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The battle unfolded in Rowan's base as Melittin's Rock Smash and Behemoth's Gyro Ball collided. The Steelix seemed incredulous at the fact that a little Beedrill was actually holding him off, and Lalu just seemed amazed at Melittin's power. As she said that she had no idea that he was as strong as he was, the Beedrill blushed slightly- this became much more pronounced as she then teasingly implied that he was fighting as though for his girlfriend. This was no time to be distracted, though! Indeed, Behemoth was already going into a Rock Throw attack, and Melittin had to remain alert in order to evade the move.

"Wha- what the hell?!" Keith exclaimed, having finally noticed the ongoing fight between his Beedrill and Rowan's Steelix. "Melittin, what-"

"It is the Stee-lix who star-ted it, Meat Sack," interrupted Myrtle, the Shuppet floating over to her trainer, also watching the battle. She then whispered to Keith in Shuppet language. "And it appears as though Melittin is trying to defend the Roggenrola from that Steelix."

"Indeed," nodded Keith, also speaking Shuppet. "And he's not doing too bad thus far," he added, sounding impressed. "Alright, I'm pretty sure it goes without saying at this point, Myrtle, but don't interfere unless it looks to be absolutely necessary. Give Melittin a chance to prove himself."

Melittin, meanwhile, was still focused on the Steelix coming at him. Now it was time for him to attack again, and already he felt Ground energies coursing into his tail stinger. And then, just like that, he was off, zooming towards Behemoth at full speed, tail stinger sticking out and rotating rapidly. If Melittin had any say in this, this Drill Run was gonna hurt.

Rose smiled and nodded as Chuck expressed his pride in his girlfriend's powers, then gestured to Peach and to the tree, trying to convey to Chuck her willingness to see Peach's home. Though Chuck got the idea, he never got a chance to say so, for Peach picked up on this as well, and reacted much quicker. Though the Pachirisu was still talking slower, her boundless energy still shone through. As Peach rushed back into the tree, Chuck turned to Rose, extending a hand formed from his purple gas, wordlessly offering to carry Rose up the tree and into Peach's home.

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