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Following Coselle's outburst, Lalu was rendered nearly speechless, and she started to cry. Almost immediately, Melittin landed next to her and tightly hugged the Roggenrola with his forelegs. By nature, Melittin was not a particularly caring or kind Beedrill... he lived to command respect from others, primarily through intimidation, brute force, and the threat of pain. But with Lalu... Well, Melittin had learned when he first met her that Lalu was not one to be messed with, but even so, seeing her in this state of distress, it did not sit well with the Beedrill at all. He cared about Lalu. He loved her.

"It's OK, Lalu," Melittin buzzed softly as he continued to embrace the Roggenrola. "It's OK."

Meanwhile, Rose took hold of one of Chuck's gaseous hands, and led him over to the lake and up a small hill. Chuck could see that the hill was covered with flowers of various colors, and as they reached the top, he couldn't help but give a soft gasp as he saw just how beautiful the view was from where they were.

"This is beautiful," the Gastly murmured in a hushed voice. Just then, he could see a bright yellow color flash in his mind, accompanied with a sense of happiness, and he knew that Rose was enjoying the view as well. He rested his gaseous form on the hill, right next to Rose, and took in the sights.

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