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The reaction of Bedivere greatly pleases Sir Haykhong, making him gleam in pride, and that what the Frillish tells him about the craftsman is equally pleasing.

"So, Sableye you say... Hmmm," the Slugma leaves a short break, thinking about everything that Bedivere told him, "I do not have much knowledge about their kind, however, their knowledge bout gems is well know." After yet another pauze to think Sir Haykhong smiles and says, while making a slight bow, "Thank you for your suggestion my friend, I think I will honor them with a visit sometime soon."

In the other room, Rowan missed the chance to hear Coselle as the delivery guy distracts them from the conversation. However, as Coselle angrily talks to Keith's Beedrill Rowan can clearly hear what she is saying, at least for the most part, and he cannot suppress the feeling that there is more about her than what she and Keith have told him so far. But being unable to solve the puzzle at this time he lets it be and focuses his attention on the delivery, making sure the Machoke indeed follow the blueprint. A moment later Coselle appears again, but she doesn't seem to be in the mood for a talk. She excuses herself to Rowan as she makes her way out, followed by Keith shortly after.

Lalu also more than clearly heard what her mother said to Melittin, which surprised her quite a bit. She wants to says something to Coselle, but before she gets the chance her mother says that she and Melittin can better socialize with the other Pokémon and walks off. Lalu then turns to Melittin, "I'm sorry Mel, I... I don't know what to say. Mommy seems mad, but also so... sad, I..." The Little Rock is at a loss of words because of the whole situation and unable to fully grasp what just happened she starts crying.

Meanwhile, Rose and Chuck find themselves outside. Rose is happy Chuck understands what she wanted to say and, as the Gastly lets her lead the way to the lake, she holds his gassy hand tightly. The two lovers only have to walk a short distance to be able to see the lake and Rose soon finds the location she wants Chuck to see. She leads her boyfriend up a small hill at the edge of the lake, a hill covered in a variety of colorful flowers sporting virtually every color the eye can see. The hill is flanked on both sides by a few birch trees and as the two lovebirds reach the top of the hill they can see the beautiful scenery in front of them. The big mountains of Cortoza and the orange sky form a beautiful background for the sapphire blue lake that seems to be sparkling in the light of the low sun, a single Magikarp jumping up in the air.

The view is magnificent and Rose really enjoys it, being among the flowers on the hill. She lays down on her belly, supporting her head with her hands, her eyes start to sparkle like the lake. She smiles and sends a bright, happy yellow color into Chuck's mind. Hoping he enjoys this place as much as she does.
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