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Being left alone in the Base, besides his own Pokémon and those that Coselle and Keith brought with them, Rowan thinks it's a good time to leave for a moment himself too. Before he goes however he goes to the living area of the base and checks up on the aquarium.

Rowan dips his finger in the water, "Hmm... Good temperature. I'm sure he can live in this water. There is a nice castle in the aquarium, the water is nice and clean, enough space and enough greenery to enjoy." He smiles, "A perfect place to live for a Magikarp." And with that he leaves the living area, not noticing the absence of Rose and Chuck as Rowan's head is filled with thoughts about his new addition to his team.

"Behemoth, behave okay?" Rowan looks stern as the Steelix grumbles a bit, uninterested in whatever his trainer is up to and even less interested in doing as Rowan says. Rowan knows this, but also has little choice, he has to go. 'Hope I'll be back before any trouble arises, good thing the trade won't take long' he thinks while he opens the door and goes on his way to the Cable Club.

At the same time in the play room Melittin is trying to comfort Lalu who is still in tears due to Coselle's outburst.

"Thanks Mel," she sobs while Melittin hold her in a tight embrace, "Thanks, I needed that." The two stay in an embrace for a while, Melittin giving Lalu the time she needs to cheer up again. Cheering up however is never difficult for Lalu and soon her words sound a lot happier again. Say Mel, want to play with my dolls? They're really cool and soft and squishy!" With the rock on her head Lalu points to the far side of the base where her two life-size dolls of a Regirock and Rhydon rest against the wall.

Behemoth however also waked up from his slumber, taking his chance to have some fun now that Rowan is gone, and moves towards Melittin and Lalu.

Meanwhile outside Rose has shown Chuck the beautiful scenery and she is happy to hear that Chuck agrees with her. The two lovers hold hands while they enjoy the view as the sun slowly sets.

"Hi hi hi, who are you? how are you? what are you doing? I'm Peach and who are you? It's a nice sunset isn't it? I think it is. I like nuts, do you like nuts? Here take a nut, I have enough." A chestnut is throw right through Chucks purple gas, "Oops, sorry. But taste good? I think they do. I like nuts. I love nuts. And you?"

A high-pitched, way to fast speaking voice is breaking the silence Chuck and Rose enjoyed, and whatever is speaking doesn't really make much sense either. Rose turns around and sees a small, white rodent with a big, blue stripe that runs from its tail to the top of its forehead and yellow cheeks jumping up and down. In it's small hands it carries a few more Chestnuts. Rose now looks both surprised and confused, surprised because of its sudden appearance, confused because she has no idea what this Pokémon in front of her is. She looks at Chuck, hoping he can tell her what is going on as Rose herself has lost the hyperactive rodent as soon as it started talking.
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