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Melittin's hug had helped to cheer Lalu up, and soon the Roggenrola was asking the Beedrill if he wanted to play with her dolls. Melittin wasn't sure at first- playing with dolls wasn't exactly his kind of thing. Lalu's dolls, however, consisted of life-size plush versions of Rhydon and Regirock. Even this Beedrill had to admit, they were kinda cool. "Heh, sure," he grinned. "Let's-" He stopped, however, as he heard a sound behind them. Melittin wheeled around, and saw that the Steelix known as Behemoth was now awake, and slithering right in their direction. Melittin recalled Lalu's words from earlier, and knew that this Steelix had no qualms about attacking his own teammates. And sure, it was all well and good if Lalu could evade his attacks... but what if her luck ran out? The Beedrill's blood ran cold at the very thought of what would happen if the little Roggenrola was subjected to Behemoth's massive and powerful fangs. Immediately, the Beedrill threw up a Reflect, intent on impeding Behemoth's progress if at all possible. If that didn't work, Melittin was prepared to give him a taste of his Drill Run attack.

Elsewhere, Chuck and Rose found themselves approached by an extremely hyperactive Pachirisu, who talked very fast and threw a chestnut at the Gastly (him being what he was, it passed right through him). Rose appeared to be at a loss here, not sure what was going on. Chuck picked up on this, and smiled at the Ralts. "This is a Pachirisu," he explained to her. "It's an Electric-type, and this one appears to have an excess of energy. The Pachirisu's name is Peach. Apparently, Peach enjoys sunsets and chestnuts, which explains the chestnut which was thrown at me- Peach was offering it to me." He turned back to Peach. "Nice to meet you, Peach," the Gastly said. "My name is Chuck, and this here is my beloved Rose. I've never actually tried a chestnut, though I'd certainly like to. And yes, Rose and I both enjoy sunsets," he added, with a grin at the Ralts next to him. "But please, might I request that you speak a little slower, so that we might all more easily get what you're saying?" he asked.

Outside Rowan's Secret Base, Coselle's response to Keith was to tell him that though she knew that he tried, that wasn't what it was about. She asked him to think, asked him how she could be sure if this was what he wanted if he didn't consider consequences. Keith had to admit, she did make a fair point... but it wasn't as though he never considered the consequences of his actions. Admittedly, he knew full well why Coselle would think otherwise, but he really did think about the consequences of his actions, albeit not 100% of the time (as certain past events have proven). But he was, quite frankly, surprised that she would think that their relationship was something he didn't think about the consequences of. That... that was simply not true. Coselle also asked how she could be the person he thought her to be if she wasn't even a person, and Keith started thinking- did Coselle think her species was any sort of deciding factor? Did she somehow think that had she chosen to remain a Banette following the vial incident, that Keith would not have wanted to keep seeing her? Because he would have, Keith knew in his heart. He loved Coselle for who and what she was, and he knew full well that that meant he loved a sadistic, mischievous Banette hell-bent on vengeance.

At that moment, however, Coselle stated that this was not the time to discuss it with him- she had only come to drop Bedivere off, and had to get going. "Just let me say this one thing, at least," Keith replied, still speaking in Banette language (he was actually quite getting the hang of it, now that he was making an attempt to speak it). "Coselle... I've seen you at your worst- vicious, murderous, hell-bent on vengeance. I was listening when you killed that pirate captain. I heard you- you made his death the slowest, the most drawn-out, the most agonizing, and all because he had tried to kill me." Keith paused for a second before continuing. "Do you know how I felt when I heard that?" Keith asked her. "Not disturbed. Not disgusted. No, I felt flattered. I felt, at that moment, more sure than ever that nobody could ever ask for a better girlfriend than you. If there was any point where I would have ever reconsidered our relationship, that would have been it right there." Another pause. "I can't deny that there are times when I don't think things through, but I can state with certainty that our relationship is not one of those times. You do not have to hide from me what you really are, Coselle," stated Keith. "Because what you really are is what I fell in love with in the first place."

Coselle left with Mr. Nose after that. Keith watched her walk away, thinking... he very often gave thought to what his future with Coselle would be like, in fact. He actually did sometimes imagine him taking Coselle to one of the occasional Masters family reunions and introducing her to the rest of the family before sending Helena out and introducing her to their parents, explaining what happened there. He occasionally did picture the two of them raising children... granted, Keith had no idea what sort of offspring he and Coselle would produce, at least in either of their lifetimes, given that he was three quarters human and one quarter Gastly, and she was a Banette masquerading as a human, but he always just imagined them as mostly human with several characteristics of Gastly and Shuppet. And sometimes, he even pictured them as a Gengar and a Banette, spending eternity by each other's side. And every one of these fantasies was accompanied not only with fondness, but with eager anticipation. There was good in her, he knew, even if it was almost thoroughly overshadowed by the darkness within her. It mattered not to him, for he found her darkness to be just as appealing, strange as it may seem.

Once Coselle was out of sight, Keith walked back into the Base, only to notice that Rowan didn't seem to be present. Had he exited at some point? Keith hadn't noticed. "Rowan?" he called.

"He stepped out a few minutes ago," Meowth replied as he jumped back onto Keith's shoulder. "He shouldn't be out dat long, I don't tink. Saw him checkin' a fish tank, I'm tinkin' he's out makin' a trade of some sort."

"Cool," remarked Keith. Then, his voice became stern. "Fish tank, you say? Meowth..." he said warningly.

"Relax, relax, I ain't even in da mood fer seafood anyways," Meowth interrupted. Keith nodded, satisfied with this, though he resolved to keep his eye on Meowth in any case- Meowth knew better than to go for any of the fish Pokémon on his team (as much as he despised Pisces), but whether he would go for a delicious seafood snack coming from someone on someone else's team? Keith wasn't sure he wanted to take that risk just yet.

And then, at that moment, a flash of light erupted from a Poké Ball on Keith's belt. Before he could get a good look at whatever it was, the sudden sensation of being pounced on and having his face licked eagerly said it all for him. Laughing, Keith managed to say, "Haha, that's enough, down, Ruby!" The Houndour obligingly ceased her show of affection, but still looked up adoringly at her trainer, her tail wagging. Then, she spotted Meowth, and started to growl, albeit almost playfully. Meowth rolled his eyes, but already Ruby was off, moving through Rowan's base.

Meanwhile, Pomona looked somewhat downcast at Mr. Nose having to leave. Myrtle looked decidedly indifferent- she hadn't quite warmed up to the Nosepass yet, but at the same time, she had acknowledged that he was, in a way, not unlike her. She would be little more than a hypocrite if she disliked Mr. Nose based solely on a first impression. And then, suddenly, the Shuppet became very much aware of an energetic Houndour puppy licking her face. "ACK!" she exclaimed. "Stop that!" she snapped.

"Aww, come on, Myrtle, can't you just be glad I like being on the same team as you?" Ruby asked, though she stopped licking the Shuppet's face nevertheless.

"The fee-ling is hard-ly mu-tu-al," snapped Myrtle.

"Hey, Myrtle, lighten up a little," grinned Pomona. "Ruby's really cool! Hi, Ruby!" she greeted the Houndour enthusiastically, hugging her with her vines. Ruby happily barked in response to this, and licked the Ivysaur's face, which in turn caused her to giggle. Myrtle rolled her eyes at this and proceeded to float aimlessly around the Base, looking for something to do, or for someone- anyone- else to talk to.

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