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Daylight was fading fast from the skies of Kanto, and despite Orlando's warm childhood memories of Viridian City, he could not rely on nostalgia alone to direct him. Orlando had grown quite a bit since those early days when he used to vall the forest home, and the forest apparently had grown as well, so much so that the woodsman finds himself disoriented by overgrown paths and a completely useless, inaccurate map. Fortunately for Orlando, a little thief-turned-companion in the form of a young male Nidoran consents to be Orlando's partner, swayed by a bit of food and a bit of empathy... after all, they were both all alone. At least now, they would be able to travel together, even if it might not necessarily be in the right direction.

As Orlando makes his way through the forest, the rhythmic sound of an axe blade cutting wood draws the young man's attention; a small distance away, it seems as if a rather short, muscular man about Orlando's age is splitting wood, as a taller man with a naturally thin frame sets up a ring of large rocks, presumably for a campfire. The man chopping wood looks up the moment he feels Orlando's gaze on him, and after a moment's appraisal, the man gives Orlando a friendly smile and a wave.

"Good evenin'," the man calls out in a jolly, clear voice as he uses his free hand to wipe the sweat from his brow. Looking for a moment at the map that Orlando has in his hand, the man chuckles a bit. "You lost, friend? Might be able to give you some assistance, iff'n yer lookin' to go anywhere in particular... Or, y'can join us for the evenin' if yer so inclined. We could use the company, right Paul?"

The man chopping firewood turns to the man who is setting up the base of the campfire, who gives Orlando a quick look before nodding his head and returning to his work. "Ain't nothin' wrong with some company," he mutters as he puts the last stone in place.
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