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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
OOC: Trading 3 Rare Candies to Charminions for his level 1 male Axew. Thanks!!

*Trade Commenced*
Charm was walking his way towards the entrance of the Cable Club, a newly hatched male Axew and Rune the Trapinch running beside him.

"Keep up, guys, we're almost there!" Charm urged. Rune quickened her pace, scurrying along to match her trainer's pace while the Axew kept up close behind. The two soon began chasing each other in circles around Charm, a game of tag suddenly erupting.

"Hehe, you must be enjoying the Axew's company, eh Rune?" Charm asked, with a half laugh. The Trapinch stopped running to give what looked like a grin and a "Trap-trap!" before running off once more, the Axew on her trail.

Oh man, now it will hurt Rune to say goodbye to her new friend, Charm thought to himself. "You'll be a dragon just like this little one someday," Charm kneeled over, patting the Axew on the head. "But listen Rune, Axew is going to another trainer." Rune suddenly stopped in her tracks once more, saddened by the news, "Tra-pinch...?"

"Don't worry though, this trainer will take good care of him. I've met a few number of his Pokemon before, and they all seem well-trained. I'm sure he wouldn't mind letting you visit Axew to play from time to time." The Trapinch still seemed upset to lose a friend- she hasn't really connected with any of her teammates as well as she had with Axew. They are always too pre-occupied or just plain uninterested to play. She gave a reluctant nod.

"Here we are, the Cable Club," Charm said, opening the door and letting the little Pokemon through before entering himself. He walked up to the machine and noticed the trainer on the other side. He wore a cowboy hat, and had a Meowth perched on his shoulder. So this is Peeves' trainer, Charm thought, giving a polite wave to the trainer before turning back to Rune and Axew.

"Alright, Rune, say goodbye, it's time for the trade." The Trapinch leans over to the Axew and nuzzles him with her head, the newborn Dragon giving a soft embrace in return. Charm felt bad for doing this to Rune, but the trade has already been arranged and it was too late to turn back now.

He takes out the Axew's Pokeball and recalls him into it. The trainer then places it into the machine, a trio of Rare Candies popping out to take its place. The trade has been finished. "Sweet, more candies for the loot. I'm starting to acquire a big stack of these things," he says, grabbing them, before looking over to his Trapinch once more, who was still distraught. He kneels down to rub her head, "It was for the best, Rune... let's get going." Just then the Trapinch starts glowing a bright white, her form gradually changing shape to one of a larger creature with wings. The glowing soon faded, and what remained was a .

"Holy shit, Rune! You evolved into a Vibrava!" Charm exclaimed, ecstatic as he lifted Rune up. "Vi-brava!" Rune cried, happy with her transformation. "Now you're a real Dragon, just like Axew. I'm sure he'll be surprised when you see him next time. "-brava," The Vibration Pokemon said, satisfied that she may see the Axew yet again someday.

The Vibrava began flying up off of Charm's hand. "Woah there, you just evolved. Don't push yourself to fly too much," Charm said with worry. The trainer opened the door up and Rune took off, flying high and far above the Cable Club before descending back down in front of Charm. The trainer let out a chuckle, "Alright, enough fun for today, let's go," he said walking out of the Cable Club, Rune flying overhead with determination in her eyes.


OOC: Trading Lv.1 Axew (M) to MM for 3 Rare Candies.

Trade Closed
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