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{Special thanks to MarbleZone for allowing me to cameo his rogue Druddigon! =D}

"G- stop it! Okay, now I'm starting to think you're not just doing that to clean Aisa off me!"
"Snee sneeee!"
"Ow, ow, let go, Leila!"

A boy walking through the jungle near Volcanic Mountain was getting annoyed by his Sneasel's cleaning habits involving his hair getting Venipede scent thanks to Aisa nibbling on it earlier and tried to take Leila off his shoulders and into his arms, but she dug her claws into Hyrem's skull and wasn't about to relent. Laika, his loyal Poochyena, walked close by, occasionally checking out whatever smelled interesting before returning to his human. "You know, I don't get why you even bother cleaning my hair when Aisa's just going to mess it up all over again. ...All right, eventually she's going to learn to stop crawling up to my head, but until then you'll just have to deal with it!" Leila simply gave a tight hug around her trainer's forehead before she resumed licking Aisa saliva off his head, very insistent on doing her job.

Suddenly, Laika smelled something off, and he started growling at the trees, his fur standing on end. "Hm, Laika? What is it, boy?" Before he could answer, a large blue and red creature was on top of Hyrem, pinning him to the ground and knocking Leila off in the process. The boy knew what it was. It was a Druddigon.

And it wasn't Sarkhan.

Leila tried blowing an Icy Wind its way to get its attention, but the savage dragon had all sorts of Strength in it and threw Hyrem's body into Leila then ran towards them for another pin. Laika was on top of things though and quickly ran in to Bite the Druddigon's tail, causing it to stop and try to shake Laika off. Good job, Laika! he thought as he reached for his Dragon Ball and threw it to unleash Sarkhan, his own Druddigon. "Sarkhan, go show your wild kin just how much stronger you are than it!"

Sarkhan nodded and ran toward it just as it had slammed Laika to the ground with its Poison Tail, knocking the wind out of him with its Sheer Force. "Laika!" Hyrem cried out as Sarkhan picked up speed and Leila watched. The other Druddigon noticed Sarkhan and readied itself before locking claws with him. It looked like Sarkhan was winning the Strength battle due to being stronger and having Rough Skin to mess with the other one, but it suddenly turned the tides with a strong Sucker Punch to the gut. Sarkhan's entire body was then surprisingly lifted into the air and tossed against another tree, making him slow to get up as a result. "No, Sarkhan!" Hyrem called out to another of his Pokemon out of concern. Just how strong was this Druddigon!?

Before there was time to wonder, it took another potshot at Sarkhan with an Iron Tail, forcing him to stay down. Leila tried using Ice Barrier to protect everyone from this Druddigon, but she was too distracted by the Glare the wild Druddigon gave her and was grabbed by the dragon's claws. Laika saw the trouble everyone was in and tried a Double Team before moving in with a Poison Fang. The wild Druddigon ended up wasting his Crush Claw attacks on the clones he summoned and he was able to reach out and sink his fangs into the dragon's arm. This time, Druddigon simply shrugged off the attack like it was nothing and threw the Poochyena against another tree. Hyrem could hardly believe it; was his team actually going to lose to this rampaging beast? Leila tried to struggle free of its grip, but it was just too strong.

Laika saw Leila and Hyrem's peril and growled even fiercer. He even Howled in order to get the wild Druddigon's attention. He wasn't going to give up, not when everyone else could be dragon food. He needed to keep fighting. For his master, for his friends, and especially for Leila. As he Howled even more, he was suddenly engulfed in a bright light. Hyrem saw this and was beside himself. "Laika... is this what I think it is...?" Laika's body grew bigger, his howl matured, and when his body stopped glowing Hyrem could see the black and grey patches of fur were different. There was also small marks of fur below his eyes and his back now sported a black fur. He continued his long Howl as Hyrem's Pokedex, Dexelle, registered the new form:

Mightyena, the Bite Pokemon. It gives effective warnings before it attacks, such as its deep growls and its bristling fur. Their sharp fangs assist them in wounding their opponents with their bites. They often live in packs and will gather parties of 10 adults and sub-adults in order to hunt large prey with efficient teamwork. If a human can be recognized by one as the "pack leader", it will pledge its entire loyalty to that trainer and never disobey them.

As he stopped Howling, the newly-evolved Mightyena growled much fiercer now, set his ears back, bristled the fur on his tail, and bared his fangs at the Druddigon who had attempted to eat Leila. The Druddigon roared back a challenge which Laika speedily accepted by running in for a Tackle that knocked Leila out of the hungry Druddigon's grasp then had plenty of Bite attacks to give it the message. Druddigon wasn't going to take it lying down and raked the Crushing power of his Claw up Laika's belly causing him to yelp in pain and jump off Druddigon's belly.

Then came a silver Metal Claw that slashed right across the dragon's face. It was Sarkhan! He followed that up with a Crunch on the wild Druddigon's shoulder, and he wasn't going to let go, despite all the Scratching the other Druddigon was doing. Finally, with Laika also there with a Bite on its other shoulder, Druddigon knew it was in danger of being brought down so it desperately started retching until it had successfully regurgitated something resembling a Flaaffy corpse which caused Laika to let go due to the nearby stench the half-digested meat was giving off, allowing the wild dragon to get a Crush Claw off on Sarkhan's face causing him to release his jaws as well giving the wild Druddigon the chance to quickly escape and lumber off into the jungle.

Hyrem's dragon and wolf were ready to pursue, but he stopped them: "No guys, let him go! I don't think it'll give us any more trouble." Leila picked herself up, and Hyrem was glad to see that none of his Pokemon were hurt too badly. He then turned to Laika with a smile. "Hey Laika, you were a good boy out there! I'm proud of you for evolving! Come here, lemme give you a HUUUG, hahaha!" Hyrem could barely finish as Laika, now twice as big as he was before, was on him with twice as big a body and was licking his face with twice as big a tongue. Of course, this meant he was twice as hard to get off! "Okay boy, calm down, calm down, haha!" He finally pushed the playful Mightyena off and checked the map. That battle had taken its toll on the three Pokemon, but he unfortunately couldn't see a Pokemon Center for miles! Fortunately, Blaze's base didn't seem too far away, and it looked like all his Pokemon needed was some rest, so Hyrem called Sarkhan back into his Dragon Ball, picked Leila up into his arms (and made sure she didn't get to latch on to his head again, though she grabbed his arms and started to lick them clean, there was just no winning with this Sneasel!), and had Laika lead the way towards Blaze's base.


After a while, they came to a clearing with a few trees near the base of the mountain, and Laika had obviously become a better Odor Sleuth with his evolution because he darted over towards one of the trees which had a single vine dangling from it and started barking to draw attention to it. "All right, you think it's that one?" Hyrem asked his Mightyena, to which he got three playful barks in response, and he could even see Laika pant with excitement. Meeting new faces was always fun for dogs like Laika, though with his new size one had to wonder if the way he normally played would be overwhelming for Blaze and his Pokemon. In any case, Remilia would likely be happy as she'd get to meet Leila, of course, and Amethyst, who Hyrem also brought with him per her request. Hyrem finally got to the tree and tried tugging on the vine to see if that would grab the attention of the occupants inside.
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