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Inhaling deeply, Coselle breathes in a lungful of strawberry-tinted smoke; though the e-cig's tip lights up with a warm, friendly electric glow, Coselle can't help but miss tapping the spreading ash off of her old habit-formers as the cigarette burned to her fingers. It was hard to replace that smolder, even if she knew how dangerous it was in her state to keep that fire going. She chastises herself in her thoughts; seventy years could easily whittle down to sixty... fifty... but was it really so bad? Did she really want to live that long? To watch Keith grow old... possibly sick? Senile? Would this body of hers age, too? And if it did... would that make things better, or worse? She could really use that cigarette... The black tar, the dark crawl of sick smoke into her unholy, wretched body. It would be oddly fitting, now that she was some semblance of living, even if, right now, she didn't feel alive. Just some approximate. A copy. A mannequin made to move like a human being, but could she ever really be-

Her thoughts are interrupted by Keith's approach; given the look on his face, there was no doubt that he overheard her conversation with Melittin. It stood to reason; after all, she had become so involved in her rant that her voice raised way beyond the volume she had intended. The sad, yet determined look in his eye was indicative of his desire to communicate something important, but much as Coselle did not want to hear it, she could not bear the thought of ignoring someone she cared so deeply about. Bracing herself for the inevitable, her eyes shift toward her beloved, as she exhales a cloud of spent strawberry before taking in another deep, smoke-laden breath.

Of course, he would say that she was right. Of course, he would try harder. He was always trying harder, wasn't he... He tried, very hard, all the time, and every time he fucked up, he made the mistake of thinking that effort... MORE effort... would fix it. It was endearing, how much passion he had, how much he threw himself into what he cared about, how much he believed that trying harder was the solution. Her eyes widen slightly as he begins to speak in Banette; it was oddly arousing to hear the man she loved address her in her native tongue, and with such eloquence... and yet, that flicker of passion was not enough to bring her out of the darkness that was settling inside her. After a moment's pause, she addresses him in Banette;

Keith... I know how hard you are trying. Coselle shakes her head. It is not a matter of trying. Step back and THINK, Keith. How do I know... How do I know that this is what you want, if you don't even think about consequences? If I become the person raising your children, or bringing to your family reunions, or talking to after coming back from a long week of journeying? What if I'm just... just not that person you imagined? How can I be that person when I'm not even a person at all?

Coselle grits her teeth, a look of irritation masking a deeper feeling of profound sorrow. I do not have time to discuss this with you. I am only here to drop off Bedivere. I have done what I have meant to do, and I am going now.

Without another word, Coselle storms back towards the Secret Base, only to realize that a familiar figure was standing by the door, humming nervously to herself, hovering a tentacle over the doorbell. Immediately recognizing the young Frillish as the beautiful, yet timid young protege of the "great Lord Bedivere" as she called him, the irritated Coselle opens the door for Nimiane, pointing her in the direction in which she had last seen Bedivere float. With a flustered nod, Nimiane floats in and gives Rowan a regal curtsey before floating off after Bedivere.

"Seems as if my sister's other Frillish decided to pay a visit, too," Coselle remarks in a rather emotionless tone of voice. "Where one goes, the other tends to follow. As for me... I'm heading out. The two Frillish are very well-behaved. They'll be able to find their way home on their own. I can give you Marion's number if anything comes up." Giving Rowan a respectful nod to indicate a lack of ill intention, she searches her belt for Mr. Nose's Pokeball... Only to remember that he had invited himself over and that Marion likely still had his Pokeball. This is going to be a loooong walk home, Coselle thinks to herself with a sour face. The moment Coselle approaches, Mr. Nose's intense, traumatic emotions shrink back into himself, and the usual haze of earnest confusion, curiosity and desire to please reigns once again.

"Mr. Nose, we are heading home. Bedivere has already been dropped off, and I need to go take some pills for my growing headache."

Mr. Nose knows massaging techniques. Mr. Nose can help.

"You are a rock. I do not know how a rock beating on my head is going to help my headache."

No, no! Mr. Nose shakes his head. Mr. Nose learned the technique of hot stone massage to bring comfort to his very stressed trainer and her very stressed sister. Mr. Nose heats himself up really hot and sits upon the Coselle's head. Very relaxing.

Coselle raises one eyebrow, but decides that she has already wasted enough time talking to this ridiculous rock when she should be leaving. "Come on. We can have you practice on some... friends of mine when we get home. We need to get going."

Do they need relaxing?

"Ohhh, yesss. They do, in-deed." Coselle smirks a bit, before coughing into her hand. She had to avoid letting herself get too carried away... The last thing she wanted was to blow her cover. After some pushing and prodding, Mr. Nose was waddling after Coselle as she made her way out of the Secret Base, chattering away about his newest massage techniques.


Meanwhile, as Bedivere and Sir Haykhong discuss the Sableye craftsmen, the lady Frillish floats carefully over to them. Not wanting to interrupt their conversation, she hangs back, her tentacles gracefully crossed in a ladylike pose. Bedivere turns to his adopted sister and grins, motioning for her to come over.

"Oh, splendid! Indeed, what a surprise that you would come and visit too, my dear sister! I am thoroughly delighted that the Lady Marion was able to extend the invitation to go visiting as well, as I had hoped that she would." Bedivere grins to Lord Haykhong. "I do apologize for not mentioning my dear, dear sister to you earlier, my good man. She has only joined our team recently, and I was not certain as to whether or not she would be able to join me in our visit. She was scheduled for some very intensive training today, you see."

"The lady allowed me to finish early," Nimiane responds with a lively, yet refined voice. "She recognized how happy you would be if I were to accompany you. Could you please introduce me to your friend, if it is not too much trouble?" Though Nimiane's smile is pleasant enough, there is the slightest hint of something there... a mysterious element behind the veneer of poise and dignity that suggests there is more to the female Frillish than meets the eye.

"Oh, yes! Indeed. Sir Haykhong, please allow me to introduce you to my adopted sister and devoted student, the Lady Nimiane. The Lady, I am sure, will be most impressed to hear that Sir Haykhong received his knighthood from King Louis Francois D'Volcarona XVII of Cortoza for his bravery and insight as a well-recognized military strategist and one of the most brilliant minds of our time. I am certain you both will find much to talk about, my Lady!" Bedivere chuckles heartily. "The Lady is still quite young in years, but she seems to be taking a fancy to strategy herself. Sir Cheshire has been teaching her to play chess. Has he not?" Bedivere turns to his sister with a glowing smile.

Nimiane's eyes immediately light up. "Oh, yes! It is a brilliant game! Sir Cheshire has taught me how all the pieces move, and I am almost good enough to best him now! Sir Haykhong, do you play?"
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