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After having pulled off an effective attack Melittin continues the assault with a String Shot as Behemoth attempts to crush the Beedrill in a powerful Fire Fang attack. The Poison Bee's attack hits target, blinding Behemoth. The Iron Snake however doesn't give a damn about being blinded. What does that puny little bee think? That he, the powerful Behemoth, is troubled by temporarily loosing his sight? As a Steelix, a species known for digging underground tunnels they live half their lives under the ground, blinded by darkness, and still being perfectly capable of sensing their environment and this is no different. With that Behemoth simply switches from relying on his eyes to his other senses. He swiftly detects the position of Melittin, who now attempts a super-effective Rock Smash, and counters it by redirecting his own Fire Fang towards the onrushing Beedrill.

As the battle between the two continues, Rowan continues talking to Keith who understands his situation with Behemoth and suggests they just let them fight.

Relieved to hear Keith's words Rowan replies, "Thank you for understanding, and I think we can let them fight if you want. As you noticed I have a Magnemite now, and he can use his Magnet Pull ability to keep Behemoth at bay should things get out of hand."

Rowan wants to say more, but is interrupted by Keith's Shuppet Myrtle, though to Rowan's surprise her argument with her trainer ends in the Suppet's evolution into Banette.

"Amazing," Rowan says with a clearly surprised expression, "Congratulations with the evolution Keith. You know, this is the first time I see an actual evolution happening, simply astounding to behold."

"Wurm, wurmple." Unlike Rowan, Fae looks and sounds more frightened than surprised as she hides herself on her trainer's back.

"What is it Fae? I'm sure Myrtle doesn't mean to do you any harm. No need to be scared, right?" The last words were more directed at the newly evolved Banette than at anyone else. "Right?" Rowan repeats himself, looking at Myrtle, hopeful she would confirm.

Meanwhile, near the ceiling of the base Magnemite has a firm hold on Meowth's coin, and with that on the Cat Pokémon himself. And Meowth doesn't seem to be too pleased hanging around in the air, stuck to Magnemite's magnets. The latter however is more than happy using it's typing to it's advantage.

"Wish I could say I'm sorry, Magnemite buzzes, "But I can't help it your coin is drawn to me. Though it is a very attracting coin I must say, I'm kinda getting attached to it myself." And with those lame puns the Magnemite bursts out in another buzzing laugh, keeping Meowth suspended in the air.

At the same time outside, Chuck is following Peach around the trees, carefully carrying Rose with him. The Ralts on her turn holds her lover tightly, she is not too fund of great heights and slightly shakes in fear of falling down.

"Almost there now!" Peach shouts at the two from a few branches away, "Just a bit further, you can already see it!" The Pachirisu rapidly jumps up and down the tree branch and points into the distance where the vague shape of a big, old oak tree can be seen through the wilderness.

OOC: Might expand a little on the Rose/Chuck line if you, MM, don't beat me to it by replying first
Though feel free to reply if you want XD
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