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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
The sound of jovial laughter echoes loudly outside the Cable Club, as a particularly gregarious male Frillish uses one of his tentacles to pry open the door to the lobby, as the other gracefully carries a parcel full of trainer goodies. Following the amiable Frillish is his ghostly lady Marion, who receives a respectful bow from her Frillish as he holds the door for her. Dressed in her usual Victorian-inspired finery, which has become lighter in both fabric and color given the change in season, she collapses her parasol in the lobby the moment she has escaped the bright May sunlight. The moment Marion enters the lobby, an angry Banette phases in afterwards, circling around her trainer like a hawk ready to swoop down on unsuspecting prey. Bedivere gently closes the door behind the pair of dolls, following silently with the parcel as they continue the argument that had started before they even entered the Cable Club.

Ask her again! I do not care what that friend of yours has said! I do not care WHAT you have to do! Lie, if you must! Throw the Pokeball in with the rest of those baubles while she happens to be distracted! Free Shuppet with every trade! I would bet you she would be HAPPY! Though the Banette appears to be silent, it is clear by the tone in her native language that she is absolutely seething.

"I told you, Min, the bidding is up for another 36 hours, and there's already interest. I'll be sure to trade Shuppet away the moment the time is up-"

Minerva crosses her arms, her zipper grin stretched to its limits. I know you, little miss tenderheart. The longer you hold on to her, the more likely you are to develop feelings... get all nostalgic... A year is not enough to change you. Not that part of you, anyhow. No. The sooner you trade that Shuppet, the better, and I am NOT leaving this Cable Club until you do.

Marion grins at Minerva's statement. "Oh? Well, it's a good thing you don't need sleep. Hell, you can even feed on the negative emotions you happen to find around the Club while you sit here and wait for 36 more ho-"

BE SERIOUS! Minerva narrows her eyes, despite the unfaltering grin.

"I am being serious." Marion smirks. "I told you how the trade is going to work, and I am not going back on my word just to appease your paranoia-"

Paranoia? Minerva's voice raises by at least two octaves, abnormally high and painfully tense like a violin string wound way too tight. Oh, I will show you paranoia... The Banette cackles as malevolently as she possibly can... to which Marion only responds with a laugh of her own.

"Whatever you say, Minerva." Marion responds with a mischievous glint in her eye, before she is suddenly distracted by the appearance of a young woman about her age with dark hair and glasses, accompanied by a lovely little female Frillish. Marion makes her way over to the young woman, grinning as she does. She calls out to her as she tries to get her attention with a friendly wave; "Hey, Jessica!"

"Jes-si-ca...?" Minerva squints her eyes in order to get a better look at the trainer. The name, and that face... the trainer seemed vaguely familiar.

Bedivere, taking the initiative, points to Jessica with a blue tentacle and grins up at Minerva. "Oh, dear Mistress, Jessica has been a resident of Fizzytopia for a long, long while. Perhaps you remember her from your days as a Shuppet...?"

After a moment's pause, Minerva's eyes light up with recognition with the help of Bedivere's gentle prodding. "I re-mem-ber you! The one who likes Cor-so-la." Minerva grins widely. "Sure-ly you re-mem-ber meeee... Ma-ry's one and on-ly star-ter... pup-pet-teer, mis-tress of strings, de-stroy-er of worlds, Mi-ner-va~" Minerva cackles ominously. "I hear you are in need of a Shup-pet..."

Marion rolls her eyes. "Give it a rest, Min. Anyway, Jess, you heard what I told you on the phone about what happened with Minerva... Right?" Marion grimaces a bit as her voice lowers, leaning in so that she can speak more privately to Jessica. "She can't remember anything from the past year, so..."

"It is no se-cret," Minerva loudly bellows behind Marion with a grin. "I know I can-not re-mem-ber the com-plete and ut-ter dev-a-sta-tion I have wrought. Ohhh, but how I wish I did~" The Banette cackles with glee as she turns to look at the female Frillish by Jessica's side, who has already captured Bedivere's attention. The blue Frillish immediately floats over to the female of his species, bowing with an incredible show of grace and dignity as he offers a tentacle.

"Would the lady care to be accompanied to the trade machine?" He asks, grinning widely. "It is rare indeed to see a Pokemon of such beauty and grace floating around these lands... if I may be so bold, ohohohoho~"

The female Frillish laughs daintily, averting her gaze with embarrassment. Gently reaching out and taking Bedivere's tentacle with hers, she finally gives him a shy little smile. A pleasure to meet you, sir, she says politely, in a soft, sweet voice.

"Oh, you may call me Bedivere, ohohoho~!" The male Frillish bows his head respectfully. "And what may I call you, my dear lady?"

Ni... Nimiane, the young female Frillish nervously utters, curtsying with a paradoxically awkward sort of grace.

"Lady Nimiane. A beautiful name. Very appropriate, ohohoho~"

"Look at those two. Just the pic-ture of dig-ni-fied in-san-i-teeeeee." Minerva smirks. "They are prac-ti-cal-ly made for each ot-her." Minerva imitates one of Bedivere's bows with an over-exaggerated flourish, laughing as she does.

"Why don't you introduce yourself, Minerva?" Marion tilts her head, motioning toward Nimiane. The Banette shrugs her shoulders.

"I have had to do e-nough in-tro-duc-tions, thank you ve-ry much," Minerva mutters gloomily. "Let those two fro-lic in fields of dai-sies and se-vered heads with-out me."

"Oh, come on, Min..." Marion pouts a bit.

"I am cer-tain there will be time for us to meet," Minerva responds dismissively. "Get on with the trade, will you not?" Minerva smirks. "We have that Shup-pet to deal with..."

Marion once again rolls her eyes, but before she can even make it over to one of the machines, Bedivere seems to already be setting up on Marion's end, placing the parcel of goodies for Jessica in the appropriate spot. Unwrapping the parcel, he reveals three shiny TMs, never before used. He turns to Jessica with an eager grin.

"I even baked a delicious poffin for you, ohohohoho~! It is still nice and warm~" Bedivere's chest puffs up with pride at his baking. "I do hope that you like cherry- Oh?" Bedivere pulls a Pokeball out of the poffin he had baked. "This is not a cherry~! How silly! Lucky I brought spares for the occasion..."

As Bedivere somehow manages to replace the cherries in his cherry poffin, Marion picks up the Pokeball that was removed from the baked good. Recognizing it immediately, she turns to her Banette, who has already begun whistling innocently.

"Minerva... What was my Shuppet's Pokeball doing in the poffin?"

"Ask your cra-zy chef o-ver there," Minerva says with a nod to Bedivere. "He baked it."

Sighing, Marion returns the Pokeball to her belt, after brushing some crumbs off of it. "That Pokeball was on my belt five minutes ago..."

"Well, Ma-ry... Life is a cra-zy jour-ney, you know." Minerva giggles. "One ne-ver knows what can hap-pen."

Marion nods with a rather contemplative look, as Bedivere encourages Jessica and Nimiane to approach the Cable Club machine. "Oh, I am so eager to welcome Lady Nimiane to our humble team! It is an honor and a privilege, Lady Jessica. We are both so, so grateful for your trust in us." Bedivere bows to Jessica, grinning from ear to ear. "We intend on taking very good care of her, do we not, my Lady?"

Marion grins and pats Bedivere on the head. "We do indeed."

((Trading 1x TM Silver Wind, 1x TM Bide, 1x TM Flamethrower and 1x +20 Cherry Poffin to lilblue for her Lv.1 Female Frillish. Thanks so much~

Jessica breathed, going over once more the facts Marion had provided on the phone: Coselle, or Minerva rather, was no longer human. Her memories of the past year had been erased. That meant the two had never encountered each other before, at least not directly. Certainly not “in person”. It was strange to think that today, they would be introduced again for the first time, in the very same place as before. Identical setting, yet under a different name and guise… Jessica wondered whether she would be wearing another face as well around Minerva, knowing what she did about the Banette’s true identity – and intentions. After everything she’d witnessed and experienced over those 12 months, it was hard to hide it all away. It didn’t seem like something that could simply be swept under the rug, patched up so neatly with a single square. Starting from square one, trying to squeeze the corners through a circle. Coming full circle. Surely the stitches would come undone someday, revealing the scars underneath…

She shook her head, no longer sure what her head was saying. Not that she even knew what she was talking about in the first place. After all, she was only a bystander for the most part, but then that was exactly why she was frustrated. It felt like Jess had only just gotten to know Coselle before the clock stopped and reset. The warm look in the woman’s eyes at Christmas, when she gripped the girl’s hand with frigid fingers and welcomed her as a friend (of her sister’s, at least)… Jessica wondered if she’d ever see it again. Or for that matter, the even brighter, burning passion her gaze held towards Keith that day. …But love, Marion warned, was the most taboo subject of all. Jess was not aware of what exactly had happened between Keith and Coselle to shake the status of their relationship, but whatever it was, apparently it was not worth the pain of reliving. And so Jess promised secrecy, silence. She didn’t know much about such delicate matters, but she didn’t wish to carelessly hurt people whom she was fond of (a mistake she often made), so she would gladly keep her mouth shut.

At any rate, there was no looking back now. After straightening herself and the timeline in her mind, sorting out her story, she stepped inside the building. Scanning the crowd, she spotted a familiar lilac-haired lady, instantly sight-striking in her sophisticated clothing. She even carried a parasol tucked neatly by her side, presumably used to protect her pale skin. Jessica swallowed slightly upon sight of it, possessing no trust for such abominations, rain or shine. Still, she put on a nervous smile as she edged closer to greet Marion and her Pokémon.

Upon sensing the puppet’s stare upon her, she froze. Those blood-red eyes, squinting as they scrutinized Jess, seeking recollection. (Meanwhile, Jessica ironically found it just as difficult to recognize Minerva when she wasn’t dressed in combat boots and smoking a cigarette.) She sighed in relief when Marion’s Frillish, Bedivere, broke the spell by explaining who she was, saving her from stumbling over her own self-presentation. A beat, then the Banette grinned widely, stretching her zippered mouth.

“I re-mem-ber you! The one who likes Cor-so-la.” The voice she spoke in was similar to Coselle’s, only staggered instead of smooth.

“Y-yes, that’s me…” Jessica couldn’t help but beam a little bit, pleased Minerva hadn’t completely forgotten about her at least.

“Sure-ly you re-mem-ber meeee... Ma-ry's one and on-ly star-ter... pup-pet-teer, mis-tress of strings, de-stroy-er of worlds, Mi-ner-va~” She cackled ominously. “I hear you are in need of a Shup-pet...”

Before Jess could awkwardly deny, she was rescued once again by Marion’s interjection, repeating once again that Minerva’s mental records were missing since May. Minerva overheard this, but thankfully seemed unfazed, in fact relishing the thought of what kind of destruction she must’ve caused during the interim. Soon she was distracted further by another pink Frillish floating behind Jess, who had been politely quiet thus far. Bedivere cut in again, offering to escort the female of his kind to the Trade Machine. “Nimiane,” as she called herself, happily accepted the invitation, dancing with her partner through the air as gracefully as synchronized swimmers in the sea (while Minerva gagged as if choking on salt water).

Bedivere began carefully arranging offerings on their end of the device, revealing with a flourish three shiny TMs and a special treat he had baked himself: a Cherry(?) Poffin. Strange, the main ingredient looked a little large for some reason… As he plucked a Poké Ball from the sweet’s center, Marion glared at Minerva, who hummed innocently. Jessica suppressed a giggle, suddenly reminded of a certain Sneasel. Something told her Midna and Minerva might get along quite well.

Bedivere quickly replaced the fake fruit with a real one, and motioned Nimiane to approach, holding her fin to help guide her up onto the pedestal. She seated herself elegantly with flippers folded in her lap, looking like a little mermaid statue. Bedivere bowed graciously to Jessica, thanking her for bringing Nimiane to be on Marion’s team. Jessica inclined deeply in return.

“You’re very welcome, Sir Bedivere. Please do look after her. And it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” She paused, glancing at Marion before turning to the Banette. “It was nice to meet you too, Miss… Minerva.”


Trading Lv. 1 Frillish to Marion Ette for 1x TM SILVER WIND, 1x TM FLAMETHROWER, 1x TM BIDE, & 1x Cherry Poffin (+20 Cool Points).

*Trade Closed*

~ Stark Edit: +20 Cherry Poffin used on 18th Oct 2013.

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