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Originally Posted by Pest View Post
"I'm not certain about this," Terra said suddenly.

"You are simply nervous," Vesta the Charmander replied, patting her Onix teammate's rocky broad side. "In any case, this was your decision and yours alone. Do you not remember?"

"Yes I do." Terra curled up into a "little" ball around the large can filled with the liquid Metal Coat. "I just ... I'm panicking, that's all. I'm sorry."

The two stood there, along with their trainer, in the massive Cable Club building near one of the peculiar trading machines. Pest was on the lookout for her contact, eager to begin the trade that would bring her newest team member out of her shell. The situation was nowhere as bad as Caecius' of course; the timid little Vanillite was certainly easier to intimidate than the massive hulking Onix. Still, Terra could be sensitive at times, and Pest was certain that a more aggressive attitude would be just the thing to perk her Pokémon up.

"He should be here soon," the trainer muttered to herself, scanning the crowds intently. More than once she thought she saw someone heading in her direction, only to be left standing awkwardly as they passed her by ... which was why, when the young man at last appeared, she nearly jumped out of her skin at the relatively unexpected appearance.

"Now is the time," Vesta said unnecessarily as she prodded Terra to attention. "Be calm. There is nothing you even need to do, as long as you keep that Metal Coat with you."

"I know ... thanks Vesta." Terra's long neck snaked down as she gently nudged her Charmander friend. "I guess I'll see you in a few then."

"It's not goodbye, Terra!" Pest told them, laughing a bit at the big deal the Onix was making out of the situation. Absently preparing to return her to her Pokeball with one hand, she extended the other in greeting. "Hey! You're Rowan, right? Nice to meet you."


Trading my Lv.1 female Onix holding a Metal Coat to Escalion for his Lv.15 male Steelix. See you in a bit my dear~

*Trade started*
"ROAR!" Behemoth roars angrily when he hears Rowan's 'request' to which he has not much choice to begin with. The idea of being used as trade dummy does not particularly excite him and Rowan knows that, as a matter of fact, he can feel that as the Steelix grabs Rowan with his tail in a rage and holds him firmly in a powerful Bind actually hurting his trainer.

"Ah, stop it Behemoth!" Rowan yells out in pain almost breaking his ribs if it were not for Rose to use Disable on the Steelix making it forget how to properly hold his trainer tight and calming it down slightly.

Rowan falls down on the ground and lays there for a moment with his eyes closed, moaning softly as he rubs his chest in pain.

"Thank you Rose, Behemoth return," Rowan gets up from the ground, "I think I will just take you with me to keep Behemoth at bay if he tries attacking me again."

And so, still in a bit of pain, Rowan leaves home to go to the Cable Club, to meet up with his contact, where he arrives a while later.

Looking around in the Cable Club it does not take much time to see where his contact is. A large Onix towers over everyone and everything and being the only Onix in the Club is not hard for Rowan to figure that his contact is there with the Onix.

"Good Morning," Rowan says with a smile as he approaches his contact, her slightly shocked reaction only broadening his smile. The young girl than extends her hand for a handshake and says "Hey! You're Rowan, right? Nice to meet you."

"A pleasure to meet you too Milady," Rowan replies as he makes a bow and takes the lady's hand and kisses it on the back, "My name is Rowan Virote yes, and you must be Pest than." He then looks down and introduces Pest to his Ralts who hides behind his leg, "And this here is Rose, she's a bit shy around others."

Before Pest can return her Onix Rowan asks her to wait a moment as he takes out a Pokéball and his Pokédex. "I'd like your Onix to meet my Steelix before the trade, so he can see where he will evolve into." And with that Rowan releases Behemoth.

"ROAR!" The massive Steelix lets loose a loud and fearsome roar, making quite some people in the Cable Club turn around to see what is going on. Behemoth on the other hand has absolutely no interest in anything that is going on around him, even ignoring his trainer, as his eyes become fixed on the Onix in front of him. His look however is not his normal, aggressive look that tells he's ready to attack, it's different but Rowan doesn't really know what and why.

Meanwhile, Rowan's Pokédex is scanning the Onix.
Originally Posted by Pokédex
Onix, the Rock Snake Pokémon. Onix digs through the earth at up to 50 miles/hour in search of food. The tunnels left behind become a favorite habitat of Diglett.
Both trainers then recall their Pokémon and start the trade.

*Trading my Level 15 Steelix to Pest for her Level 1 Onix with Metal Coat.

Spoiler: show

Name: Behemoth
Species: Steelix
Gender: Male
Level: 15
Type: Steel/Ground
Nature: Brave
Ability: Sturdy
Obtained: Trade with Kairne
Birthday: August 27
Beauty Points: 0
Contest Stats: Beauty 0/ Cool 0/ Cute 0/ Smart 0/ Tough 0
IQ: 0
Lvl-Up Moves: Mud Sport, Tackle, Harden, Bind, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Curse, Rock Throw, Rage, Rock Tomb,
Egg Moves: Heavy Slam,
MT Moves: Aqua Tail, Dragon Pulse,
TM/HM Moves: Cut, Rock Smash, Rock Climb, Gyro Ball, Strength,
Custom Moves: -

Biography: Rowan obtained his Steelix in a trade with Kairne, his single offer being enough to outbid everyone else. In a swift business-like transaction the deal was made and Behemoth is now in Rowan's possession.

Behemoth is an aggressive Pokémon, if he does not sleep or worse, is disturbed, he will attack almost anything and anyone that moves. This includes other Pokémon on his own team too, most specifically Lalu as she often tries to 'play' with him. The Steelix has not attacked Rowan so far, but despite this Rowan still isn't really sure if Behemoth just tolerates his requests or if he really has control of him.

*Trade Closed*

================================================== ================================================== ================

After the trade is done Rowan release his just received Onix.

"Please reveal yourself Terra," he says and pushes the button to open the Pokéball.

In a flash of light Terra appears, only to become a flash of light herself a moment later. Shining bright white/blue the Onix grows in size, her head becomes bigger and starts to loose the horn as the size of her jaw increases. On her body several big spikes start to appear and her tail becomes pointy. Then, as the bright white/blue huw fades away Rowan faces a Pokémon he is all to familiar with: Steelix.

"So, you're female eh, I didn't realize, but now that I see your jaw I see the difference with Behemoth. But it is nice to meet you Terra, I will return you to your trainer shortly. I would like you to meet Behemoth first before I start the return trade." Rowan says, after which he think, 'A female Steelix, would that be why Behemoth looked at her the way he did?'

Rowan than waits for Pest and Behemoth before he start the return trade.

*Terra learned Fire Fang, Ice Fang and Thunder Fang!*

*Trading back to Pest her Level 1 female Steelix for my Level 15 male Steelix.

*Trade Started*

================================================== ================================================== ================

Also using this post to trade my 1x Mysterious Gummi and 1x Silver Gummi to Talon for 6,000 coins.

*Trade Started*

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