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Originally Posted by kaisap112 View Post
Trading a female Lv. 1 Pachirisu to Kindrindra for 4 Candies, 3 Mysterious Gummis, 5 White Gummis, 5 Black Gummis, 2 Pink Gummi, a Wereball, a Luxury Ball, a Blue Cyberball, and 1 Liechi Berry.

*Trade Started!*
Trading 4 Candies[x],
3 Mysterious Gummis[x],
5 White Gummis[x][x][x],
5 Black Gummis[x],
2 Pink Gummi[x],
a Wereball[x],
a Luxury Ball[x],
a Blue Cyberball[x]"]x[/URL]],
and 1 Liechi Berry[x]
to Kaisap for one cute little Lv1 Female Pachirisu~

[Trade Complete~]
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