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Eevee A scared face cries, "I'm a monster." So I say, "That's not true at all."

Originally Posted by OkikuMew View Post
Okiku walked into the Cable Club, a bit confused on why she was invited here. In fact, a few days ago, she received a call from an old friend, Jessica, asking her to come by there with a Bluk Berry. She thought this was the strangest request, but she simply couldn't say no. After all, Jess owed her one: When she was just starting in her Pokémon journey, only with Max and Rawk at her side back then, she was willing to trade, despite Okiku's measly items and precious candies, for a much more valuable thing to the trainer's eyes: a rare and elusive Eevee, a Pokémon which fascinated Okiku with no end but unfortunately was out of reach thanks to the very high prices of the Coins for Prizes shop. Now, after almost a year after that faithful trade, the Eevee, now fully evolved into an Espeon, grew to be a very faithful companion: something no coin, item or candy could trade.

Of course, unable to miss this opportunity of meeting her again, Okiku let out the lilac-colored Pokémon out of her Pokéball for the small reunion.

“You ready?” Okiku asked the Espeon with a smile, as she placed her hands on the handle of the door of the Cable Club's building.

I-I'm ready,” the psychic Pokémon responded telepathically the best she could, “It's... going to be strange, really. I hardly even know her as I've been with her only for a day or two, but I still owe her so much. She put me into your care. I can't believe how my life would be without being around you.

“...I feel exactly the same,” her trainer smiled even brighter, after a slight pause to understand her broken and skipping mind-language. “Alright, let's go!”

Okiku pushed the door open with a bit of a struggle, and as the two entered, they were immediately greeted by the sight of the shy but kind Jessica, reading a manga Okiku couldn't identify, accompanied with what seemed to be a young Eevee, quietly lied down on the floor.

“'eeeeey!” Okiku greeted her, waving with her whole arm extended upwards.

Himiko tried to connect telepathically with Jessica, but as usual, she just couldn't make contact with her human mind... but she held her disappointment in, and instead mewed very loudly and happily, then ran up to her legs to nudge and rub her head against them. Jessica moved her book away from her sight and looked down at her old Pokémon, her face brightening up. The Eevee, however, surprised of the sudden appearance of one of her line of species and the affection she displayed to her temporary owner, ran away from the Espeon. Worried, Himiko looked over her. Afraid to scare her even more, she didn't follow her, walking back to her own trainer's side instead, and sent her telepathically a gentle greeting and apologies for the accidental fright to the young one. Hiding behind a decorative plant, the Eevee didn't dare go back, but had a shocked but curious look on her face as she heard the Espeon's voice inside her head.

“Hehe, seems Himiko's happy to see you again! But... what's up with your Eevee?” the chestnut-haired woman asked.

“Ah, Taki's... just very shy and insecure with other Pokémon,” the dark-haired one answered, “especially those in the Eevee line.”

“Oh, that's... so sad,” she frowned for a moment, before reverting into a confused expression. “Anyhow, why did you bring me here?”

“You haven't guessed yet?” she grinned. “Well I am not going to tell you then until we finish the trade! You got your berry with you?”

“Myep I have! Well alright, let's get to the machine!”

The two trainers approached each side of the trading machine, and after going through the usual procedures, Okiku placed the Bluk Berry into the trading slot on her side. After 15-20 seconds for the contraception to process the exchange, what popped out of the trading slot was... a Pokéball. She lifted an eyebrow, confused on why Jessica wanted to trade a Pokéball for it... and also how does a Pokémart item was able to go though the trading process, despite being an illegal item. Walking away from the machine, she looked over her friend with a puzzled look. In the mean time, Himiko tilted her head while she stared at the miniaturization device held by her trainer's hand.

“Go on,” Jessica shyly invited her, “open it up.”

After a shrug and a slight lift of both her eyebrows, Okiku rolled the ball out of her band, dropping it on the ground. Expecting of just uneventfully smash on the ceramic, the Pokéball instead opened and, in a bright flash of light, brought into the world a four-legged, hippo-like and familiar pink Pokémon... with a red bow, just as huge as the pokémon's head which it was plopped on.

“...A Slowpoke?” the psychic trainer muttered without having time to think through the unexpected event.

“Happy late birthday!” her friend exclaimed as she went up to her to give her a hug. “I've learned through some friends that you were looking for Psychic Pokémon. Since I remembered that your birthday was coming, and I found someone willing to trade away a Slowpoke, I jumped on the opportunity to get it for you as your present!”

“I... I don't know what to say, I... Thank you!” She returned the hug. “I-I can't believe you remember my birthday!”

“it's just a week after my own; not very hard to forget,” she giggled.

“Oh, right,” she slapped her forehead lightly and chuckled. “But again, thank you so much! Now I owe you twice!”

“Aww, you owe me nothing. You're welcome.”

Okiku excitedly looked over the Slowpoke, who seemed to be a bit confused on who she was and what was all the excitement about. While holding herself not to let out even a simple snicker at the sight of the ridiculously-sized gift decoration on her new Pokémon's head (which, making the sight even more hilarious, he seemed to be not aware of it at all), she bended down on her knees at his level.

“Is it... a female?” she asked her former trainer.

“He's a boy,” she answered briefly.

“...Oh, for some reason I thought he was a girl!” She scratched the back of her head in embarrassment before turning her attention back to the Slowpoke. “Why hello there big boy!” she slowly rubbed under his right ear a bit. “I'm your new friend! How are ya?”

No reaction came from the Slowpoke for a few seconds, which although Okiku expected that, knowing how his species are, but didn't know they were that... slow. As she was just about to ask the question again, the Dopey Pokémon finally reacted, first by smiling brightly then lightly tilting his head to his right then slowly and lightly rocked it side by side, like if he was enjoying his earlier scratching... a little late. Finally, he simply tilted his head the other side and stared at Okiku with his big blank eyes for what seemed to be hours, then gave a big, long yawn, which sounded like a cheerful but lazy greeting.

“Haha, well I guess I'll have to learn and get used to your timing on things! I'm sure you'll do fine with everyone.” Okiku tilted her head up in thought for a bit. “How about that I name you... Marbles?”

Sure enough, the Slowpoke gave her a blank stare for a good moment, but as the information finally went through his brain, he happily nodded. He then “suddenly” stretched his eyes open wide, as he seemed to realize something... and quickly (as far as a Slowpoke goes) shook his head and body around.

“I... think Marbles finally notice the bow on his head,” Jess snickered.

Not being able to hold on any longer, Okiku burst out laughing, along with Himiko and Jessica. After the laughter subdued, Okiku removed the bow on Marble's head, stick it on Himiko's then put him back in his Pokéball. Feeling a bit embarrassed and wanting to “pay back”, the psychic Pokémon used her powers to remove the decoration from her and glue it on her trainer's forehead instead. Sure enough, it brought laughter to the group again, even to little Taki, who was watching the scene from her hiding spot since the beginning.

Well that was sure a surprise, ain't it Himi?” Okiku thought while looking at her Sun Pokémon, knowing she'll read her mind.

Indeed!” Himiko nodded, still snickering at her trainer's new headwear. “It was very hard to read his thoughts though. How can I explain... It's, like, an old record slowing down... a movie in slow motion? Anyhow, it was strange.

“...Huh, that's interesting,” the psychic-type trainer said aloud. “Well I guess it'll be time for us to go, don'tcha think?” she politely nodded goodbye to Jessica. “See you again some other time Jess! Thanks again!”

After trading goodbyes, the trainer along with her Espeon left the Cable Club, with a new, dopey friend in hand.


Trading a Bluk Berry for Lilbluecorsola's Lv.1 Male Slowpoke. Thank you so very much!
Jessica progressed the page of her manga, glancing up at the door in anticipation. Through the access walked a young woman Jess knew quite well, immediately recognizable in her Zelda T-shirt. Jessica placed a palm over her own pendant, bearing a mark of the same passion. She waved at Okiku, keeping her voice down in contrast to the other's exuberant yell, but gesturing widely in welcome all the same.

She was so focused on the human's approach that she didn't notice a feline figure dart between the crowd's feet and sneak up on her leg. She startled as heat rubbed against her jeans, wondering at first if it was her own companion, which would be a surprise. However, as she peered beneath her book, she found a bigger creature than expected, whose sleek coat boasted violet hues rather than brown. Something about its face felt familiar. Either her Eevee had somehow suddenly evolved without her notice, or...

"Hey, Himiko. Long time no see."

She murmured as she sealed her reading material and set it aside, reaching down to stroke the Espeon. Scanning about for the original Pokémon that occupied the floorspace, she spotted the tiny fox cowering behind a potted plant, peeking fearfully out at the stranger. Himiko gingerly advanced a few steps towards her smaller self to apologize for alarming her, but the wallflower merely retreated farther into the foliage.

“Hehe, seems Himiko's happy to see you again! But... what's up with your Eevee?”

Himiko's trainer caught up and asked curiously.

“Ah, Taki's... Just very shy and insecure with other Pokémon,” Jess explained with a sigh. “Especially those in the Eevee line.”

Okiku nodded, expressing sympathy, then inquired as to the reason she was summoned. Jessica quickly brightened.

“You haven't guessed yet?” she teased. “Well, I am not going to tell you then until we finish the trade! You got your berry with you?”

An affirmative answer, and so the two claimed a nearby operator in order to make the exchange. Jessica could sense her friend's confusion upon encountering a Poké Ball on her end, seeming to think it was potentially empty and thereby illegal. Perhaps she couldn't imagine gaining anything more in return for a bargain fruit. Jess chuckled, knowing that while her intentions might have once been officially frowned upon and had participated in her share of shady deals to bypass the laws preventing such practice in the past, the act she was performing now was entirely in good conscience thanks to the government's repeal. Both sender and recipient could take comfort in the fact that amidst all the recent upheaval, a great thing to come of it was that the administration acknowledged the right to share one's wealth with others. Jess was more than happy to take advantage of this newfound freedom to celebrate personal occasions and relationships. She truly appreciated being granted this ability (plus the respect associated with accepting weight of its responsibility), for as long as there were still moments of joy and fun - and overall kindness - in Fizzy Bubbles, she would continue to be proud to call herself a citizen of its community, despite any fighting that may occur.

"Go on," she urged eagerly, "Open it up." She then blushed with embarrassment, hoping her pal would be pleased with her pick of present. She always had trouble choosing gifts for people, even/especially those she was close to. Not to mention the fact it was so belated...

Watching with bated breath and whispering humbleness, Jess waited for the contents to take form. A pink hippo emerged in front of them, bearing a big, bright red bow on its head. Upon taking in its dopey countenance, Jessica's heart sank as she berated herself for such a stupid decision, expecting disappointment. Besides, after the extravagance of her first offering, surely this would pale in comparison... The beneficiary's delayed response only served to further fuel her doubt. Still, she tried her best to smile and salvage the situation.

“Happy late birthday!” she shouted as she hugged Okiku, almost suffocating in an attempt to drown out her self-consciousness. “I've learned through some friends that you were looking for Psychic Pokémon. Since I remembered that your birthday was coming, and I found someone willing to trade away a Slowpoke, I jumped on the opportunity to get it for you as your present!” (She wished she had the courage to add: "Actually, I really wanted to get you something better, but this was the only fitting thing I could find for sale on such short notice. Sorry it's so late as well..." but determined such half-assed excuses would only end up hurting both of them more.)

“I... I don't know what to say, I... Thank you!”

The genuine delight in her tone, and the affection in her reciprocal embrace... Reminded Jess briefly of a certain scene, of something she thought she had lost a long time ago. Like back then, it surely wouldn't last, but for a wondrous second, it was there. So she would drink in it to the fullest. (At the very least, it was enough to calm her down.) She beamed, relaxing as she closed her eyes and held the other girl tight, their identical symbols pressing together. Surreptitiously she wiped a tear from her lashes, wondering what she had been so worried about in the first place. In fact, she realized Okiku seemed to be just as shy about receiving such attention, as she stammered like a bashful Mareep.

“I-I can't believe you remember my birthday!”

Jessica giggled. "It's just a week after my own; not very hard to forget."

“Oh, right,” Okiku contacted her forehead mildly and laughed. “But again, thank you so much! Now I owe you twice!”

It was Jess's turn to wear the wool again, flushing as she rubbed the back of her skull. “Aww, you owe me nothing. You're welcome.”

They broke apart finally, and Okiku knelt down to greet her new teammate. She cocked her head, trying to make some clear assessment from its features.

“Is it... A female?”

Jessica gulped, afraid once again she might dissatisfy by answering wrong. “He's a boy,” she stated flatly, crossing her fingers.

“...Oh, for some reason I thought he was a girl!” Okiku scratched her hair and shrugged, turning back to the Slowpoke. “Why hello there, big boy!” she announced to Jessica's relief, endearing below the "big boy's" ear. “I'm your new friend! How are ya?”

As per his species name, it took a while for the Slowpoke to successfully make his new owner's acquaintance. (In the meantime, Jess checked to make sure Taki was okay. She was still camouflaged, and refused any attempt to coax her out.) But eventually "Marbles" seemed to recognize her... As well as the ribbon on his crown. They all burst out in merriment at this postponed reaction. Once her roars had subsided, Okiku rescued poor Marbles from his plight... Only to transfer it to Himiko instead. The Espeon bristled in indignation and used her Psychic skills to stick the frill to her trainer's temple. The group immediately cracked up again. (Out of the corner of her eye, Jess thought she saw leaves rustle slightly, and caught sight of Taki stifling snickers too.)

Taki had been silently watching the proceedings in awe, amazed by what one of her second stages was capable of. The sun cat had even somehow called to her through the mind before. Such strange powers... And yet no one was afraid of her. On the contrary, she and her trainer seemed so close... The Eevee's ears drooped sadly as she envied her senior, believing she could never possess that kind of connection. Curling up in the corner, she started crying softly.

After Jess bid farewell to Okiku, who walked off still sporting her new fashion accessory, she turned to find Taki sniffling in the shadows. Vaguely guessing what the critter was thinking, the girl hesitated, then went first to the chair where she left her publication to pick it up. She stared at the cover a moment before tiptoeing towards Taki, and gingerly placed a hand on the quivering fur.

"Listen, I know you wish to be with your trainer. I miss him too. I-I may not your real trainer, but... You can trust me. If you have any troubles, you can tell them to me. I'll try my best to help." Taki lifted her head slowly, and Jess showed her the comic.

"Here, I want you to have this. I think you'll like it. It's about a boy who can see spirits. There's a character who has your name as well."

Blinking away blurred drops, the Eevee pushed her snout towards the paperback. She gazed up at the girl in astonishment. No one had ever given her anything before. She wasn't sure how to appropriately communicate her gratitude. ...At last, she settled on a small lick of Jess's finger. Jessica scooped Taki up and squeezed her close, passing on the warmth she obtained from Okiku.

"Come on. Let's go home."

She whispered.

Let's wish for "happiness", no matter how sad the future is.


Trading Lv. 1 Slowpoke to OkikuMew for 1x Bluk Berry.

Happy Belated Birthday!
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