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Fantasista Doll: I've actually been keeping up with this one. Episode 03 was better than 01 or 02. Episode 04 though was fantastic and was what really gave the show a second shot in my book. Kaisa's views baffle me yet simultaneously do not surprise me in the least. I saw no misogyny whatsoever in this episode. Furthermore, I'd say that Himeji is without a doubt the most interesting of the five dolls of Uzume's and is probably my current favorite. I guess all this really goes to show is "Different strokes for different folks" rings as true as ever.

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya: This show continues to be wonderful good fun. Absolutely loved Episode 04. Am considering bumping my ranking of this show up to an "8/10 - Very Good" but for now I'll leave it put at "7/10 - Good". I really don't doubt though that next week's episode will push it over the edge. The show just continues to be this wonderful yet highly bizarre marriage of a stereotypical magical girl anime with Kinoko Nasu's Fate/stay night universe.

Spoiler: show
Luvia is wonderful. Gorgeous, silly, always good for a smile.

Miyu's flight woes were a wonderful source of comedy and pathos this week. Absolutely loved the (highly predictable ) part where Luvia kicks her out of the helicopter. Was really intrigued by how the writer decided to have Miyu come up with her own "it makes physical sense to me" answer for flight by transforming mana into tangible footholds to push off of. I like how the author is basically saying that Miyu is the better magical girl in some ways (which we've seen plenty of in Episodes 02 and 03) but now Ilya is revealed to be the better magical girl in other ways (like her ability to fly, her never-give-up attitude, and so on). Together the two make a dream team combination that surely Zelretch had hoped Rin and Luvia would prove to be when he granted them the magical girl batons.

Servant x Service: So like I said yesterday, Episode 05 was incredible. Holy shit, this episode single handedly pushed Servant x Service up by a point or two on the 10-point scale. From beginning to end, the episode was just chock full of hilarity, great character development, and tons and tons of surprises. Maybe the earlier episodes were just a case of boring introduction? I dunno. But it feels like the author is starting to flex his muscle now and make solid use of the tools at his disposal.

Spoiler: show
I would never have guessed that the trio's supervisor had a girlfriend ... and I would never in one million years have guessed that it was Chihaya. What a twist!

I'll admit it -- I was just as trolled by Hasebe's sister as Lucy was when she claimed to be her younger brother. ^^; I was like "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!? " and had just about the same reaction as Lucy, one of vocal disbelief but a willingness to believe. It didn't occur to me at all in the twenty seconds it could have before he walked in the room that Hasebe had a sister and that this woman was her. I had been convinced that the woman had to have either been a second woman he slept with that night (that scum! ) or else him himself and the show was seriously going in a "lol reverse trap lesbian" direction.

Hasebe's sister is a welcome addition to the cast who seems like she's going to be the source of much entertainment whenever she shows up.

That entire scene in the office's basement with what'shisname, Chihaya, Hasebe, and Lucy was fantastic.

Just a really, really great episode. If Servant x Service had been like this from the start, I'd be convinced it was the comedy anime of the year (Genshiken excepted ). It didn't do that, but if it can at least keep this level of excellence up now that it's finally reached it, we're going to have ourselves a very happy audience.

Genshiken Nidaime: thoughts on Episode 05 being held off 'til I finish the thread.

Rozen Maiden: thoughts on Episode 05 likewise being held off for now, but suffice to say that I am rarin' to rewatch that episode later today.

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