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Thank you, John. In other news, the infamous “El Rojo” continues to spread panic throughout Pompas Gaseosas. Entire farms fall to the rogue Druddigon’s hunger as it decimates whole flocks of Mareep . Furthermore, the dragon now seems to have developed an appetite for Miltank as well, with several reports of herds being viciously attacked over the last few days. Authorities are aware of the problem and have already dispatched units to track down and neutralize the threat, before “El Rojo” starts claiming human victims.

Levin clenched his fist and turned off the TV. Druddigon probably didn’t even remember his existence, but to the young man, the dragon was still his responsibility. More importantly, it was registered under his name and was thus uncatchable, as the local authorities would be quick to find out if they tried to capture it. And that meant they could trace Druddigon’s ownership back to him… Then, he’d be in serious trouble.

He went outside to catch some fresh air and clear his head. He needed a way to cross half the world without leaving a trail if things got messy; he had to get to Pompas, recapture Druddigon and leave as fast and as silently as he could. But how?...

The sound of battling snapped him out of his trance. It was commonplace in a home where over twenty Pokemon lived together, but the combatants were a pair he’d never seen fight before: Albion, his Taillow, was sparring with Cygna, his Ducklett.
The Water-Type seemed to be going easy on the smaller bird, and rather than a full-on battle, it seemed she was instead helping him train a particular move. And judging by their worn-out look, they’d been at it for a while.

Cygna took flight, followed closely by Albion; the blue bird’s wing began glowing white, and she turned mid-air for a dive straight at the still-ascending Taillow; his own wing, however, started to glow as well, and as both birds were about to collide, they swung their respective wings against one another. A bright flash of light and metallic sound ensued, and Cygna fell to the ground, while Albion remained airborne. He’d perfected Steel Wing!

For some reason, witnessing the clash made Levin's heart lighter. Cygna continued to prove herself a precious member of the team, selflessly putting her own well-being on the line to help others improve. First she'd triggered Boo's evolution, and now this - and she wasn't even aware that he was watching. That was the purest form of dedication.

As for Albion, the little bird's courage surprised him every day. For a Pokemon of such small stature, his perseverance and heart were second to none, and Levin was sure the Taillow was destined for great things.

Albion spotted Levin and immediately flew down, landing on his shoulder has he so often did and chirping happily. The young man smiled back, congratulating him on his most recent achievement; around Pokemon like Boo, he often had to be condescending and over-hype any small accomplishment, but for such a young Taillow to master Steel Wing this quickly was a genuine victory.
Cygna walked over to them as well, as graciously as her stubby duck feet allowed, and bowed in front of Levin. A true lady, she was; Min could learn a thing or two from her. Albion hopped down from his perch and onto the floor, nudging against Cygna as a way of saying thanks; visibly flustered but not all-too-upset, the slightly larger bird patted him on the head with her wing.

Suddenly, a loud, familiar roar was heard, and soon after a large shadow fell over them. Looking up, Levin saw Baal the Aerodactyl circling them, before descending and landing right in front of Cygna and Albion. Baal never mixed with others willingly, and it filled Levin with apprehension to see the way the prehistoric dragon glared at the small birds. Was that... defiance in his eyes?

Sensing hostility, Albion immediately hopped in front of Cygna, as if to protect her, swelling his chest to let Baal know he wasn't scared. He never was.
The Aerodactyl took exception to this, however, and swung his large wing in a quick motion, swiping the unsuspecting Albion while Cygna managed to just barely avoid it by taking flight. The Taillow was sent tumbling several feet across the floor as Baal roared once again. Ridiculous as it was, it was clear to Levin that the Sky Ruler felt the need to impose his dominance before the ever-growing Albion. And although common sense (and Cygna) yelled at him to intervene, he found himself unable - or unwilling - to do so; deep down, he was dying to see how things unfolded.

Albion slowly but surely recovered from the hit, spread his wings and took flight; eyes locked on the gargantuan opponent, the Taillow wouldn't take it lying down. Outmatched as he was, he refused to be underestimated, and lunged at Baal ready to Peck. Levin's fist instinctively closed.

Baal didn't move; he stood motionless as the tiny Taillow drilled his beak against his rock-hard skin; its growl resembling laughter, the Aerodactyl simply slammed his wing against Albion once more, the Wing Attack again too much for the swallow to withstand; it was propelled several feet in the air, but to Levin's surprise, Albion spread his wings in mid-air and regained balance without crashing down. Cygna was about to step in, but Levin told her to stand still.

- Believe in him. I won't let things get out of hand, but Alby won't forgive us if we stop this now.

Baal decided it was time to take it to the air, his realm. The single flap of his wings that brought him airborne almost knocked Levin off balance, and when the dinosaur roared even louder than before, he knew things were only now getting serious. Albion realized this as well and went on the offensive.
His wings started to glow, and with a single flap, countless golden stars flew towards the much larger opponent. Again, Baal didn't even bother to dodge; the Aerodactyl allowed the unavoidable attack to strike him, practically unfazed; if swelling his chest was Albion's way to stand up to an opponent, this was seemingly his. And then, it was his turn.

For such a massive Pokemon, Baal's speed was downright frightening. His razor-sharp fangs began crackling with polarized energy, and in a split-second he'd already lunged himself at Albion. Levin had studied Aerodactyl properly before striking a deal for Baal, but it was one thing to read about how the species was one of the fastest known to man, but another altogether to actually behold the rock dragon in action. It was almost as if it was physically impossible for something so huge to move that fast!

And still, Albion dodged the charge. Flapping his wings to the side, the Taillow narrowly evaded the deadly Thunder Fang, leaving Baal in disbelief. Clearly, he wasn't expecting the minuscule opponent to match his speed. Turning around, enraged, he dashed forward once more, this time with flames surrounding his teeth.

He's not thinking clearly; Fire Fang is the worst choice of the three against Albion... but he's letting pride take the best of him.

Mouth agape, Baal closed in on the Taillow. This time it was Albion who stayed still, but at the last second his wings glowed once more and a Swift was released, fired straight at Baal's wide-open jaws. The force of the move was only barely enough to temporarily stagger the Aerodactyl, but that meant all the time in the world for the equally-fast Albion. Flying up at the last possible second, the swallow escaped the flaming bite and put some distance between him and Baal once more. But Levin sensed he was at a loss.

Albion flapped his wings to remain at a considerably higher altitude than his opponent, but nothing more. He couldn't quite tell from where he stood, but Levin had a feeling the Taillow was weighing his sparse options and finding none of them helpful. Only one in his arsenal could put a dent on Baal: the freshly-mastered Steel Wing. Levin understood Albion's reluctance; even if he landed it successfully, it probably wouldn't be enough to defeat the Sky Ruler, and with the energy it would take to pull off, he'd be easy pickings afterwards.

Wasting no time, Baal picked up on his opponent's hesitation, and with another mighty flap of his wings ascended to bring the fight to Albion once more. His jaws now shimmering with ice-cold energy, he was intent on finishing this in one strike. Albion reacted quickly and once again did the only thing it could do: dodge. But Baal anticipated it, and just as Albion moved sideways, the Aerodactyl's wing moved to meet him, slamming him upside the head with incredible violence and sending him free-falling to the ground! The impact alone would do serious damage to such a small bird when it hit the ground, but Baal wasn't about to settle for that. Once again charging up for an Ice Fang, the ancient predator flew down in pursuit, a very steep high-speed dive no doubt intended to reach Albion before he crashed.

This was too much. It was evident that Baal would settle for nothing less than to destroy the tiny bird who'd stood up to him, and this is where Levin drew the line. But how could he possibly help Albion in such a desperate situation? Regardless of how it ended, both the fall and the Ice Fang would be equally deadly. Was there any way to avoid both?!

Albion kept falling at alarming speed, seemingly knocked out, but midway through his eyes opened once again; he wasn't out yet! Levin looked on in horror as the collision was imminent , Baal was only inches away and his brain refused to come up with a solution. If only it was as simple as aiming his Pokeball at the swallow and returning it...

Return?... Wait... Swallow Return! "Tsubame Gaeshi"!

He dashed forward to make sure Albion could hear him. He was about to hit the ground... This was the only way!

- Alby, spread your wings.... NOW!

The Taillow instinctively reacted to the command, spreading its tiny wings inches away from both the floor and the Aerodactyl's fangs... and as they picked up wind, Albion found himself gliding just briefly just above the ground and looping back up to the air with a 180ş turn, while the astonished Baal crashed and burned with tremendous force!

What we have grown used to calling "Aerial Ace", the Swallow Return technique... He pulled it off!

It was true; albeit unknowingly, Albion had just partially performed the technique, even if not in the conventional fashion. And while a visibly hurt Baal struggled to break free from the rubble that covered him after the collision, it was now Albion who dove down... straight at his opponent, with his wings gaining a metallic glow!

Could it be?

All Baal could do was look up helplessly and watch the Taillow close in on him. And when he was finally in range, it was Albion's turn to swing his wing down with full force on the Aerodactyl's head! A very brief flash of light was released, and Levin stared in sheer amazement as... Baal collapsed!

Cygna herself was in a state of shock. And for good reason... Alby had just defeated an Aerodactyl! And that wasn't all; he'd also pulled off his very first Aerial Ace, although incomplete, and that Steel Wing had been picture-perfect. In a matter of minutes, Albion had achieved more than anybody could have ever expected of him... Levin included.

The Taillow erratically tried to make his way over to the young man, but tumbled to the ground in utter exhaustion midway. Levin smiled as he picked up the tiny swallow.

- You were simply amazing, Alby. I... I really didn't know you had it in you. But I promise I'll never, ever doubt you again. You more than deserve a rest.

He recalled Albion to his Pokeball, but there was something else that needed to be done; a window of opportunity he couldn't afford to miss. He walked over to the fallen giant, who was just now coming back to his senses, and stood directly in front of him.

- Welcome to the new world, Baal.

The Aerodactyl growled. He knew what the human meant.

- Do you know why you just lost in absolutely embarrassing fashion? Why a 1' tall Pokemon managed to defeat the Sky Ruler?

Baal turned his face away and stared at the ground. But Levin wasn't going to stop now. He was going to rub as much salt in that gaping wound as he could - a king's hurt pride.

- You were humbled by a Taillow. Do you know why, Baal? Because this really is a new world. It might not have been that way in your era, but we have long discovered that a Pokemon's true power only manifests with a human partner's help. That's why we're called Trainers: we bring out the full potential in our Pokemon companions. You can continue behaving like you have until now, but you've been discredited. As of now, nobody will ever regard you as king of the skies again! But..

The Aerodactyl looked like he was about to snap. The repeated insults were about to bring the giant dragon to his breaking point, but at the same time, he continued to listen. He desperately needed to recover from this humiliation, and liked it or not, Levin was the one that held the key.

- ... I can help you, Baal. I can unlock your potential and help you reclaim your honour; if you let me, I can make you Sky Ruler of the modern era. But for that to happen, you need to remember one fundamental truth: you are my Pokemon, and I am your Trainer. That means you must trust me implicitly and set aside your overgrown pride. Start seeing me as your equal and I will help you, just like I helped Albion do the impossible; if you don't, well, you better to get used to living in shame, because I won't do a damn thing to change that.

Baal pondered on those words. Levin knew they were drilling a hole in whatever pride he had left, but it was the only way to fully break his shell. And after a long while, the Aerodactyl nodded in agreement.

- Thank you. Thank you, Baal. I'll see to it that you regain your former glory. But for now...

This is it.

- There's a rogue Pokemon out there that I'm personally responsible for, and I have to catch it again before it does something terrible. I... need you to take me to where it is, Baal. Please.

Another long moment of silence followed, and for a moment Levin wondered if he'd lost his touch. He realized it was a request that the old Baal would have found demeaning beyond words, but now he couldn't help to have a glimmer of hope... And when the dinosaur lowered his head and motioned for him to climb, Levin knew he had him. Baal was finally truly his.

He hopped on the beast's back and hung on tight as it flapped its powerful wings once again; the sudden movement almost made him lose his grip, but before he knew it, they were in the air... and on their way to Pompas Gaseosas.

Let's end this, Druddigon!

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