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Originally Posted by Acio29619 View Post
Trading my LiteBlue (Smart) +20 Pokeblock to Missingno. Master for his 1,000 Coins.

*Trade Started*
Trading 1,000 coins to Acio29619 for a LiteBlue (Smart) +20 Pokéblock. ~ Tess Edit: Used on 09/06/2013.

*Trade Closed*

Originally Posted by OkikuMew View Post
Trading my Lv.1 Female Torkoal for Missingno. Master's 1,000 coins.

*trade started*

Take good care of her! ^^
The doors to the Cable Club opened up, and Keith walked inside, sighing and rolling his eyes as his Meowth was on the floor behind him, desperately tugging at his pant leg, trying to get him to turn back.

"C'mon, Keith," whined Meowth. "We gotta get outta here!"

"For the last time, Meowth," Keith sighed, "I don't care what you've heard, there is no such thing as the curse of the Cable Club!"

"Easy fer youse ta say," Meowth said uneasily. "Youse ain't da one who heard da rumors-"

"Exactly, Meowth, they're just rumors," Keith interrupted. "I mean, come on, a severed Miltank head that spews the fires of hell, what kind of Tauros shit is that?" Shaking his head (and somehow not noticing the minor commotion that was taking place elsewhere in the Cable Club at that very moment), he walked over to a trade machine. He placed a small bag containing 1,000 coins on his end, and several seconds later, there sat a Poké Ball in its place.

"Hey, so, wat didja trade fer dis time?" Meowth asked as Keith took the ball off the machine.

Keith grinned. "See for yourself," he replied as he threw the ball. "Torkoal, I choose you!" he exclaimed.

In a flash of light, an orange Pokémon materialized, its body encased in a hard, black shell. A puff of white smoke emerged from a hole in the shell as it glanced up at Keith.

"Hey there, Torkoal," Keith smiled. "I'm Keith, your new trainer." In response to this, Torkoal smiled.

"She's pretty quiet, ain't she?" remarked Meowth. "I didn't tink youse would've wanted a Torkoal, Keith," he added.

"Heh, are you kidding?" grinned Keith as he patted his new Torkoal on the head. "I grew up in Lavaridge Town. When I was younger, I always went and explored the Fiery Path on the edge of town. Lots of Numel, Slugma, and Torkoal in there. Torkoal here kinda reminds me of home." He smiled at Torkoal again, who smiled back at him. "Only question now is, what to name you?" Keith remarked. "I've been thinking, but... I can't seem to come up with a good name for you."

"Hey, howzabout youse names her Shelley?" suggested Meowth.

"Shelley?" Keith repeated, frowning. "What- that's just a pun on the fact that she has a shell. It's what you'd expect a three-year-old to name their Squirtle or something."

"I dunno, she seems ta like dat idea," Meowth shrugged, pointing at Torkoal. Keith looked- sure enough, Torkoal was smiling and nodding.

"Huh," Keith remarked. "Torkoal, are you saying you like Meowth's suggestion? You like the name Shelley?"

In response, a column of smoke rose up out of a hole in Torkoal's shell, and the smoke changed shape in midair, morphing into a crude smiley face.

"Wow," said Keith. "I'll take that as a yes. OK, then, welcome to the team, Shelley," he stated as he withdrew his new Torkoal and exited the Cable Club.
Trading 1,000 coins to OkikuMew for her level 1 female Torkoal. Don't worry, Shelley's in good hands!

*Trade Closed*

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