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Melittin's mind was buzzing with various swearwords as he realized, not only did the String Shot's blocking of Behemoth's vision not deter it in the slightest, he was now charging right into a Fire Fang. Hastily, the Beedrill stopped, thinking furiously. And then, it dawned on him. Swiftly, the Beedrill dove down towards the Steelix's tail instead, Rock Smash at the ready. But what Behemoth didn't know was, as soon as he had gotten close enough, Melittin intended to fly off suddenly, so that instead of nailing him with Fire Fang, Behemoth would be biting his own tail. Melittin wasn't sure whether this would work, but he figured it was worth a shot.

Keith nodded as Rowan remarked that he now had a Magnemite who could keep Behemoth at bay if things got out of hand, but before that conversation could go any further, Myrtle caused a minor diversion by evolving into a Banette. Though Rowan congratulated Keith on his Pokémon evolving, the Wurmple on his shoulder seemed somewhat less than enthusiastic. Keith regarded the small Bug-type with a concerned look. And then Rowan reassured the Wurmple, named Fae, that Myrtle meant her no harm, and then asked the Banette to confirm this. Ohhhh, boy. This scenario was setting off alarm bells in Keith's head, for he knew that the sort of fear Fae was feeling was pretty much a delicacy as far as Shuppet and Banette were concerned. But Keith had no intention of traumatizing the poor Wurmple, so he turned and glared at Myrtle before she had a chance to answer, attempting to stop her from responding to Rowan's question the way he was certain she would. And then, Keith got the sudden feeling that he was succeeding. Indeed, the Look he was giving Myrtle looked so Mean, it had stunned the Banette into not moving at all. As soon as Keith realized just what was happening, he started to realize just how draining it was on him, and he stopped. Thankfully, Myrtle seemed to have gotten the general idea.

"Cor-rect," the Banette answered Rowan (albeit with the slightest hint of reluctance), before addressing the Wurmple in Banette language. "You have nothing to worry about," she said to the Wurmple. "Do not go spreading this around, but in spite of how scary I am, I only hurt those who truly deserve it."

Keith, meanwhile, had pretty much recovered from his unexpected usage of a new move, though he was breathing just a little more heavily than usual. He turned to look at the Wurmple. "Cool Wurmple," he smiled, the sight inducing flashbacks in him, back when Severus hadn't yet evolved. "I bet she'll become a beautiful Dustox one day," he added.

Meowth was becoming more and more irritated by the moment. Not only was the Magnemite not letting him loose, it was also making a series of really bad puns. Well, as far as Meowth was concerned, if he couldn't convince Magnemite to set him down, he would make it do so instead! Meowth struggled to establish eye contact with Magnemite, his eyes flashing, his Hypnosis at the ready.

Meanwhile, Chuck was floating around the trees, carrying Rose in his ghostly hands. As he flew, he noticed that Rose was holding onto him tightly and shaking, immediately giving the Gastly the impression that his girlfriend was not fond of heights. He kept a firm grip on her and gave her a reassuring smile. "You're not going to fall, Rose," he whispered to her. "Not if I have anything to say about it." Though his words were absolutely sincere, the Gastly could not help but think... Last time he had been in such close proximity of a Pokémon shaking in fright, he was not there to provide comfort. Rather, he was the very source of aforementioned fright. Chuck reflected on his misdeeds back when he was alive, back when he was a Machop, wreaking untold havoc alongside his boss (another Machop, now the Dusclops known as Peeves). He had truly been a sadistic and uncaring jerk back then... did he really deserve what he had now? Did he deserve to have not only a caring and capable trainer, but one who was in fact also one quarter his very species? Did he deserve to be reunited with Peeves, who had been in life his best and only friend? Did he... did he deserve Rose? And with that question came the sudden realization- Chuck had never confessed to Rose what he had been in life, the kind of asshole he used to be. And now that the notion of doing so occurred to him, Chuck began to worry- how would she react upon learning of his past? Would she look at him any differently? And now, not saying anything about it was out of the question- no doubt Rose was already picking up on how Chuck was feeling right now in any case. He would have to talk about it to her, he knew. For now, though, he focused on following Peach, navigating around the treetops while not letting Rose fall. A large oak tree started to come into view in the distance, the sight of which mildly impressed the Gastly as he continued to follow the hyperactive Pachirisu.

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