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Melittin felt like groaning in exasperation, for it looked as though Behemoth was now preparing a Cut with his tail. He was also ready with a Fire Fang, though, and Melittin knew that he had to risk taking the Cut attack. It would hurt less than the Fire Fang, and he did, after all, use Harden previously. He kept going for the tail, but prepared to carry out his previous plan, just in case. After all, Behemoth had slowed himself down with all those curses, so there was every reason for him to assume he would be able to outmaneuver that tail. Whether he actually would succeed, however, that remained to be seen. And if he could end up getting Behemoth to hit himself with his own Fire Fang, all the better.

Keith, of course, couldn't understand what Fae had said in response to Myrtle's words, but the Banette floated over to him. "It seems that Wurm-ple does not like Ghost-types," she stated. Then, she murmured to him quietly in Banette language. "A Mean Look, Meat Sack? Since when have you been able to use that move?" Keith merely shrugged, intending to convey that this turn of events surprised him just as much as it had surprised Myrtle. He then turned to look at the Wurmple on Rowan's shoulder with some concern.

"Hm," he said. "Rowan, would it be OK if I brought out another one of my Ghost-types? You remember Peeves, my Duskull, right? Well, now he's a Dusclops, but anyway, he has a bit of experience in helping those who are afraid of ghosts, he might be able to help Fae get over her fear." Keith didn't say more, but truth be told, he couldn't help but feel just a little hurt by the Wurmple's dislike of ghosts, mainly due to him being 1/4th Gastly himself.

Meanwhile, Meowth found himself being further infuriated by the Magnemite. Then, his Hypnosis took effect- and he found himself and the infuriating inorganic irritation falling. "I REALLY SHOULDA THOUGHT DIS TROUGH!!!" Meowth screamed as they fell.

"What the- Meowth?!" Keith exclaimed as he finally took notice of the Normal-type's predicament. Frantically, the Scratch Cat Pokémon scrambled about in midair, trying to get on top of the Magnemite, in the hopes that the Electric/Steel-type would end up breaking his fall. Keith, however, decided another approach was in order, and he turned to his Umbreon. "Cyanide, Psychic attack!" he ordered.

"Umb Umbreon!" nodded Cyanide as her eyes flashed blue with Psychic power. Suddenly, Meowth and Magnemite's fall was greatly slowed as the Umbreon slowly lowered them to the ground- only to unceremoniously drop Meowth on his tail before trying to telekinetically remove his charm from Magnemite's magnet.

Elsewhere, as Chuck was dreading the idea of telling Rose about his past, he felt her give him a kiss on the cheek, which served to brighten his spirits somewhat. As he saw her smile at him, he couldn't help but smile back. The Gastly started to feel a bit better, though he couldn't deny that what he would have to tell Rose was not exactly indicative of his best side.

They arrived at the oak tree, and it was massive! Though now that they could see it up close, Chuck could see that the arboreal structure before them had something of a menacing air to it. Maybe it was because of its sheer size. Maybe it was because night was falling, causing the tree to cast an ominous shadow over them. Certainly the murder of Murkrow nearby weren't doing this tree's image any favors. Chuck glanced at Rose, and saw that his beloved looked visibly worried. The Gastly got the feeling that Rose was getting an unpleasant vibe from the tree. Was it just because of the ominous shadow and the nearby Murkrow? No, Chuck realized. He had a feeling that there was something more sinister at work here if it was worrying Rose like this. He recalled, back at the Bar, when Rose had shown obvious fear of what appeared to be a Purrloin, far before anyone had been able to discover that it was in fact a disguised Ditto.

"If you don't want to go in there, I'll understand completely," Chuck said gently to Rose. "I'm personally inclined to believe you if you think something's wrong with that tree. If you do want to go in, however, I'll be right with you the whole time." As he said this, he gently took hold of the Ralts's hand, hoping to reassure her.

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