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Lalu was initially confused about why Melittin had stopped talking, but quickly realized what was happening. She warned the Beedrill that the look on the Steelix's face meant that Behemoth was bored, and that when he was bored, he would attack whatever he could. She also reminded the Beedrill that the Steelix was either immune or resistant to about half of his moves.

"Yeah, that may be true," buzzed Melittin, "but he's weak to the rest of them!" With that, Melittin prepared himself for battle. First, he Hardened his body, just in case the Reflect didn't hold, and then he felt his two front stingers become infused with Fighting energy as he prepared his Rock Smash. He charged forward, preparing to strike the Steelix with the Fighting move, and if it managed to reduce Behemoth's Defense, all the better, for he intended to follow up with the Ground-type move Drill Run. He aimed the Rock Smash right at the part of Behemoth that was charging up the Gyro Ball, hoping to deflect the Steel move with a Fighting move. More importantly, he was hoping to prevent the move from hitting Lalu, against whom it would be super effective.

Elsewhere, Chuck and Rose were still talking with Peach, a hyperactive Pachirisu who reminded Chuck so very much of Pepperspray, Keith's Koffing. Despite Chuck's request, Peach did not slow down any in her speech. She raced over to her tree, then raced back and practically dragged Rose along with her. Chuck had little time to react to any of this before he suddenly saw a soothing shade of blue in his mind, more powerful than anything he had ever sensed from Rose before. He was visibly impressed by this, and found himself relatively unsurprised that this succeeded in calming the Pachirisu down. Rose then turned to face Chuck and waved him over. Without hesitation, the Gastly floated over to where Rose was standing. "Rose, was that incredibly soothing shade of blue I just saw from you? If so, that was absolutely incredible," he smiled. "I think it's the most powerful one you've done yet," he added.

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