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As Sir Haykhong and Bedivere discuss the Sableye craftsmen another Frillish approaches the pair. Sir Haykhong does not notice, but Bedivere does and invites the other Frillish over and introduces her to the Slugma as his adopted sister Nimiane. Then Sir Haykhong makes himself stand tall and proud as Bedivere introduces him to his sister and talk full praise about his knighthood he received under King Louis Francois D'Volcarona XVII of Cortoza. Hearing the name of his King and a chance to show off his honors always please the Lava Pokémon.

The subject then changes to chess, a game Sir Haykhong knows how to play, without being exceptionally good at it. A fact that, when playing, often frustrates him as he likes to see himself as a tactical genius.

"Yes, I can play Chess," Sir Haykhong answers Nimiane with a slight arrogance, "But I am most likely out of your league considering you are still learning while I am a recognized veteran. No offence of course my Lady. But that being said, I have to say I vastly prefer a game of Risk, it is much more tactical and the world domination aspect of it greatly amuses me as I beat my opponents into submission." Sir Haykhong smiles as he says that, his words make him think back of his time in the army and how he fought and won the war.

"Ow pardon me, where are my manners!" the Slugma suddenly realizes he forgot something very important to him, "Please forgive me for not having said this before, I lost myself in memory, but it must be said. It is a great pleasure to meet you Lady Nimiane, as my dear friend Bedivere's sister I welcome you in my home." And with that he makes a bow for the Lady.

Back in the playing room a battle between Behemoth and Melittin and Lalu is about to commence. The Steelix has already launched a Gyro Ball at the two and Melittin tries to counter that with an effective Rock Smash, aimed at the Steelix's attacking part.

The two attacks collide, bringing both to a standstill and locked down in a showdown of power. This very thing however greatly surprises Behemoth. Even though he didn't use all his power he never expected a puny Beedrill of all Pokémon to be able to stand it's ground against him. He Curses, knowing he has to use more power. With the added power Behemoth is able to flick his midsection away ending the showdown, having both attacks cancel each other out without any effect whatsoever. Behemoth Curses again and now slams his head into the ceiling, causing some small Rocks to fall down which he Throws at Melittin using his tail.

"Wow, Mel! I knew you were strong, but that strong?! Wow, you just managed to keep Behemoth at bay!" Lalu is clearly impressed by Melittin's display of strength, she giggles and teasingly says, "Where did you get all that power? I'd almost think you're trying to protect your girlfriend."

Outside of the base a young man returns home, a few new Pokémon additions with him. In his arms Rowan carries a fishbowl containing his new Magikarp Leviathan, on his shoulder sits his new Wurmple Fae and finally there is his Magnemite floating around him, buzzing a most annoying tune.

"Can you please stop trying to whistle the Pokémon March?" Rowan asks his new addition, trying to sound not too annoyed, "First of all you can't whistle, and second of all, I really dislike the tune. So please, can you stop?"

"MAGNEMITE!" The Magnet Pokémon buzzes something that sounds like a laugh and continues to buzz the Pokémon March as if its life depends on it. Rowan rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

"I shouldn't have asked, I should not have asked," he sighs.

"Wurmple, wurmple," Fae's soft voice makes Rowan smile.

"I know Fae, Magnemite is just being himself, and luckily you are too." The gentleman looks at the Wurmple on his shoulder and while still smiling Fae affectionately strokes her trainers cheek with her head.

"He guys, and girl, look! We're almost home, you see that boulder there," Rowan gestures in the direction his base's door with his head, "That's home, and there I'll introduce all of you to the rest of my team."

"Wurmple!" "MAGNEMITE!" "Magikarp!" The three sound happy the long trip is almost over. But Rowan isn't a hundred percent sure about what he will find, his mind drifting off worrying about what Behemoth would be capable off without him being at home. 'Good thing I have Magnemite now.' he thinks as he rapidly approaches his base.

Meanwhile Chuck lets Rose know he is impressed by her latest colors. Rose smiles and nods, being happy her boyfriend is proud at her. She then points to the tree and to Peach and then up the tree, hoping Chuck understands she wants to go to Peach's home up in the tree. Peach however picked up on it too and beats Chuck to a response.

"I think she wants to go with me, get nuts, you'll love nuts, just like me!" Peach is still slowed down in speech, but her energy is most certainly not gone which she proves by sprinting all over the place collecting the nuts that fell out of her mouth not too long ago.

"Let's go!" she says and with that she rushes back into the tree at lightning speed.

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