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The battle between Behemoth and Melittin continues as the Beedrill skillfully dodges the Rocks Thrown at him. The Steelix roars angrily when the final rock is also dodged. He underestimated the Poison Bee, something that will not happen again. However, there isn't much time to think as Melittin suddenly rushes off, zooming towards him with his stingers out, ready to deliver a painful Drill Run. Behemoth knows he can't dodge the attack, he is an easy target considering his size and the double Curse made him dramatically slower than the speedy Beedrill. The only option is brace and take the attack like a boss. And with that Behemoth prepares every segment of his iron body for impact as Melittin rapidly approaches, he then closes his eyes and roars loud just before impact.

Melittin's Drill Run hit the Iron Snake with full force and for super effective damage, but that is not all as luck is not on Behemoth's side. The Beedrill hits him right in the joint that connects Behemoth's top section with his spiked midsection, a sensitive spot, making the attack hurt even more than it did already. Behemoth's roar transforms from a roar of power to a roar of pain. The double Curse turned out to be a double-edged blade however, on one side it made Behemoth too slow to dodge the attack, but on the other side it did help him reduce the damage by a good amount due to the extra defenses, without it he would most certainly have had to rely on his ability to keep him on his feet.

Having survived the attack Behemoth quickly assesses the situation. He's standing and the Beedrill is close. He knows what he has to do and in a flash of Fire and flames he ignites his Fangs and launches himself at Melittin, determined to return the pain in twofold.

In the meantime, Lalu looks heavily impressed by Melittin, 'Wow, how it is possible, is this really possible?' she thinks, 'Mel is not only holding Behemoth off, he is actually beating him... for me?'

As the battle is literally heating up, the big boulder in from of the entrance is slowly moving away, giving Rowan and his new Pokémon entry to the base. The noise from inside the base however is not lost on them and it doesn't take long for Rowan to notice that Behemoth and Melittin are in a heated battle.

"Oh Arceus no," says Rowan with a sigh, "I feared something like this would happen." He quickly flicks the lever up to close the door and runs towards Keith, still with Magikarp's fishbowl in his hands.

"I'm so sorry for this Keith," Rowan bows multiple times, fast and deep, almost causing Fae to fall off his shoulder.

"Wurmple!" she excaims scared.

"I should not have left Behemoth alone, I don't have full control over him yet, please accept my apology I will ensure this will never happen again." Rowan apologizes profoundly, also to Fae, "And I apologize to you too Fae, I should've been more careful."

The Wurmple doesn't seem to care too much though as she affectionatly caresses her new trainer cheek with her head.

At the same time Magnemite notices a shiny coin, inconveniently stuck onto the head of a Meowth. Shooting off in the air the Magnet Pokémon hovers near the ceiling, trying to attract the coin using him Magnet Pull ability all the while buzzing a soft laugh.

Outside, Chuck offers to carry Rose into Peach's home. Their wordless communication makes Rose smile, even though the Pachirisu beat Chuck to telling what she meant, she could feel that Chuck understood her sooner. She takes her boyfriend's gassy hand and lets him lift her up, her eyes focused on the branches above her, looking for Peach.

"Here, here, over here!" Peach shouts from high up in the tree, "Just go here and then go there!" She points to the end of a tree branch and rushes there herself.

"Just follow meeeeeee!" And with that she jumps from the end of the branch onto a branch of another tree, "Almost there, just a few more trees!"

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