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Rags' Story, Part V: Ganging Up

It was about noon by his estimation of the sun. The little Pokémon stood in a small backstreet that had a view of the hospital’s entrance. The same one that he had passed the day he first saw Lucas. He was waiting for him.
It’s almost time. He couldn’t enter the hospital with Lucas since first of all the hospital might not let a stray Pokémon in so easily and secondly, his parents still didn’t know about his daily visits to Lucas. A confrontation with the parents might not end well for their friendship. After all, parents have standards when it comes to who their child should be with, but that was unimportant now.
He was to make sure Lucas could at least see him, if only for support. Today Lucas would hear some news concerning his health and from the sound of it it was going to be good news. Maybe he'd finally be able to go outside, something they’ve both been hoping for a long time.

It took a while before he recognized someone further along. In one of the side streets opposite the street, just a few feet away from the hospital, stood Rage and his fellow Poochyena’s. What are they doing here!? Just like him, they seemed to be waiting for someone, eagerly. This slightly worried the Ralts. Did they find out about the extra apples? The same way they find out about the apples in the first place? He shook his head. They couldn’t be. If they had learned about it, they’d have come to him first and bullied him for them as they usually do. They wouldn’t go straight to Lucas, it wasn’t their style and besides, how could they know that Lucas was to visit the hospital today?
He shook his head again to reassure himself, but even so he had to avoid being seen by them if he wanted to stay and support Lucas. He needed to somehow lure the gang away.
It was too late unfortunately. Shortly after their arrival, he could already see Lucas walking towards the building with his parents. This was going to be his only moment to be seen, but his gaze was fixated on Rage. The gang showed more activity and had their sights fixed on Lucas as well.
No, he thought. They wouldn’t. But the group was already heading towards the kid since the moment they saw him come around the corner. There was no time to think, the little Ralts had to stop them. Lucas had been waiting for good news for a long time and an attack from them might change the course of the day. He had to stall them, as long as he could do that, Lucas might enter the hospital safe and on time. There’s not a chance the gang would enter a public building after all. They probably couldn't even afford to stand in the main streets for longer than a few minutes.
He crossed the streets. He was lucky that there wasn’t much traffic this time of day. Rage didn’t see him until the little Pokémon stood in front of him, arms spread blocking his path on the sidewalk. Sure, he could simply walk around him or even jump, but a ruler needs to make sure his servants stay in line. Allowing a Pokémon to stand up to him like that and get away with it might hurt their reputation. The Ralts knew this, he was effectively trading his life for that of Lucas.
Rage growled. As much as he wanted to pounce on the little vagabond, he seemed desperate to get to the boy. “Get out of the way, now! Punk.”
The Ralts shook his head, his legs were quivering but he did his best to make it unnoticeable. “I won’t let you, you can’t attack humans!” What am I doing? he thought to himself. Am I really doing this for someone else?
Rage snarled at him. He was ready to remove a huge chunk of flesh if he had to. “You’re one to talk," he snapped back. "You’ve never liked humans that much as far as I can remember. Always ignoring you, denying your existence." He stepped closer to the Ralts, putting his face in front of his, face to face, eye to eye. Rage’s fury could be seen in his. They were deep and black, obviously mirroring his inner anger. “So I’ll say this one more time since I’m in a hurry. Get out of the way now, or else…” He didn’t have to say anything else. Rage had been more barbaric and impulsive lately and standing up to him was the dumbest move the little tyke could do at that moment.
“No,” he replied, his whole body was now shaking from fear and he closed his eyes when Rage lifted a paw. This was it, he thought. This is how it was going to end for him.
The following 3 seconds were most likely the longest he had to endure. In that short moment, he took everything in from his surroundings that he could hear, smell and feel. He could sense the small breeze that was created when Rage lifted his paw, he could smell the baker from a few buildings down, the fresh bread mixed with the smell of medical supplies from the hospital next to him. The smell was strong, he could practically taste it. It tasted bitter. He almost had to vomit from it. He also noticed his heartbeat, how it was beating faster and harder than before and how it was suddenly going to stop. But most of all, he could hear something scurrying beneath his feet, he could hear the pothole scraping across the paved ground and he could hear small paws racing across the asphalt in the distance. They were the longest 3 seconds and they never ended. Something had stalled the time in that small instance.
The attack never came and the Ralts was unsure if the attack had never landed or it had been quicker than anticipated. He opened his eyes slowly and calmly. Was he to meet his maker?

No. A white figure had joined the group of three Poochyena’s. It was a Meowth, another Pokémon that lived on the streets for quite some time. One that usually survives by begging food of others, including humans. A small gash of blood could be seen on Uncouth’s leg. It looked a lot like a cat scratch. It must have been the Meowth, but why? The Ralts didn’t know, but he guessed the Meowth's attack must have stalled Rage for a while. He turned to meet the other Pokémon.
"Another one who shows disrespect to us! I'll make sure you regret that choice." He was eager to pounce on the cat before two more Meowths came running from the distance which distracted his attention for a moment, just enough to give the Meowth's the advantage of striking Uncouth again. A small ratpack emerged from the sewers and was now heading towards the fight as well.
“Rats!” someone yelled when they were spotted. The masses that were before merely avoiding the street Pokémon were now doing their best to stay away as far as they could. Some were seen running and others even screamed when the Pokémon arrived in hordes. The entire scene had turned into some sort of street fight and it wouldn't take long before Animal Control would arrive.
"Rags?" cam a small voice. It was Lucas. The boy had almost missed the scene and was ushered by his parents to move quicklt into the hospital where it would be safer. Just like the rest of the people, Lucas' parents wanted to stay as far away from the street Pokémon as they could. They had entered the hospital. Lucas was safe and Rage had missed his chance, but now the Ralts was going to have to deal with Rage himself.

After the ratpack, the Ratticates followed them shortly thereafter. It was a rare sight to see to anyone who was still standing in the otherwise empty streets. Two came out of the sewers, one had a chipped tooth and only patches of fur instead of a full coat while the other had almost bloodshot eyes and claws with nails that were longer than they were supposed to. They were clearly violent troupe leaders. Ratticates always hide inside the sewers, only coming out in the rarest of cases so it was only natural for the Poochyenas to be caught in surprise as they saw the two ratkings head towards them, fangs and teeth showing. They were simply frightening to look at and the small ratpack joined in the fight and targeted Cry who let out his signature howl once they srated biting. He tried to shake them off vigorously but to no avail, the Rattata’s were clinging to his skin with their teeth, drawing blood each time Cry shook again. The Ratticate’s joined by delivering some of the worst blows with their teeth and nails, creating gashes on their legs.
The Meowths meanwhile were continuing their fight with Uncouth as well. They were relying more on their speed and agility, jumping over Uncouth and delivering violent Pound attacks as they leapt over her. The paws and nails were hitting her from all directions, she could barely concentrate on picking a target to attack as she was thrown about before she could do anything. Trying to stand on all four legs proved to be a challenge enough.
Rage and Ed looked on, about ready to join the fight. Ed let out his maniac laughter, but it came out as a whimper. Never before had they been attacked by others before and almost on cue with his laughter came another small pack of street Pokémon from around the corner. Zigzagoons this time. They saw Ed in between the scuffle and locked on to start scratching them. Their soft-looking exterior betrayed their true nature as they were as violent as the Ratticates looked. They had no restraint in targeting some of the more sensitive places of the Poochyena, attacking even his face. Ed closed his eyes and his laughter that had become a whimper was now reduced to simple crying.
The three Poochyena lackeys were pinned down by inferior street Pokémon. Rage growled at the group, but there was nothing he could do. He could try swatting some of them off, but a city full of pests could easily take them out. They knew it might have been a risk for them, but they did it anyway. The gang had always come out at night and extorted one group after another. Each group was extorted separately and nighttime provided a cover of darkness for the dark-type Pokémon. Having to come out during the day, when some of the lesser Pokémon were gathered together didn’t provide the most ideal moment to have to face them. All it took was one Pokémon to stand up to them to cause the cascading reaction of rebelling. Don’t mistake though, the street Pokémon were not working together or forming one united front. They took advantage of the situation they were given and each expressed their pain and disgust towards Rage and his group individually. The gang’s recent increasing violence must have finally snapped their minds and give them the last push they needed to strike back. They had a relatively stable life before and they liked it that way. All the group's anger and built up rage was now being released in their assault. They shared their pain with their bullies in every bite and every scratch that was delivered.
Rage turned back towards the Ralts who was still had his arms lifted in a vain attempt to block Rage. Meaningless now that Lucas was already safe in the hospital. Rage was naturally pissed. He knew he couldn't stop stop the fight or even win it for that matter. But he was going to leave a message. If he couldn't stop the entire rebellion he would at least take out the one who started all of it; the Ralts. Rage crouched, ready to pounce in order to take out the instigator. He leapt and pinned the Ralts down on the floor. The Ralts' head hit the concrete and gave a small thud, possibly giving a light concussion. Rage’s claw was slightly digging into his white skin, colouring it a little crimson, as his paw left the little Pokémon pinned to the floor.
“You’re going to pay. Right here! Right now!” The words came out with a snarl. Even in this moment when all seemed lost for him and his group, he still refused to submit or retreat. He opened his mouth for his final move. A crunch attack that would leave too big a scar for a simple healing treatment. He was going for the kill.
He stopped though. His ears started twitching as. Did he hear something? He looked up to the top of the hospital's roof, the Ralts followed his line of sight, looking at the exact same spot. A small black figure could be seen at the top. It looked like a bird of some sort that gave a wretched squawk before flying off. It’s shape reminded the Ralts of the Murkrow he had seen before, but he knew it wasn't. Murkrow were nocturnal creatures after all and didn't often come to the city like Pidove's. He didn’t think too much of it though as Rage looked down at him again. His expression was a little softer this time. The fight behind him was getting worse. He let his paw go and called out to his group to run for now. They wanted to answer back, but were too occupied to even want to move their mouth. Instead of fighting back, which they couldn’t anyway, they tried to scurry away with some of their combatants chasing them. They weren’t going to let them go so easily. The group of Poochyena’s were howling in pain and limping as they tried to create as much of a distance as they could from their pursuers. Most of the Pokémon chased them a few blocks and the Ralts took advantage of the situation to slip away. With the common enemy missing, they differing packs of Pokémon were going to attack each other for superiority. The battle wasn't going to take long. One by one a Pokémon would escape when they had the chance to until finally animal control arrived scaring away the remainder of street Pokémon present. The Ralts escaped with the intent of being the first to escape this oncoming fight.

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