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Originally Posted by Copygoo View Post
Also, everyone, while there is orenronen's sdr2 translation, you can pick up where it leaves off over at 's translation (kuzuhiko does mostly summaries for chapters 1 and 2 but fully translates mostly everything after that) and then once you finish kuzuhiko's translation in around ch4, go to the translation, which has ch4 all the way to the epilogue fully translated.
So in case you want to remain faithful to orenronen's translation, the thread is being mirrored here - originally created to help people avoid the spoiler ads some bright individual put up on SA. It does get you around the paywall, but you also miss the discussion in the thread (yeah, I'm one of those who enjoy seeing people's reactions to things).

Also Deo, might wanna remove the "slightly" from your spoiler box thing, I didn't know that DR2-thing and hadn't even thought about it (I would consider Monobear's appearance in DR1 a "slight spoiler", for example, not what you posted). Didn't ruin the whole thing for me,'s one less surprise in the long run.
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