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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
I DID IT YEAAAAH. Sorry they're so short. ^.^;

Gemini Spark: As your Shinx and flirty Purrloin argue, you look at the vibrant Jungle before you. The jungle seems to echo the happiness of you, the courage of Luke, and the slyness of Selina. The “entrance”, per se, are two large oaks side by side with a few feet between them. flowers line the inside, soon showing a thin path amongst the waist-high grasses, neatly trimmed for trainers to walk on. Your trio takes the path, the cat in your arms sticking her tongue out at the Shinx who is still intently focused on your surroundings. His eyes watch carefully over the area, without noticing much in the way of movement. The path seems very well kept for a massive park like this, until you soon find a bit of a problem with the path.

Before your team sits a massive clearing, roughly trampled down with no obvious shape or path to it. It looks like it was done hastily, although not exactly human made either. The path that you were supposed to take is clearly outlined, but the path to your left takes your interest more. It seems to be done in the same fashion as this clearing, and there are no other paths like that. Luke hops eagerly towards the trampled path, and Selina seems to prefer the cleaner path, but either way it’s your choice.

What will you do, Hyrem?
There was an absolute Jungle ahead of Hyrem, Selina, and Luke, and as they entered it by way of the two enormous oaks in front of it they marveled at the flowers bordering the well-trimmed path that would allow trainers to walk through without getting themselves too dirty. While on the path, Selina snuck an opportunity to stick out her tongue defiantly at Luke before she went back to cleaning herself, purring all the while since she was in the good company of her trainer's arms. Luke could see it out of the corner of his eye but paid no notice to it since he was busy surveying everything, though there wasn't anything out of the ordinary to report ... except a clue which was glaringly obvious to everyone.

Up ahead was a clearing that looked like it was tramped down with no rhyme or reason to it. Whoever ... or whatever made this did it and then exited stage left, leaving a path there to follow. Luke started to make his way down the path to the left, but Selina made sure her complaints were heard loud and clear: "Heeeeey, what do you think you're doing, Luke?!"

"What's it look like? I'm going down the more interesting path." Luke said coolly.
"But that path's all dirty and stuff! This way is much cleaner!"
"But that path won't get us any Pokemon, will it? Not likely, at least."
"Still, I'd rather meet someone out in the open instead of in there where there's all sorts of creepy and gross stuff..."
"And I'd rather go where we'll have a better chance of meeting anything at all," Luke said, trying to suppress a growl of annoyance. "See, this is why I'd rather do things alone, just me and my trainer, when there's no backseat tracking from the peanut gallery."
"Oh, so I'm a peanut gallery now?! How about you come back here and say that to my face?! Yeah, just keep walking!" Mmm, please, do keep walking, you handsome thing~! her inner Selina says in her thoughts.

Ultimately, it wasn't up to the cats to decide; it was Hyrem's decision, and he was inclined to get a little dirty. "Sorry, girl, I'm going with Luke on this one. Whatever made this path is probably going to be at the end of it, and I want to find out just what it is!" Selina was still complaining about it, but a little well-placed scratching behind the Purrloin's ears and around her face was enough to placate her as Hyrem followed his rugged Shinx down the newly tred path.

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