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Melittin could tell the battle was going his way, judging by the roar Behemoth gave off when the Drill Run connected. But now, the Steelix was done fooling around- Behemoth was now lunging at Melittin, teeth ablaze, Fire Fang attack at the ready. It was a super effective move, and Melittin knew it, there was no way he would be able to withstand that kind of power. He had to be quick, too, but fortunately, he thought up a plan on the fly. Quickly, Melittin launched his String Shot right at Behemoth's eyes, then flew up high, whereupon he dove back down at the Steelix's head, another Rock Smash at the ready.

Meanwhile, Rowan returned, and proceeded to apologize profusely to Keith for his Steelix's behavior. "Believe me, I understand," nodded Keith. "I don't even have full control over some of my Pokémon. My Carnivine, for instance, he'll listen to me well enough, but if I don't keep an eye on him, any Bug-types in the area will start to, shall we say, 'mysteriously disappear'," he said darkly. "And of course, there's Myrtle-"

"And just what is that sup-posed to mean, Meat Sack, hmmmmm?" demanded the Shuppet next to Keith.

"Well, I think you see my point," Keith remarked to Rowan. "I mean, sure, Myrtle will listen to me most of the time, but I'd be outright lying if I ever claimed to have complete control over her."

"Damn straight," nodded Myrtle. "I do not o-bey your or-ders be-cause I am re-qui-red to. I fol-low them if, and on-ly if, I see no bet-ter al-ter-na-tive to, have I made my-self clear?"

"You made yourself clear on that point the last twenty times I heard it," Keith replied, suppressing the urge to roll his eyes. "Anyway, Rowan, I was gonna try and break this up, but to be honest... I've never seen Melittin battle like this before," he stated, sounding impressed with his Beedrill. "I'm thinking we could maybe let them finish their battle, give my Beedrill a chance to prove himself, y'know?" Then, he noticed the new Pokémon Rowan had with him. "Oh, cool, a Wurmple," he grinned. "And a Magikarp and a Magnemite, too, nice," he added.

"Hold on, Meat Sack," said Myrtle. "Just what the hell is that sup-posed to mean, hmmm? The last twen-ty times? Are you im-ply-ing that I re-peat my-self too much?"

"No, of course not," replied Keith. "I'm not implying that at all." He paused for a second, then added, "I'm saying it outright. There's a difference."

"Watch your-self, Meat Sack," Myrtle hissed threateningly. "You know full well I have the po-wer to end your life."

"And you know full well that you don't scare me," Keith stated. "I get the feeling that if you were ever going to kill me, you'd have done it long ago."

Myrtle said nothing, seething in silent fury, not just because her attempts at swiping a quick snack were failing miserably, but also because her trainer was absolutely right. As much as he infuriated her at times, she could never imagine actually killing him. And she hated it when Keith was right... and to her general frustration, this was occurring more and more as time went on. She considered herself his intellectual superior, but she was finding it harder and harder to back this up these days. The frustration built up within the Shuppet, to levels it doesn't often reach. No... not just frustration... as of late, Myrtle had been growing steadily more powerful, and now the frustration at her inability to win a simple argument with her trainer was helping to unlock that power.

Keith's jaw dropped as his Shuppet became cloaked in a blinding flash of light. Melittin didn't notice this, being too involved in his battle (and neither did Meowth, for reasons which will be covered later), but Cyanide and Pomona both looked on in amazement as Myrtle started to change shape, as her cloth body began to sprout limbs and a tail, as her head altered itself. And then, the glow faded.

Now, Myrtle floated before them, the transformation complete. The single large horn on top of her head was replaced with three smaller ones. She now sported vicious red eyes, a zipper mouth, actual limbs- a pair of arms tipped with what appeared to be claws, a pair of short and stumpy legs (which seemed rather irrelevant, given that she was floating in midair)- and a small yellow tail which looked somewhat like a needle of some sort. Myrtle had evolved into Banette.

"Whoa," Keith breathed, having found his voice at last. "Myrtle, you just evolved! Congratulations!"

"Oh, yessss," Myrtle cackled, examining her new cloth paws with interest. "I think I am go-ing to like this. Meat Sack, go on and say some-thing stu-pid," she urged her trainer.

"Something stupid," Keith repeated. Myrtle facepalmed.

"I did not mean to re-peat the ac-tu-al words, id-i-ot," she snapped, but then she cackled.

"Wait," Keith spoke up, realizing something. "Did you get me to say something stupid just so you could facepalm for the first time ever?"

"As a Shup-pet, I ne-ver could con-vey just how stu-pid you tru-ly could some-times be," replied the newly evolved Banette. "And now, I do not need to try and find the words!" At this, now Keith facepalmed, eliciting a cackle from Myrtle. It wasn't fear, but aggravation sure as hell counted as a negative emotion, and it tasted just fine to her.

Elsewhere, Meowth had other things on his mind than his newly evolved teammate. Such as, the fact that the charm on his forehead was now stuck to a Magnemite's magnet, suspending him in midair. "Hey, wat's da big idea?!" he demanded of the Magnemite. "Lemme down, waddaya tink yer laughin' at, ya pile o' tin junk?! Why, I oughta Scratch yer bolts off-" Meowth continued in this tangent for some time, though Keith was more preoccupied with his newly evolved Pokémon, and did not hear any of this.

Outside the base, Rose took Chuck's hand, allowing him to float her up and after Peach. She was urging them to follow her, and Chuck, carrying his girlfriend, did just that.

What?  Shuppet is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Shuppet evolved into Banette!

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