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Originally Posted by Escalion View Post
OOC: Trading 2 Candies to Marble for Corvus the Honchcrow.
Trading my Lv 1 Male Honchkrow to Escalion for his 2 Candies.

Spoiler: show

Level: 1
Gender: Male
Ability: -
Evolution: --->
Holding: N/A
Birthday: January 29
Nature: -
Obtained: Trade with Kelntin

Level-Up Moves:
Wing Attack

Egg Moves:

Move Tutor Moves:

Custom/Event Moves:

TM Moves:

HM Moves:

IQ: 0

Beauty Points: 0

Contest Stats: 0/0/0/0/0

Thanks and take good care of him for me!

*Trade Closed*


And so, it was settled. He thought he'd feel worse about it all, but to see Corvus take it so well lifted a weight off his shoulders. But why was he surprised? At their core, they were little more than two remorseless businessmen who never nurtured anything between themselves other than a profitable partnership.

He smiled as he entered the Cable Club, The Crow's Pokeball in his hand. He'd learned so much from The Night Broker, but it was time to move on. Levin was no fool himself, and he'd only planned to keep the Midnight Feather for as long as he proved useful; but Corvus had also learned from him, too much perhaps, and it was only a matter of time before he'd have double-crossed his Trainer.

Going their separate ways now was the ideal scenario: Levin's financial skills had increased immensely and his profits had soared under the Honchkrow's guidance, to the point where he was confident he could put it all into practice on his own; but he wasn't wealthy enough to warrant Corvus's betrayal yet. On the other hand, The Crow would be going to a much more appealing owner, a man several notches above Levin in social (and economic) ranking. The Virote family was the ideal foundation for Corvus to spread his influence even further across Fizzy Bubbles.

He greeted Rowan and made his way over to the familiar-looking trade machine. He remembered the many looks of disapproval he was met with after letting the team know that he was parting with Corvus. Not that the Honchkrow was well-liked by anybody other than Krem, but it was becoming recurrent, he had to admit. Still, they all knew what kind of man he was, so why were they surprised? It wasn't the first time he'd allowed Pokemon to embark on new journeys when he had no more need for them. He never dumped them - almost anyway, Wicca was the only exception! -, he pointed them in a new direction. But the fact that he was guilt-ridden, trying to justify this behaviour to himself, was revealing. Yes, despite how much he'd changed over the last year and a half, he was still a cunning, manipulative and self-centered man at his core. It wasn't the first nor would it be the last time he'd welcome a Pokemon into the family and then trade it away if it served his best interests. But that was who he was and how he'd always do things. If those around him didn't like it, all they had to do was walk away.

He placed Corvus's Pokeball on his side of the machine, paused for a second to mentally thank him for his invaluable guidance, and pressed the button. Soon, the Pokeball was replaced by two Rare Candies, and Corvus was no longer his. He'd just doubled his value.

He shook hands with Rowan and left before the other Trainer called out his new teammate. Corvus the Honchkrow was in the past now, and only his teachings remained.
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