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With Rowan still absent from the base, Behemoth slithers forward towards Melittin and Lalu as the former is interrupted mid-sentence by his presence.

"Let's what Mel? Something wrong? Lalu is slightly confused about why Melittin has stopped talking all of a sudden, but a moment later she too realizes that Behemoth is coming their way and the look on the Steelix's face is one that's all to familiar to her.

"Watch out Mel, don't try anything funny or he will attack. I know that look on his face, he's bored, and when Behemoth is bored he tries to attack anything he can." Following Lalu's warning Melittin sets up a Reflect. "Please be careful Mel, don't forget he's either immune or resistant to about half your moves." Lalu sounds clearly worried now, she appreciates Mel's efforts, but a strike from Behemoth would hurt him a lot more than it would hurt her and seeing her best friend crushed by mauling metal jaws... She doesn't even want to think of such a thing and she would do all she can to prevent that from happening.

At the same time, Behemoth sees that his attempt at sneaking towards them didn't go as planned. Not that he cares though, the Steelix prefers head-on attacks any day of the week. Preferably against multiple opponents of a type of his weakness. A good challenge, that's what Behemoth wants, no, craves for. He can't even remember the last time he had a real fight, let alone a real challenge. Sure, there is Lalu and Haykhong, but the latter is never alone and Lalu, while fun, just isn't a challenge. But now, now Lalu has her boyfriend around, and Rowan is nowhere to be seen. A broad grin forms on Behemoth face, two against one surely beats fighting Lalu alone. Then, as Melittin sets up the Reflect, Behemoth sees his reason to go into attack mode. He rises up and starts spinning his midsection rapidly, launching forward at the two in a powerful Gyro Ball.

Meanwhile outside, Chuck explains to Rose that the Pokémon in front of her is a Pachirisu, one with an excess of energy at that, and that her name is Peach. Rose smiles and nods to Chuck. She then turns towards Peach and smiles at the creature, tilting her head a bit in confusion as the Pachirisu continues talking at her way to rapid pace.

Sorry sorry sorry, it's just how I am. Kinda active you see and nice to hear you like sunsets I like them too. And I like nuts, good you want to try them, I love nuts. Want to come with me? I'll show you my home. Come come come, it's this way! We can share a nut!"

With that Peach starts jumping up and down, somehow managing to keep all the chestnuts, and races to a small, thin tree at the bottom of the hill. The Pachirisu looks up and as she sees that Rose and Chuck are still at the top of the hill she races back up again with incredible speed.

"Sorry sorry sorry, didn't mean to leave you behind, I can be hasty at times. Come come come!" Without warning Peach grabs Rose her hand and pulls her down the hill with her, "I'll show you my home, I have some special nuts, you'll love them! I know I love them, you will too for sure! Here up this tree, it's easy, just climb like me."

Peach proceeds to give Rose a demonstration of how to climb a tree, though Rose is too stunned to be able to follow what Peach does, and on top of that Peach is acting way too fast for her. This because the Pachirisu's 'demonstration' is nothing more than her stuffing all the nuts she carried in her mouth and literally running up and down the tree's trunk like a madman. All Rose can do is look confused.

"Hmmuah mhuam hmaahm hmmm aummh huammm!" With her mouth full of chestnuts Peach's advice is not making much sense either and Rose, though curious, just wants the Pachirisu to calm down and, not being able to focus at Peach specifically, sends the most powerful and soothing shade of blue she can muster into the mind of everyone around her. This seems to have an effect however as Peach has suddenly come to standstill, the nuts in her mouth now slowly falling out.

"Wow... that was, weird," Peach says surprisingly slower than before, "Did you do that?" She looks at Rose, who smiles and nods in return. "So cool..."

Rose smiles again, and now looks up at the hill herself. She didn't want her special moment with Chuck disturbed, and seeing her lover floating at the top of the hill, the low sun turning him into a silhouette, only strengthen those feelings. But on the other hand Rose is curious about the Pachirisu too. And now that she calmed Peach down to a level that she makes sense to her, she would like to see her home and possibly try one of those chestnuts Chuck told her about. And thus Rose waves at the Gastly, asking him to come down, wondering if he too would like to go with Peach.

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