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You were right about one thing though:

It's definitely better when interpreted against its creator's wishes. XP ^^; I vastly prefer the "story of a Gentleman trainer" interpretation to the "this is my Pokémon x British TV series crossover fanart :3" reality. Maybe that's mostly just 'cause I don't watch Sherlock (not opposed to it; just haven't bothered) and so I can't appreciate the reference there whereas I can appreciate the Gentleman interpretation. But like you say, it tells a story that way. It's like ... "You ever notice how the Gentleman has a cane? Ever wondered why he developed a need for that cane? Here's why."

This fanart is definitely making me want to see more "the story behind _____" fanart for various Pokémon characters, major and minor alike. Would love to see things like:
  • the story of Mr. Fuji, from a young guy in his 20s to where he is today
  • fanart chronicling Lt. Surge's time spent in the war
  • fanart depicting the events leading up to and immediately following Norman moving his family to Hoenn
  • and much more
Yeah, I do love Pokémon character fanart.
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