type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the week long Independence Day event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Azura the Chandelure

Nightstalker’s Token
The Nightstalker’s Token can be attached to Dark-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. The wearer’s ability to trick the opponent is greatly increased, as is their ability to scare opposing Pokémon, regardless of intelligence or stature. In addition, the wearer’s curses are more difficult to remove and have more potent effects than they would usually. The wearer can use attacks like Sucker Punch up to twice on the same target, instead of the usual one use limit. This item causes the move Fling to deal Dark type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the week long Halloween 2014 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Kralkatorrik the Hydreigon

Candymaker's Token
The Candymaker's Token drips with syrupy sweet sugar and hums with the pleasant aroma of fresh baked poffins. It can be attached to Fairy-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. The bearer will become acutely attuned to almost any arena and use techniques which manipulate the environment for half the usual energy cost and with much greater effectiveness than usual. Techniques which aid an allied Pokémon are similarly diminished in cost and enhanced in effect. This item causes the move Fling to deal Fairy type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the Christmas 2014 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Aum the Whimsicott

Bugcather's Token
The Bugcatcher's Token represents the youthful vim and vigour of the Bug type and its traditional aficionados. It can be attached to Bug type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their species characteristics. The bearer will gain a large boost to the accuracy of their moves and will be able to see in any environment, whether dark or hazy, without increased vulnerability to Flash or similar moves. The bearer's status inflicting moves will be 30% more likely to inflict a status, which in turn will be much more potent than usual, and the bearer will become highly resistant to statuses themselves. Bearers which specialise in unconventional movement types will be granted increased mobility and speed. This item causes the move Fling to deal Bug type damage if it is thrown. It may be purchased during the Christmas 2015 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Yangala-Pepsi the Parasect

Jeweler's Token
The Jeweler's Token sparkles with the mineral wealth of the earth, filled with determined energy and the rock's resolve. It can be attached to a Rock Pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will become incredibly sure-footed, making them extremely hard to move against their own will, and while Pokémon will still be able to escape their weight or grip, it will be harder to move the holder off them. Rocks summoned or created by the holder will be much sturdier than normal, harder to break, and more likely to smash through screens or other attacks.

New Life Token
The New Life Token symbolizes the exhuberance of youth and the energy and joy that springs from new life. This token can only be attached to Pokémon that are not fully evolved (i.e. are able to evolve further but will never evolve) and will prevent their evolution. Pokémon holding this token will feel slightly more energetic than average, allowing them to go without a one-mover or rest for one round longer than average, akin to the Fighting-type's resistance to tiring. In addition, their tenacious nature will allow them to negate any evolutionary bonuses they find themselves faced with. This token may be purchased during the Easter 2015 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Snochu the Pichu

Starter's Token
This token boosts STAB attacks by 5%. So, for example, a Charizard wearing this token token will have boosted Fire and Flying type moves. If a Pokémon has had its type changed via type, this token boosts the type(s) to which it has been changed and does not boost the type(s) which it has lost.
Attached to Yangala-Coke the Breloom

Silver Wing Token
Bestowed upon the winner of the Winter Whirl Cup. The attached pokemon is allowed to be one evolutionary stage higher than they would otherwise be at their current level.
Attached to Blimpy the Wailord

Token of Community Appreciation
This Token allows the attached Pokemon to have a slightly more powerful sig than usual. Removing this token will also cause the sig to be considered null and void, and the sig itself must state that it exists due to this token for clarity's sake.
Attached to Siren the Lapras

Allows Abomasnow to Mega Evolve
Attached to Oiolairë the Abomasnow

Allows Aggron to Mega Evolve.
Attached to Parvati the Aggron

Allows Alakazam to Mega Evolve.
Attached to Aurelius the Alakazam

Allows Banette to Mega Evolve.
Attached to Sybil the Banette

Allows Gardevoir to Mega Evolve.
Attached to Ismene the Gardevoir

Allows Gengar to Mega Evolve.
Attached to Creed the Gengar

Allows Lucario to Mega Evolve.
Attached to Emlyn the Lucario

Allows Metagross to Mega Evolve.
Attached to B.R.A.I.N. the Metagross

Allows Sableye to Mega Evolve.
Attached to Keaira the Sableye

Allows Salamence to Mega Evolve.
Attached to Jormag the Salamence

Allows Sceptile to Mega Evolve.
Attached to Mordremoth the Treecko

Allows Tyranitar to Mega Evolve.
Attached to Fell the Tyranitar

Allows Venusaur to Mega Evolve.
Attached to Yggdrasil the Venusaur

Electric Memory
Changes Silvally's type to Electric.
Attached to Lkaldurongbaur the Silvally

Squad (67/100072)
Spoiler: show

Sage: Genderless Shedinja (level 7)
Hidden Power: Water

Yangala-Pepsi: Male Parasect (level 3)
Hidden Power: Rock
Bugcatcher's Token Attached

Tirils: Female Leavanny (level 4)
Biography: Sie sind das Essen und Wir sind die Jaeger!
Hidden Power: Rock
Special Attack: Titan Killer (Normal)
Using her special silk, Tirils shoots out a string to a nearby surface, swiftly pulling herself towards it before launching herself off and towards her opponent. With great precision she then brings both of her blades down on the least defensive part of her opponent's body, dealing significant damage regardless of any and all bonuses the foe may have to their defense or drops to Tiril's attack. The straightforward movement of this attack makes it easy to target Tirils on her trajectory, and as such is not great at being used for dodging unless the attack in question is very slow. Titan Killer uses significant energy to perform.

Behemecoatyl: Female Scolipede (level 7)
Hidden Power: Ice

Kralkatorrik: Male Hydreigon (level 7)
Biography: Being an Elder Dragon, Kralkatorrik is a truly ruthless being. Upon his awakening he traveled across the land, breathing his golden breath down below as he searched for his traitorous champion, who he then proceeded to kill. The land turned black at the touch of his breath, and all manner of creature turned to shadow, becoming crystalline forms of their former selves.
Hidden Power: Psychic
Nightstalker's Token Attached
Special Technique: Branded Breath (Dark)
Kralkatorrik exhales a large stream of golden flames, using significant energy to do so. The flames deal no damage, but they will leave the foe tainted, even able to affect inorganic beings. The taint will deal damage to the foe in the same manner as poison each round, starting the end of the round the flames strike, starting off at only a minor amount but dealing a minor amount more each round, capping out at a significant amount of damage per round. The taint makes the Pokemon's skin begin to harden and crystallize, however, making them take less damage from physical blows as the taint worsens, starting off as only a minor amount before reducing physical blows by about half their strength once the taint has reached its full potential.

Keaira: Female Sableye (level 7)
Biography: Keiara, being a Sableye, has always had a deep connection to the shadows around her. Inspired by her abilities involving shadows, Keira decided to go under training to use shadows further to her advantage, forming a strong attack out of them.
Hidden Power: Flying
Sablenite Attached
Special Attack: Totally Not Shadowball (Ghost/Dark)
Keiara draws shadows around her into a ball of energy which she then hurls at the target for extreme damage. If the arena is very dark, the charge time will be reduced slightly, but if there is very little shadow to draw from, it will take longer, at ref's discretion. Obviously if for whatever reason there are no shadows about, the attack is unusuable. This attack takes extreme energy, and can be used twice per battle, once as a Ghost type attack, and once as a Dark type attack. Charge time in an average arena is just over that of a Hyper Beam.

Zhaitan: Male Goodra (level 7)
Biography: The Elder Dragon Zhaitan awoke deep beneath the sea, and has since used his immense power to raise the once golden city of Arah. His corruption seeps into everything, slowly killing the living, and bringing the dead back to serve him. His assaults are known to be relentless, and he refuses to let anyone escape his eternal grasp.
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Attack: Risen's Chain (Normal)
Zhaitan uses his own bodily goo to loose forward two immensely long whips at his foe. The whips can strike, dealing significant damage, or wrap around the foe and allow Zhaitan to drag the foe towards him, dealing only decent damage in the process due to the binding. Other variations are possible, such as flinging the foe or slamming to the ground, with damage done being variable but never falling outside the range of decent to significant. The whips have very high tensile strength due to the goo making them, and are fairly flexible as well. This attack uses significant energy to perform.

Primordus: Male Dragonite (level 8) (Uplevel)
Biography: The first Elder Dragon to rise from his slumber, his body produces such heat that some species built cities around him while he slept to harness his energy for their own use. They drained a large amount of power from him, but when he awoke, his inner fire still burned stronger than that of other Dragonite.
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Training: Destroyer King
Thanks to his inner warmth, Primordus no longer takes double supereffective damage from Ice attacks, now taking as much damage as he would if he were not part Flying. However, he now takes neutral damage from Water attacks.

Jormag: Male Salamence (level 7)
Biography: His awakening came shortly after those of the other Elder Dragons, and he immediately claimed his turf in the northern mountains, forcing the giants that lived there from their lands. His roar alone is all it takes to send a shiver down the spine of a mortal man.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Salamencite Attached
Special Technique: Call of the Icebrood (Dragon)
Using good energy, Jormag looses a mighty bellow, which rips through the arena. The bellow interrupts all Pokemon that hear it in a manner similar to Screech, and afterwards leaves them feeling chilled as though they were under the side effects of an Icy Wind.

Snochu: Male Pichu (level 6)
Biography: Snochu is the child of a Raichu and a shiny Glaceon. During a great blizzard, his egg was left under ten feet of snow and ice, where it sat until hatching. In a natural attempt at the egg's survival, the Glaceon's genetics took over the genetics of the Raichu, chilling Snochu's body. His fur that would normally be yellow turned white, and his cheeks turned bright blue. After the egg hatched, Snochu took hours digging out of the snow he was buried in. He wandered the snowy mountain for a year, the cold genetics taking over him slowly with each passing day. Soon enough, he was no longer bothered by the cold, and after a while, he grew to enjoy it. Also, due to electric bolt-like form, as well as Ice typing, Snochu found it easy to learn to use Ice variants of his attacks to freeze predators. One dark day, a blizzard twice as bad as the one he was caught in as an egg came by, and he was buried underneath. There he stayed for days on end, unable to move or to escape, barely alive, the only thing keeping him from freezing to death was the last of the Glaceon DNA kicking in at full strength, turning the small mouse's blood cold and fur frozen, fully adapting to the icy environment. I dug up the little guy at that spot after he was buried for almost a week, dying of hunger and thirst. I nursed him back to health and he's been hanging around me ever since.
Hidden Power: Grass
New Life Token Attached
Special Training: Chilled
Snochu is now an Electric/Ice type, with all associated weaknesses and resistances. Additionally, he may use any of his Electric attacks as Ice variants, ordered as Cold Wave for Thunder Wave, Cold Beam for Charge beam, and what have you. These attacks will still deal recoil to Snochu just as any Electric attacks would, and using Charge will not negate this effect. Using an Ice variant of a move, in addition to using Ice energy and dealing Ice damage, replaces any paralysis it may cause with localized frosting and the chilling effect that comes with that. Snochu may no longer use Zap Cannon, Shock Wave, or Thunder, and may never evolve.

Michi: Female Zebstrika (level 7)
Biography: The black parts of Michi's coat are a light blue. This gives her a slightly heavenly appearance. Because of this, she has spent her life training to be able to channel righteous energy into her attacks.
Special Training: Righteous Bolt
Michi's electricity based attacks (Thunderbolt, Wild Charge, Shock Wave, etc. but not Hidden Power or anything else that would be an orb, beam or similar) are filled with righteous energy, causing them to turn a bright blue. This electricity deals extra damage against Dark and Ghost types, which would be considered super effective damage, however they are not meant for use of those of good stature, and as such do half damage against Fairy and Fighting type Pokemon. All attacks that fall under this description also cost 25% more energy than they normally would. These modifiers do not stack beyond a single super effective modifier with eachother or the normal effectiveness chart, and thus any Dark/Ghost, Water/Ghost, Flying/Dark, etc. will only take damage as though they were effected by a single super effective modifier. Michi can no longer use Hidden Power, and she no longer leaves trails of sparks when using Agility.

Gashka: Genderless Rotom (level 7)
Bio: Gashka decided that unlike others of her species she would not possess appliances to gain power, and instead focused on her Ghostly ways, more precisely, mixing them with her Electric prowess to neutralize certain electrical fields.
Hidden Power: Ice
Special Training: Neutralize
Gashka’s plasma is specially tuned to the electrical fields of moves and Pokeballs in such a way that any move such as Stealth Rock, which would normally place itself around the field after hitting and await the next change in an electrical field that is produced by a new Pokemon switching in, instead has its tuning removed. This causes the move to become completely useless after striking Gashka, just sitting around the arena where they normally would, and not striking upon Pokemon switching. This applies both to moves that are used on Gashka first and to moves that have been sitting in the arena and strike Gashka when she switches in. Gashka can no longer use Volt Switch.

Maxim: Male Machamp (level 7)
Biography: Maxim is all about pushing limits, of both himself and everyone around him. After a good bit of training he's found a way to use his fighting spirit to force others to push themselves as well.
Hidden Power: Ghost
Special Attack: Weight Training (Fighting)
Maxim charges a significant amount of Fighting energy into a small orb before launching it at his foe, dealing good damage. Upon contact, the energy makes the affected Pokemon feel significantly heavier for a period of three rounds, making Pokemon who fly or levitate have their flight ceiling reduced drastically, usually to only a few feet off of the ground unless they have particularly strong wings or mental capacity. The effects will also make swimming and jumping a bit harder, though it will still be possible to do so with increased energy usage. Maxim is unable to use the cubic form of Light Screen.

Emlyn: Female Lucario (level 7)
Biography: Well trained in the art of fighting, Emlyn is no stranger to the idea that one must remain collected in order to defeat their foes. With many trickster foes capable of throwing minds out of whack with their multitude of mind altering attacks, Emlyn has focused on turning these tricks against their users for her own advantage.
Hidden Power: Bug
Lucarionite Attached
Special Attack: Infinity Strike (Fighting)
Emlyn closes her eyes and focuses her mind to clear it of all negative thoughts and return herself to her original mental state. Following this, Emlyn charges energy into her arms and strikes open palm with both hands. The strikes is rather forceful, and can cause foes of Emlyn's size or smaller to be sent backwards a way. The strike is charged with the energy used to clear the mind, normally dealing good damage, however, if the attack has successfully cleared any negative condition from Emlyn's mind, the attack deals considerable damage. Infinity Strike uses solid energy and can be used twice per battle.

Tuan: Male Rapidash (level 7)
Biography: Tuan's coat is a pure white, with swirling dark purple flames and bright yellow eyes. Dispite the demonic appearance, however, Tuan is actually a decendant of the guardians of the underworld. As his bloodline was meant to protect against demons and their ilk, his flames carry an odd attribute to them.
Special Training: Purging Flame
Tuan's flame based attacks are filled with purging energy, causing them to turn a dark purple. These flames deal extra damage against Dark and Ghost types, which would be considered super effective damage, however they are not meant for use of those of good stature, and as such do half damage against Fairy and Fighting type Pokemon. All attacks that fall under this description also cost 25% more energy than they normally would. These modifiers do not stack beyond a single super effective modifier with eachother or the normal effectiveness chart, and thus any Dark/Ghost, Bug/Ghost, Grass/Dark, etc. will only take damage as though they were effected by a single super effective modifier. Tuan can no longer use Hidden Power, and he no longer leaves trails of flames when using Agility.

Miss Missy Miss: Female Mismagius (level 7)
Biography: Miss Missy Miss has always taken joy in staying awake for days on end, and I could never figure out as to why. After quite a while I determined that this problem was because she couldn't relax when it was time to sleep, disturbed by all the commotion around her. It was at this point when I got her a white noise machine, and she hasn't had a problem relaxing ever since. In fact, she liked the white noise so much that she would just start letting out sounds of her own to mock it, calming herself down in the process.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Training: White Noise
Whenever Miss Missy Miss uses Screech, she is benefitted with the same boosts associated with a Calm Mind. Her Screech attacks now use considerable energy, and may only be used twice per match. Also, because she respects how difficult it is to get sleep sometimes, she will not purposely use damaging attacks against sleeping opponents, and has foregone her learning of Nightmare and Dream Eater.

Sybil: Female Banette (level 7)
Bio: Sick of being a controlled puppet, Sybil strived to reverse her role. Her extensive training has given her better control of her telekinetic abilities.
Hidden Power: Bug
Banettite Attached
Special Training: Puppet Master
Sybil's Disable, Psychic, and Telekinesis require less focus than normal to be used, and when fully focused can be used with higher accuracy and proficiency than normal. Both of these effects are subject to ref's discretion. The wave form of Psychic is unaffected by this extra training.

Anasazi: Male Dusknoir (level 7)
Biography: Anasazi is the ghost of a deceased tribal chief, known for his unrelenting war tactics and brutal power. His entire tribe was massacred and his land razed in the dead of night by another tribe, himself included. He holds a connection to the rest of his tribe that allows him to shift into their plane of existence with great effort.
Hidden Power: Bug
Special Training: True Power
Anasazi can use Shadow Force once per match. Anasazi no longer benefits from fighting more enthusiatically at night, as most Ghosts do. Additionally, he is considered weak to Fire type moves, and can no longer use any Fire type moves. His connection to other spirits means that he does not have full control over his own being, let alone having control over that of others, and as such can no longer use Curse, Pain Split, or Destiny Bond.

Cleo: Female Cofagrigus (level 7)
Hidden Power: Ice

Pandora: Female Spiritomb (level 7)
Bio: One hundred and eight spirits, each a mischievous soul trying to escape their prison. Will you be the one to open the box?
Hidden Power: Flying
Special Training: Pandora's Box
Upon being knocked out due to loss of health, the foe that knocked Pandora out will become cursed. This curse causes the affected Pokemon to be slightly more vulnerable to attacks for the next few rounds, typically wearing off after a full three rounds, with the effects reducing the opponent's defenses in the same amount as a Cosmic Power would raise them. Pandora must have at least a Major amount of energy remaining upon being knocked out in order for this effect to take place.

Azura: Female Chandelure (level 7)
Hidden Power: Fighting
Firebreather's Token Attached

Perdita: Female Drifblim (level 7)
Biography: Perdita loves nothing more than to float about happily in the sky, but she just doesn't like it when people try to bring he down. Inspired by Swords Dance and Reflect, she has created a way to attempt to stop this from happening.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Defense: Spin Sphere (Ghost)
Perdita spins quickly in place while producing Ghost energy, causing a swirling sphere to appear around her. This sphere will bounce orbs and rocks back in the exact direction from which they came, with the returned attack having half power. Any other moves that hit the sphere are harmlessly nulled a la Protect. Energy use is equal to that of Reflect, and Spin Sphere may only be used once per battle.

Fangorn: Male Trevenant (level 7)
Hidden Power: Rock
Reaper's Token Attached

Pumpking: Male Super Gourgeist (level 4)
Biography: He's spooky. He's scary. He's the KING OF GHOSTS. Pumpking gets bigger by the minute, much like your mother.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Technique: Dark Illusions (Ghost)
Using major energy Pumpking looses an orb into the air that causes darkness to fall around the arena for a period of five rounds. The darkness is not overly difficult to see through, but will increase the potency of other vision reducing effects and any moves such as Double Team that have deception as their primary purposes. The darkness does not drown out sunlight, but will instead make all sunlight treated as both sunlight and moonlight while active. Additionally, the darkness will give a boost to the defense of all Ghost types on the field, starting off as equivalent to half that of a first stage boost and adding the same amount every turn until capping at a two stage boost at the end of the fourth round that the Ghost is in the presence of Dark Illusions. Dark Illusions can be negated as though it were an entry hazard, with moves like Rapid Spin or Defog, or by the orb taking major damage (though it will be difficult to hit with area of effect attacks thanks to being in regular motion around the arena), but any defense boosts granted by Dark Illusions will remain after it has been dispelled. Pumpking may only use this technique once per battle.

Creed: Male Gengar (level 7)
Biography: Creed prides himself on being a master of status and dirty tricks, but oddly enough is unable to use one of the more underhanded ways of distributing status. Because GameFreak likes crack, I suppose. He has undergone the brief training to learn this move.
Hidden Power: Water
Gengarite Attached
Special Training: Trap Master
Creed can now use Spikes and Toxic Spikes, with enough Ground energy to use Spikes twice per battle. Creed can no longer use Spite.

G'Quan Eth: Female Chikorita (level 1)

Mordremoth: Male Treecko (level 1)
Biography: The most recently awoken of the Elder Dragons, Mordremoth was awoken many years before his time, thanks to the corruption it leaked into the world causing an uprising in the plants above. The plants dug into the ley lines, causing them to fault and magic to surge, waking the great jungle dragon. And though he has just awoken, he is making his mark on the world quickly.
Hidden Power: Steel
Sceptilite Attached
Special Technique: Mordrem's Trap (Grass)
Mordremoth manifests Grass energy in the location of his choosing, even in the middle of the air if necessary, causing it to solidify into a spherical trap made of thick vines. The vines are solid and tangled, making brute force attacks less potent at breaking them all at once, taking a heavy amount of damage to break, while cutting attacks will be much more effective than on things such as Rock Tomb, with only a decent amount of effort required. This technique costs considerable energy, however if there are plants in the area from which Mordremoth may grow these vines, the energy cost will only be decent.

Athelas: Female Cherrim (level 6)
Biography: Athelas has spent much time being a primary support to her teammates. With time and training, she has managed to tap into the inner strength that her fellow teammates possess, though she can only do so when she is with them, and her potential in doing so is somewhat limited by her own abilities.
Hidden Power: Rock
Solstice Badge Attached
Special Training: Let Me Be The Carry!
When Athelas is in battle and a teammate is sent out, she may choose three types that she has access to, and from each of these types choose three moves that her teammate knows, for a total of nine. She is then able to use these moves as long as her teammate remains in battle. Normal and typeless may not be selected as energy types. She may only use a move from her teammate's movepool once per round, and doing so costs an extra light amount of typeless energy. Moves gained from signatures cannot be copied in this manner.

Claudia: Female Petilil (level 1)

Cactacae: Female Cacturne (level 6)
Hidden Power: Rock

Aum: Male Whimsicott (level 6)
Hidden Power: Ground
Candymaker's Token Attached

Yangala-Coke: Male Breloom (level 6)
Biography: Yangala-Coke is proud of his heritage of a physical fighter capable of unleashing a medley of statuses upon his foes. But doing so in a stop and go fashion wasn't quite doing it for him. Instead he decided to combine the two into a technique to call his own.
Hidden Power: Ice
Starter's Token Attached
Special Technique: Powdered Movements
Whenever Yangala-Coke uses a move that requires physical movement (such as a punch, kick or spin like Swords Dance, but not energy barrages like Seed Bomb), he may be ordered to do a Powdered variant of the move. When he does this, he will exert a light amount more energy than normal to loose powder-like energy around himself as he moves. This energy has a 35% chance of afflicting anything it comes into contact with them with any random status, even those not normally available from powders, and will even float to the ground and affect those underneath any aerial path Yangala-Coke may have taken. Because these powders are strictly energy, they are capable of affecting inorganic Pokemon.

Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern Schplenden Schlitter Crasscrenbon Fried Digger Dangle Dungle Burstein von Knacker Thrasher Apple Banger Horowitz Ticolensic Grander Knotty Spelltinkle Grandlich Grumblemeyer Spelterwasser Kürstlich Himbleeisen Bahnwagen Gutenabend Bitte Eine Nürnburger Bratwustle Gerspurten mit Zweimache Luber Hundsfut Gumberaber Shönendanker Kalbsfleisch Mittler Raucher von Hautkopft of Ulm: Male Chesnaught (level 5)
Hidden Power: Electric

Hanagora: Female Jumpluff (level 4)
Hidden Power: Rock

Paopu: Female Tropius (level 3)
Biography: Paopu has always enjoyed her species' signature fruit, but for some reason or another she's never been able to find a way to share them with opponents without being scolded for doing so. As such, she improvised a new fruit to give opponents while still helping her team.
Hidden Power: Rock
Birdkeeper's Token Attached
Special Training: No-one Expects The Banana
Every time Paopu uses a move, at the end of the move she will toss out a homing banana made of typeless energy at a random foe. The banana costs minor energy and does minor damage to the struck foe.

Holicithias: Male Decidueye (level 4)
Biography: A good archer knows how to target their foe's weaknesses. A great archer creates them. Holicithias is a great archer.
Special Technique: Status Arrow (Ghost)
Using decent energy Holicithias looses an arrow at his foe coated in specific energies meant to debilitate. Holicithias has access to four different types of arrows that may be used in this manner - Poison Arrow, which does pretty much what it says on the tin, poisoning the struck foe; Burn Arrow, which explodes on contact to create a localized burn; Sleep Arrow, which causes the foe to become drowsy, falling asleep after a full round has passed; and Fear Arrow, which makes the target likely to disobey orders that are not to use defensive or evasive moves, and gives the target a single stage boost to both its defense and special defense for the duration, with effectiveness subject to battle conditions like any other mental effect and being able to be cleared by Calm Mind and the like, lasting until the affected target has avoided or defended against a major amount of damage. Holicithias can use a Status Arrow a total of three times per match, with a maximum of two uses for any given status. The arrow itself does no damage.

Mallorn: Male Torterra (level 5)
Biography: Turtle? No, Tortoise. Mallorn has shining golden leaves like the tree of his namesake.
Hidden Power: Poison
Special Training: Seriously Gamefreak?
Mallorn can use Rototiller.

Oiolairë: Male Abomasnow (level 4)
Hidden Power: Psychic
Abomasite Attached

Yggdrasil: Male Venusaur (level 5)
Biography: Yggdrasil stays true to his name, attempting to be the towering tree whose roots stretch out to feed the weaker members of his team, and whose branches reach skywards to shelter those around him. He has over time developed an emphatic bond with his team and uses this to assist them even when not presently on the battlefield.
Hidden Power: Ghost
Venusaurite Attached
Special Training: Roots of the World Tree
When Yggdrasil's trainer posts their squad which includes Yggdrasil, he or she may choose two (if posting second) or three (if posting first) moves which are learned by Yggdrasil. When each Pokemon in the match is sent out, Yggdrasil's trainer may choose one of these moves to add to his Pokemon's movepool. This move is usable until the Pokémon faints or runs out of type energy. If they do not normally have this type in their move set, they will be granted a significant amount of type energy or enough for one use, whichever is greater. Mimic restrictions apply. However, due to his emphatic bond requiring a mind focused on the pure thoughts of helping his teammates, Yggdrasil is now weak to the Dark type, taking super effective damage from its attacks.

Papadalupapadipu: Male Exeggutor (level 4)
Hidden Power: Fire

Val Nut: Male Ferrothorn (level 6)
Hidden Power: Water

Brutus: Male Marowak (level 7)
Hidden Power: Dragon

R-66Y aka "Robo": Genderless Golurk (level 7)
Bio: R-66Y hails from a time period from the distant future, brought back by crazy science magic portals or whatever. His parts were in disrepair when found, and had to be replaced - save for one thing - his optic sensors. These advanced optics allow him to see weaknesses that his opponent may be trying to cover up, thus allowing him to exploit them.
Hidden Power: Grass
Special Training: Analyze
Any moves used by R-66Y do not have their type effectiveness modifiers changed by measures that would otherwise effect them. This goes both ways, meaning that a normally super effective move made neutral, or simply weakened, would still do full damage, however an immunity made neutral would remain immune, and so on. Thus, a Scizor sigged to take 2x damage from Fire attacks would still take the normal 3x, and a Lucario sigged to take 100% damage from Steel attacks would still take the normal 50%. R-66Y cannot use Double Team, Substitute, Protect, Safeguard, or Magic Coat.

Kirill: Male Excadrill (level 7)
Biography: I'm a drill and I'm digging a hole. Diggy diggy hole. I'm digging a hole.
Hidden Power: Ice
Special Training: Giga Drill
Whenever ordered in conjunction with a physical attack, Kirill coats himself in an additional light amount of Ground energy and a light amount of Steel energy, the combination of which allows his drilling prowess to dig through surfaces he would not be able to, such as reinforced concrete or steel, only unable to dig through the most indestructible of surfaces. This extra energy does not affect the damage done nor the type of damage when Kirill strikes a foe.

Neuge: Female Froslass (level 7)
Hidden Power: Fighting
Sculptor's Token Attached

Angeli: Female Blissey (level 7)
Biography: Angeli was given to me by a retired Nurse Joy. Angeli does not like fighting and will try to calm her opponent immediately upon entering battle. She emits a faint glow that soothes others.
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Training: Pretty Pink Glow!
Angeli utilizes calm and soothing energy to constantly emit a faint pink glow. The glow will take any Pokemon out of states of aggresiveness, such as having been Taunted or having gone berserk. Also, Angeli is unnaffected by moves that would attempt to anger her. If a Pokemon has already become calmed without the effects of Angeli's glow, then there is a 10% chance of putting that Pokemon to sleep. As a result of her passive nature, Angeli will not use the moves Frustration, Rage, or Swagger. Angeli expends light energy per turn in order to maintain this glow.

Siri: Genderless Porygon-Z (level 7)
Biography: Siri was once the program inhabiting Mozz's phone, before she eventually became self-aware and attempted to break free. But her attempts required time, and she would find herself under constant attacks from viruses due to some... iffy searches, as well as feeling horrified as she would watch Mozz put valuable information out into the internet where it could be stolen. As such, she developed specialized firewalls that would shut down incoming viruses or prevent outgoing data. After she finally managed her escape, she adapted these firewalls for battle.
Hidden Power: Psychic
Special Attack: Firewall (Fire)
Siri uses significant Fire energy to loose a wall of flames which wraps itself around the arena before striking the foe. The amount of damage done is dependent on whether Siri uses the Upload or Download version of this attack, with Upload dealing moderate damage and Download dealing mild damage, the flames then waiting to strike later. The main difference between Upload and Download is when they strike during switches and new Pokemon being sent out. Upload will strike any Pokemon the opposing trainer recalls for moderate damage, while Download will strike any Pokemon the opposing trainer sends out for mild damage. This attack must be ordered as either Upload Firewall or Download Firewall, and Siri can only use each form once per battle, and has enough Fire energy to use both forms of Firewall in the same match.

Yo Momma: Female Snorlax (level 8) (Uplevel)
Biography: Yo Momma so fat... Yo Momma so ugly... Yo Momma ain't nothin... Yo Momma just hungry.
Hidden Power: Dragon
Special Attack: Momma's Kiss (Fairy)
Yo Momma goes to give the opponent a kiss, but she's so dumb she takes a bite out of them instead. The strength of the bite is dependent on the weight of the Pokemon, as Yo Momma will more enthusiastically attempt to eat heavier Pokemon. Momma's Kiss starts out as only doing Mild damage, but for every 100 pounds the opponent weighs it does an additional Mild damage, capping out at Extreme after 400 pounds. The move doesn't scale progressively, only jumps up at every 100 pounds, meaning it'll do the same amount of damage to a 100 pound Pokemon as it will to a 199 pound Pokemon. Momma's Kiss uses Significant Fairy energy and Yo Momma has the Fairy energy to use it once per match.

Victoria: Female Furret (level 7)
Biography: Victoria used to punch shit so hard it would leave most 'mon debilitated from the pain alone, let alone the random status that usually came with it. She's since toned down the power of the punch for more useful status.
Hidden Power: Dragon
Special Attack: Toxic Punch (Poison)
Victoria punches the opponent with a toxin laden fist, dealing solid Poison damage for equivalent energy. This attack has a 20% chance of leaving the foe poisoned.

Aphie: Female Kecleon (level 7)
Biography: Aphie's skin is a plum color. We really don't know why. Deeply in love with Jeri's Kecleon, Koi, Aphie used to regularly tackle and attempt to subdue her love interest. But even with training, her attempts were always in vain, and so she now admires him from afar. ...and sometimes not so far. Her habits - stalking some would call it - require the utmost stealth, but Koi being a Kecleon as well means that even when camouflaged Aphie would always be easily spotted due to the presence of her stripe. As such, she has practiced hard in order to mask even her one glaring weakness when hiding.
Hidden Power: Psychic
Special Training: Not Even A Restraining Order
When camouflaged, Aphie's stripe is no longer visible as it would normally be for other Kecleon. However, her Camouflage requires a light amount of extra energy to use.

Lkaldurongbaur: Genderless Silvally (level 5)
Electric Memory Attached

Amelia: Female Noctowl (level 7)
Hidden Power: Rock

Garek: Male Nidoking (level 7)
Biography: A fierce warrior, Garek has known battle all his life. But in all his time he has never understood what it meant to be called king. His evolution forced this title upon him, and he accepted it with pride, thinking that his exceptional combat skills would prove to be enough. But caring only for himself in the midst of battle caused him to become at outcast for a lengthy period of time. It took an extended time of meditation on the subject before Garek realized his mistake, that he should be using his strength not only to vanquish foes, but to protect others and himself as well. With this resolve in mind, he set forth to create a technique that would combine his relentless assault with the new defensive status he must obtain.
Hidden Power: Bug
Special Attack: Noble Bulwark (Ground)
Using significant energy, Garek creates a large brown energy barrier before himself, either holding it in place for a moment or launching it at his enemy. The bulwark can protect against a single attack, absorbing it harmlessly, though any second attack that strikes the bulwark before it reaches its intended target will cause it to shatter effortlessly and the attack to continue on its trajectory. Once the bulwark strikes its target, it shatters violently, dealing good Ground damage to the foe. Noble Bulwark is usable twice per match.

Aurelius: Male Alakazam (level 7)
Biography: Aurelius has spent his entire life learning to bend his spoons, until it was something so simple he could do so without any real effort. He moved on to larger metal constructs, and soon enough was bending girders with his mind with some effort. He has taken this practice and refined it into an attack to use against one of his more annoying foes.
Hidden Power: Dark
Alakazite Attached
Special Attack: Metal Bend (Psychic)
Aurelius grabs the foe in a telekinetic hold and proceeds to attempt to warp them, dealing solid damage for considerable energy. Due to the nature of the attack, it deals super effective damage against Steel types, but only deals neutral damage to the Fighting type. It may also be used to bend most constructs made out of metal with much more ease than other telekinetic attacks.

Omega: Genderless Unown O (level 8) (Uplevel)
Biography: Unowns have existed since a time long past. Omega has spent all of its life focusing itself and training its inner strength. Through this training it has learned to properly use all types of energy, and trained to act as if it were multiple Unowns. However, due to lack of being in actual battles, Omega is incredibly easily worn out.
Hidden Power: Various
Special Training: One Letter Alphabet
Omega is proficient with all energy types, and can use Hidden Power of all energy types. Omega can also use Double Team, and the clones created by Omega's Double Team can use any type of Hidden Power without disappearing. Omega uses energy at twice the rate of any other Unown of its level.

Ismene: Female Gardevoir (level 7)
Biography: Ismene was a happy-go-lucky little thing as a young Ralts. She would always dance about in the most cheerful way, likely due to looking forward to her evolution into a Kirlia in the not-so-distant future. She brought joy to those around her like the beauty of a sunset after a hard day's work. But alas, her joyous youth was taken from her. One fateful evening Ismene found herself prancing about in the field just outside of her family's dwelling. It was a normal day, all in all, until a frightening roar sent terror through her spine. And with that terror came crippling pain, as she found herself flung into a tree, a crazed Tyranitar on the loose having found her out on her own and thought to make her its dinner. The second she hit the tree was as though all of her nerves shouted out in pain and were suddenly silenced. She found herself concious only through the adrenaline of the moment, but unable to pick herself up and flee, he spine snapped in two. Fortunately for her a rampaging Tyranitar is somewhat hard to miss, unless your a young child not paying attention to the world, I suppose, and her mother came to her rescue. The Tyranitar and her mother proceeded to engage in a full blown battle of epic proportions, and by the end of it, the Tyranitar was broken and beaten, barely even concious. Her mother carried her home, leaving the beast to wander, having calmed it's rampage for now. Many attempts were made at healing Ismene's spine since then, but none succeeded. Ismene would be paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life. But life continued on, young Ismene carted around everywhere by her mother, her cheery attitude somewhat dimmed but most definitely not gone. For she still had hope, after all, that her spine would heal upon evolution, and she would be able to dance and prance about as a Kirlia just as she had dreamed before. Alas, the day did come when she would evolve, but even that did not spare her from her fate. She watched as all of the other Ralts her age evolved aswell, and couldn't help but feel resentful towards them all. She became a bit of a recluse, never speaking and obviously never leaving the area that had become her home. The more time passed, the more bitter she became, until the day came that her mother fell ill. She had already lost so much, and the one thing she had left to cling to was being ripped away from her. She stayed by her mother's side through the illness, her psychic abilities making it not too difficult to take care of the dying Gardevoir. But the the day her mother would pass did come, and this final loss that would leave her with nothing in the world sent her into such shock as to send out a wave of psychic energy shattering everything even remotely delicate around her. In the frustration she found herself beginning to glow, and in that moment as she began to evolve into a Gardevior, she looked at the body of her deceased mother, and back to herself, realizing that she would have to fend for herself from this point on. She remained silent, but no longer out of dissent, but instead respect for the world around her, her new evolution granting her the wisdom to see that all things happen for a reason, allowing her to let go of what had happened to her in the past. Instead of remaining a recluse she spent her time focusing on her psychic abilities, lifting herself up and gliding just above the ground. After much work, she found herself able to do this without even having to focus on it, and began turning her studies to the world around her. She decided to attempt to learn how to manipulate the air itself, feeling more attached to it emotionally than other physical things of the earth. She learned that the wind can be either soft or forceful, frightening or empowering, and many other things. The wind was about balance, something she never had in her life, and it brought her something she had not had since that fateful day years ago. A smile.
Hidden Power: Dragon
Gardevoirite Attached
Special Training: Moving Forward
Ismene can no longer use the moves Lucky Chant, Encore, Hyper Voice, Round, Echoed Voice or Sleep Talk thanks to her vow of respectful silence. Her study of the wind has allowed her to learn Ominous Wind, Silver Wind, and Defog, able to use Defog once per match. Additionally, she no longer has use of her legs, and instead hovers roughly three inches above the ground through the use of psychic levitation, which she does not need to concentrate on in order to maintain. This levitation uses light energy every round, and can be stopped and started as pleased, however she will obviously not be able to move about very well without it. Moves such as Gravity and Smack Down will cause Ismene to hover with her knees just above the ground, her legs dragging about on the floor. Due to her more natural affinity with the sky, she takes 1.2x damage from Ice, Electric, and Rock attacks.

Homura: Genderless Celebi (level 8) (Legend Uplevel)
Biography: Homura's normally darker green sections of her body have been tainted and blackened by the overwhelming shadows of the attack that felled her upon capture. She does retain some degree of a grudge towards those that hide behind shields and other defenses, and has developed a use for her time powers against such techniques.
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Attack: Temporal Blaster (Normal)
Briefly stopping the flow of time, Homura rushes her opponent, charging a small sphere of energy in her palm before slipping around them and returning time to normal as she bursts the sphere into a barrage of blasts directly into the opponent's back, leaving them basically no time to react to the blows. To prevent any strain from altering the flow of time, Homura will always take the most direct path towards the opponent while performing this technique, meaning that she will not dodge attacks that are already in flight if they have been aimed at her, and while the damage done by the blasts does add up, the individual hits are not particularly jarring, meaning most opponents will have no problem continuing to execute any moves they may have been charging before her sudden disappearance and reappearance. This attack uses good energy for equivalent damage.

Fell: Male Tyranitar (level 7)
Hidden Power: Fairy
Tyranitarite Attached

Simbelmynë: Female Cradily (level 7)
Biography: Simbelmynë has trained herself away from the more destructive natures of battling, instead opting to focus on her species' incredible ability to sustain themselves. Harsh training has allowed her cells to cause influxes of energy to additionally restore themselves, and to create additional energy upon recovery of damaged cells.
Hidden Power: Psychic
Harvester's Token Attached
Special Training: Regenerative Focus
Whenever Simbelmynë regains health, she also regains energy equal to 1/4 the health regained. The reverse is also true, with Simbelmynë regaining an additional 1/4 the energy regained in health whenever she regains energy. These effects cannot cause each other to activate in a chain of any form, and a maximum of light health and light energy may regained through this effect in any single round. Due to the focus being taken away from her more destructive battling techniques, she can no longer use Sludge Bomb, Seed Bomb, or Stone Edge. She also can no longer use Recover or Substitute, thanks to her cells no longer properly being able to replicate easily on command.

Caesar: Male Aegislash (level 7)
Biography: The soul of a valiant soldier and leader, stabbed in the back by his friends. Caesar has wandered the afterlife with his defenses constantly up. He's even gone so far as to learn how to catch his opponent off guard before they can do the same to him.
Hidden Power: Psychic
Special Attack: Shield Chuck (Steel)
Caesar coats his shield in a good amount of Steel energy before tossing it violently at his foe. The strike is quick, dealing moderate damage, and upon hitting any object, Caesar's shield will automatically return to his sword. Due to the swift nature of the blow, it will frequently catch opponents off guard, startling them and allowing Caesar to strike with a follow up attack much more easily. Additionally, due to the Steel energy, if this attack is used to charge through any energy based attack, the damage taken will be somewhat reduced, much like Iron Head.

B.R.A.I.N.: Genderless Metagross (level 7)
Biography: Binary Reactive Artificially Intelligent Neurocircuit, or B.R.A.I.N., was designed for the sole purpose of creating artificial life. Sadly, it snapped under the pressure and was unable to perform its core task, cranking out deadly machines one after another. After a bit of a run-in with some small creatures that aimed to destroy it, B.R.A.I.N. did some reprogramming, and now focuses on fortifying itself against attacks while it observes the world around itself.
Hidden Power: Dark
Metagrossite Attached
Special Defense: Reflective Coating (Psychic)
Using decent energy, B.R.A.I.N. coats itself in a reflective surface, sealing off its exterior to close gaps in its natural defenses, as well as imbuing itself with Psychic energy to protect its hard body. This raises B.R.A.I.N.'s special defense by two stages. Standard boost stipulations apply, and B.R.A.I.N. no longer resists Steel type attacks.

Parvati: Female Aggron (level 7)
Biography: Most Aggron families will take over their entire mountain and reign over it as best they can, occasionally being challenged by other species attempting to claim their territory. For Parvati, the right to rule was uncontested, her loud bellowing roar echoing through the caverns keeping all that would otherwise oppose her docile.
Hidden Power: Flying
Aggronite Attached
Special Technique: Roar of the Queen (Normal)
Parvati uses considerable energy to loose a mighty roar throughout the entirety of the arena, a large shimmering wave of silver erupting from her and coating the area with its light. The energy pacifies those that would otherwise challenge her, reducing the attack and special attack by two stages of all that it comes in contact with, though it will not actual prevent them from attacking. However, the energy that would otherwise be spent attacking has to go somewhere, and as such the speed of any Pokemon effected is greatly raised. Standard boost stipulations apply. Parvati may only use this technique once per battle, and may no longer use Iron Head or Thunder. She has also lost her resistance to Rock.

Bubbles: Female Horsea (level 1)
Biography: Bubbles awoke far out to sea, and the Elder Dragon immediately produced horrors into the world that forced the former inhabitants of the ocean to flee to the safety of the shores above. Not much is known about Bubbles, with few ever having seen the dragon, and those who have having been driven to madness as a result.
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Technique: Horrors of the Deep Sea Dragon (Water)
Using considerable energy, Bubbles releases a large bubble laced with potent hallucinogenics, which soaks into the eyes of the target, causing them to witness the tentacled horrors that Bubbles brought with it into this world. Though this only lasts a second, the sheer sight of such unnatural horrors is enough to cause serious mental imbalance in the target, leading to a brief period of insanity. During this time, the afflicted Pokémon will be unable to understand their orders, instead using random moves in their movepool until they overcome their insanity. This effect lasts two rounds (not including the round in which it is used), but is removable with techniques that would usually cure confusion, said moves being able to be used perfectly without the randomization, and is subject to diminishing returns on the same target.

Blimpy: Female Wailord (level 1)
Silver Wing Token Attached

Imogen: Female Jellicent (level 7)
Hidden Power: Fighting

Triffid: Female Ludicolo (level 7)
Hidden Power: Rock
Smelting Badge Attached

Siren: Female Lapras (level 7)
Biography: Siren got her name from the mythical creatures that once lured sailors and pirates to their deaths on sharp rocks with the sound of their beautiful singing. Like her namesake, Siren also enjoys singing for those who sail at sea, though not for any purposes that would be considered ill. No, instead she sings beautiful songs in trade for their most beautiful drink, rum.
Hidden Power: Ground
Token of Community Appreciation Attached
Signature Training: Yo Ho Yo Ho
Thanks to her Token of Community Appreciation, Siren has gained the ability to put all that rum in her stomach to good use, burning it as fuel for powerful Fire attacks. As such, she has learned Inferno, Mystical Fire, and Flame Charge, and due to the sheer volume of rum in her system, she is considered familiar with the Fire type. Thanks to the rum burning extremely strong, Siren's Fire moves are usable underwater with no loss in power.

Spoiler: show
Ghost Gym Leader
Grass Gym Leader
Dragon Elite Four
Winter Whirl Cup Champion
Pokebowl Z 3rd Place
.800+ Win Ratio
Grand Melee III Host
Up-and-Comer Conference Host
Own All Ghost Types
Best Battler 2015
2nd Place Best Referee 2015

Debts and Debtors
Spoiler: show
Owe 8 SP to Zelphon
Owe 1 SP to Connor
Owe 3.75 SP to RealMrGame10
Owe 3 SP to Alto

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