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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
The comic was really hard to follow, even though I get (by the very end!) the joke he's going for.

Spoiler: show
The comic has to do with the reports that the Fairy type is super effective against Dragon types, and is poking fun at the ridiculousness of the idea that Jigglypuff of all things could beat the shit out of the ferocious likes of Salamence or Garchomp. But like ... man if the dialogue is confusing as fuck. ^_^; How exactly does Salamence go from a Jigglypuff rolling over onto its side to freaking the fuck out? And how exactly does he further go from just colorlessly freaking out to specifically freaking out that Jigglypuff intends to murder them? And then why don't they look at all scared in the second to last panel? Like, why doesn't Garchomp ever look scared, even if he's the one delivering the final line about how they're fucked? It just doesn't make any flow-sense.

But yeah, I get the joke. It's funny. [/norm macdonald on jeopardy]
Spoiler: show
Garchomp isn't scared because he had just accepted his fate and been like "Whatever, I'm dead anyways." And Salamence is scared in the last panel, his eyes give it away; it just sort of says, "Help me."

And I thought the Jigglypuff was Clefairy at first. Didn't recognize it without the eyes. XD
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