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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Not to be pedantic, just to answer your question: you can be an heir without being affluent. Being an heir just means that you're the next in line to head a family and/or that you're the one who inherited the family estate. But if your dad was an alcoholic who squandered the family fortune on booze and women and died penniless, then while you'd still technically be the heir to his estate, you wouldn't be the least bit rich.

So if the original Japanese title for this guy conveyed that he was wealthy, then some of the fan translators may have opted to call him "Affluent Progeny" rather than "Heir".
That's a valid point, yes, but I still don't feel like it justifies such a detailed title compared to "Pop Star" or "Fanboy" - Heir would have conveyed the intent just fine, in my opinion.

Still, I'm not the translator - it's not my choice to make, and it's a VERY minor thing anyway.
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