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Robin's Pokemon (Act II)


Spoiler: show

Species; Torchic
Gender; Male
Level; 20
Type; Fire
Attacks; Scratch, Growl, Ember, Hidden Power (Electric), Bounce, Sand Attack, Peck, Fire Spin
Evolution; Torchic -16- Combusken -36- Blaziken
Nature; Jolly
Ability: Blaze
Held item: none
Obtained: Sunabā Beach (Adoption Centre)
Bond: 2
Bio: Though originally under the care of Robin's friend, Anna, Cayenne grew closer to Robin instead, and Anna ended up gifting him to her. Cayenne is always hyper, and loves to run around as much as possible. This carries over into his speech, where he'll always answer loudly and with energy to spare. When excited, Cayenne becomes hard to understand, as he tends to talk even faster then usual. He has a passion for battling, as well as cooking, and is always eager to show off his skills. Because of his lack of arms, Cayenne usually enlists Tessa to help him prepare meals. His best friend is Bell, having been raised on the same ranch.

Most trusted teammates: ,
Birthday: August 6th


Spoiler: show

Species; Togedemaru
Gender; Male
Level; 1
Type; Electric/Steel
Attacks; Tackle, Thunder Shock
Evolution; None
Nature; Jolly
Ability: Iron Barbs
Held item: Four-Leaf Clover
Obtained: Tempus Ruins (Adoption Centre)
Bond: 0
Bio: A rather happy Pokemon, originally hailing from Tempus Village. Jack is known to have extraordinary luck, allowing him to pull off feats almost impossible for one such as him. Jack's favorite pass time is gambling, though most outright refuse to play with him. This doesn't seem to bother him too much though, for he already has Voltaire to play with. No matter how many times the Emolga loses, he'll always be back, and Jack will always be eager to play another game with him.

Most trusted teammates: , ,
Birthday: December 4th


Spoiler: show

Species; Mudkip
Gender; Male
Level; 20
Type; Water
Attacks; Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Mud-Slap, Foresight, Bide, Mud Sport
Evolution; Mudkip -16- Marshtomp -36- Swampert
Nature; Relaxed
Ability: Torrent
Held item: none
Obtained: Tempus Ruins (Cable Club)
Bond: 0
Bio: Rather rough around the edges, Bell tries to make himself seem as unapproachable as possible. This includes the occasion insult, one that he almost never means. In truth, Bell actually has a heart of gold. He'll try his best to help any Pokemon should they be in danger, though Bell will act as if he's forced to do so. None of Bell's teammates know just why he acts like this, not even Cayenne, his best friend. Bell's favorite activity is sleeping, and he can often be found doing so when at Robin's base.

Most trusted teammates: , ,
Birthday: December 11th

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