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Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola View Post
As Jessica walked home from the festivities of the Raikou Race, she made a quick stop at the marketplace in order to finalize the transaction for her trophy. Passing the peeling poster that had previously drawn her Pokémon’s attention to the competition, she felt a pang as she remembered how Coco Puff wasn’t the only one who seemed interested in the affair. Ironically, while they had entered for the sheer sport, it was perhaps a non-participant who was more attracted by the prize itself. Iris had spent the days leading up to the race intently sewing a set of lovely leaf clothes in preparation for a new plant partner, ready to welcome Cherrim with a warm pressed red muffler (neverminding the fact it was summer). Jess sighed as she held up the Sewaddle’s Poké Ball, bracing to present the fact of failure and face disappointment.

Iris took the news surprisingly well, though it was clear she was putting on a brave front. As Jess patted the caterpillar consolingly, she noticed there were a number of more people than usual in the square today. Many of them were sporting shades of red, white, and blue and waving similarly striped flags. Some even wore bold Braviary badges. Jessica recalled that today was an important national holiday in Unova, and the Fizzytopian government typically agreed to allow trainers who hailed from the region to host a small fireworks show in the town center. Jessica smiled, thinking this might be a good opportunity to kill two birds (and a bug) with one stone, so to speak. A sparkling display might help cheer Iris (and Coco, considering she was still slightly sore about their loss) up a bit. At the same time it would celebrate their success at coming together as a team and making it this far.

To bide the time until evening, the party wandered through the stalls, which were busier than ever with buyers and sellers. The place was certainly a social hub, a wild mix of people and products from different ethnicities and backgrounds. One never knew what one might find there…

Iris perked up. Over the clamor of the crowd, a fevered beat rose. The Sewaddle tugged on her trainer’s sleeve, who followed the traveling tempo to a tambourine, held by a boy who at first glance appeared about 12. As he tapped the instrument, a tiny flower twirled in front of him, moving in perfect rhythm. Her lithe body twisted to and fro, torso quivering in articulation, feet barely touching the ground. Colorful ribbons trailed and spiraled like serpents, captivating. She wrapped them around a street lamp like a Maypole, suddenly turning it into a stripper pole swinging her own self around with one band tied to her waist, hanging upside-down in a shockingly sexy manner. Jessica stared in awe at this bizarre combination of art and performance style, unsure what to make of it. Others were just as confused or else enchanted, whistling and tossing coins. An admiring sigh whispered softly by the girl’s ear. She glimpsed the Sewaddle on her shoulder, who had been silent up to now, and saw stars shining in the spellbound insect’s eyes…

The playing stopped, and an exhausted Petilil slid down slowly to curtsy and collect her earnings. Several members of the audience (mostly old men for some reason) shouted, “See you later, Lotus!” as they dispersed. A few stayed behind though. They surrounded the shoot, shadows blocking the sun so she shivered. The cluster was clearly composed of Unovians (made obvious by their matching Braviary jackets), who sneered and insisted they needed the space for the fireworks (even though they weren’t scheduled to start until much later) so she should move. Honestly, they complained, it was thanks to these stupid street rat acts that they couldn’t hold a parade during the day. She was probably using it as a scam to steal money. Such a lewd exhibition ought to be shut down anyway. They began calling her names, telling her to get lost. “Vagrant.” “Vixen.” “Vermin.” One of them kicked dirt in her countenance, while another picked up a stone, and before either Jess or the boy could act, it sailed to strike…

…Not Petilil, but Sewaddle. Iris glared irately at the attackers, ignoring the blood dripping from her forehead. The assailants only laughed at the image of a worm trying to look tough, not noticing as she crawled up to one’s boot and bit sharply through it. The owner yelped in surprise and started trying to stamp on her. This snapped Jess and Coco Puff into action, the latter of which charged forward and began pecking the overly proud patriots relentlessly, tearing patches in their precious coats. The group finally relented, grumbling as they ran off grudgingly in defeat. Jess breathed in relief as she released her grip on Iris and Petilil, having swept in to protect them. Frowning in disgust, she wished some humans were more accepting. This land was for all creatures and cultures to share, not to claim as territory.

She turned to the boy, who thanked her and introduced himself as Jeri. Jessica cocked her head, feeling like she’d heard the name before, but couldn’t put her finger on where. Up close, however, she realized he was much older than he looked, admittedly around her age. Blushing in embarrassment at her mistake, she shook his hand and listened to his explanation of the events as Petilil tended to Iris’s wound, using what Jess assumed was some herbal remedy.

Petilil was known to her fans as “Lotus”, but she merely adopted that reputation as a sort of stage handle. Her true christening was “Lilac”, according to a note left when she was anonymously dropped off at the Egg House. Despite knowing nothing of her origin, she believed herself to be descended from gypsies based on a song she heard while in incubation, presuming it to be her mother’s voice. She came to the market to dance or tell fortunes every day as a way of “getting in touch with her roots”. At this point, the Petilil pouted, resenting the suggestion she was just pretending and her skills were a sham. She was making her own living, wasn’t she? (That was another thing, the boy added. She refused to rely on him for any aid, whether it be sustenance or strength. She stayed outside her Poké Ball all the time and wouldn’t even come inside the Base, instead opting to sleep under the stars at night. As a Romani, she didn’t like the idea of being tied down by a trainer or team. …She just needed someone to play the tambourine.)

Iris watched Lotus- or rather Lilac, with an impressed yet slightly concerned expression. Wasn’t she at all curious who her real parents were? The Petilil pondered for a moment, then she shook her head, rejecting the thought of climbing the branches of her family tree. She preferred the earth, hence “a beauty that rises from the muck”. Literally wiping said mud off her mug, she puffed up her chest, demonstrating dignity in having no designation, derivation, or destination. She was a wanderer, not a wonderer.

But… She confided at last, perhaps there was a part of her that wanted to know. Which was why she constantly came to the plaza, hoping to become famous someday so that her tribe-folk… Her folks would find her.

Iris immediately peeked hopefully at Jess, who nodded. “We’ll help you search for them, if you want. And if it’s okay with you,” she added to the boy. “You don’t have to stay with us or anything, but if you ever need a spot to rest, our door is always open. Plus, I’m sure Iris could learn to play for you, and I know a Chikorita who’d probably love to join with her Ocarina. How about it?”

The Petilil opened her mouth to protest, but sensing Iris’s earnest affection, she stopped, pale cheeks taking on a slight pink tinge. For a moment, she pictured herself not as a nomad, but a princess in a castle. Hiding her rosy visage, she cleared her throat and accepted. Iris lit up and abruptly embraced her new friend in joy, causing further flushing and fluttering. Iris then scuttled up to Jessica’s backpack and pulled out the scarlet scarf. Although she stammered it was simply a scrapped project that might be useful in Lotus’s routine, it was plain to all that she professed her heart in her work. Lilac beamed, permitting Iris to gingerly drape the garment around her neck. As Iris adjusted the article, their mouths gradually drew nearer, and they paused as they realized they were now gazing directly at each other, so close they could smell each other’s sweetness…

That night, as Jess sat with her entire squad on a grassy hill just outside the city to watch the fireworks, she noticed two silhouettes sneaking off to the other side. Whilst the others were absorbed in Coco Puff’s contributions of fire, ice, and thunder, she followed to find Lilac swaying beneath the moon, putting on a private concert for Iris’s benefit. It was hard to distinguish details from this distance, but between the radiant blooms that brightened the sky, showering down rainbow seeds, Jess thought she saw a sway transform into a swoon as the Sewaddle dipped her low. Backing away quietly, the girl made an unspoken vow to keep the two’s secret for now. Returning to her spot, she carried on clapping where she left off, just as Coco shot another stream of flames into the air.

Later, when she went to pick the clandestine pair up, she found them lying asleep beside each other, swathed in fabric foliage. Grinning, she gently scooped them up and cradled both against her breast as she headed home. For tonight at least, Lila would have to put up with being in a bed. Fortunately neither she nor Iri would be alone anymore…


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