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Probably not until the game is fully translated. I don't like the SomethingAwful style of [Character sprite - dialog - screencaps]. Also Lowtax recently put a paywall on the archives like the money grabbing whore he is, so your first post link is now irrelevant.

But yeah, I have no interest in SDR2 until the game is in a fully translated state, so probably not until 2015?

I'm fine with that anyway because (DR/possibly big SDR2 spoilers)

Spoiler: show
as badly as I want some sort of closure to Naegi/Kirigiri/Togami/Hagakure/Fukawa/Asahina, I'm not sure I actually want to know what happened after they opened the doors (despite the frightening flashes and noises from the outside). And yes, I know SDR2 doesn't focus on them, but I already know they make appearances.

I'm just not sure I want more Dangan Ronpa. I'm going to be honest, finding out they were all close friends before they lost their memories and then killed each other for what turned out to be no reason at all... really, really, really made me depressed. I know... it's just a story... but I was seriously blue all day and still am a little.

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