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As Melittin noticed that his previous attack did not have the intended effect he changed his plans again, now quickly changing directing and aiming for the tail instead. Behemoth however, being slowed down by his Curses, can't react fast enough anymore to this sudden change of plan resulting in both Pokémon hitting nothing but air as Melittin suddenly flies off and Behemoth bites into the air. The Steelix then changes his position, and tries to sense Melittin's. Behemoth stands tall and quiet in the middle of the room, focused on everything around him. Luckily it's not hard to figure out where the Beedrill is, the zooming sound of his wings give his position away. With this new information Behemoth again attempts to launch of in his target's direction for another Fire Fang, but at the same time he also sharpens his tail on the rocky floor, ready to Cut Melittin out of the air should he come close to his tail.

Rowan smiles at the newly evolved Banette and is happy to hear Myrtle confirms the words he spoke to Fae, the Ghost-type even addressing his Wurmple directly with what he just assumes to be some more soothing words towards his new addition.

"See Fae, you have nothing to worry about. Myrtle means you no harm."

Fae however still hides herself behind her trainer, "You look so scary," she says, her voice still sounding frightened, "I don't like Ghosts." and with that she hides even further onto her trainers back, causing Rowan to put Magikarp's fish bowl on the ground so he can get Fae of his back.

"No need to worry Fae, Myrtle might look scary, but she isn't all that bad as a Pokémon." Rowan tries to reassure her that there really is nothin to be scared about. He then gives Fae a hug and places her back on his shoulder. "Now, just go sit here on my shoulder okay? Nothing will happen with you I guarantee you that."

"Wurmple," Fae's voice sounding a bit more reassured.

Meanwhile, Meowth tries to hypnotize Magnemite because the latter refuses to let him go.

"Looks like your still stuck here, doesn't it? Magnemite laughs buzzing, Don't you just enjoy the trick I just pulled on you?" The Magnet Pokémon then notices Meowth's growing frustration, "Don't get so carried away with this situation. I'm just magnetized by that coin of yours."

Magnemite bursts out in another buzzing laugh and looks down at his unwilling victim. What he sees however are a pair a flashing eyes and he suddenly feels kind of sleepy, quite is odd for an inorganic Pokémon, but the Magnemite still closes his eye, just for a moment, as both Meowth and him are falling down a stunning seven meters.

Elsewhere, far from the battles and bickering inside Rowan's base, Rose and Chuck are following Peach to her home. The Gastly picked up on Rose her fear of heights and reassures her that he will not let her fall. Her boyfriend's words make Rose feel secure, she looks at him and smiles. Chuck however is in thought, dark thoughts, worries. Rose instinctively picks up on the fact that there is something going on inside Chuck's head, but she cannot be sure what. She only feels that something is troubling him. Rose gives Chuck a kiss on his cheek. Even though she doesn't know what Chuck has on his mind she does know that she loves him and that she will always be there to support him to the best of her ability, no matter what.

"We're here we're here we're here!" Peach shouts at the two lovers, who are only a few feet away, "Home home home home HOME!" And on top of that Peach seems to have found her hyperactive spirit back too as she speaks as fast as when they first met once again.

Peach guides them down to the ground and looks up at the impressive oak that stands in front of them. Rose looks too, and she is quite impressed by the tree that Peach calls her home. The oak tree is old, Rose can tell that just from it's size alone as the tree is easily five meters broad and by far the tallest tree around. Its trunk is covered in a dark green moss and its branches grow long and wildly in every direction. But there is more to this tree than meets the eye, Rose picks up on that too. The old oak casts a shadow over the three Pokémon standing near it's base as Peach points up into tree. Rose looks at Chuck before she looks up into the tree. The tree makes her feel uncomfortable, it has a sinister darkness over it, especially now that the night is falling. A murder of Murkrow flies up from one of the many branches, crowing loudly and adding to the already ominous atmosphere.

"Come come come come!" Peach rushes off into tree and halts on the first branch, "This way you two! Almost nuts!"

Rose turns her attention to Chuck once again. At first she really wanted to go to Peach her home, but now that she has seen the tree she's not so sure anymore that she wants to go. She cannot put her finger onto it, but something is wrong with this tree, seriously wrong. Rose looks at her boyfriend, the concern clearly visible on her face, hoping Chuck might be able to either reassure her it's only in her head or else, just comforting her.

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