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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Trading my Level 1 female Frillish to EVs and IVsaurs in exchange for 1 Rare Candy and 5,000 coins:

Species: Frillish (F) Level 1
Name: (none yet given)
Met: Egg House, hatched on March 26, 2013
Type: Water/Ghost
Ability: (undeclared)
Attacks: Bubble, Water Sport, Waterfall, Surf, Dive
Nature: (undeclared)
Held Item: none
Contest Stats: Smart: -- Cool: -- Beauty: -- Tough: -- Cute: --
Beauty Points: 8
IQ: --
Bio: none yet given
Trophies: none currently

I hope you have loads of fun together.

*Trade Begun*
Trading 1 Rare Candy and 5,000 coins to Talon87 for the Female Frillish.

--Trade Closed--
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