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Melittin didn't know how to respond to Coselle... and he wasn't the only one. As her voice had risen in anger, Keith had heard her- not exactly unbelievable, given that he wasn't a great distance away from her in the first place. Her angry assertions that those who promise to never hurt those they love will inevitably break that promise, and that they will never keep the promise next time. Though she was half-shouting all this at the Beedrill, Keith had a shrewd suspicion that Coselle was thinking of something- no, make that someone- entirely different. Someone who had royally screwed up multiple times with his beloved, someone who always promised to never let it happen again... and then ended up screwing up again somehow. Someone 75% human and 25% Gastly.

Keith sighed as Coselle exited the base with her e-cigarette. His previous blunders started to play back in his head, completely against his will, yet he mentally reviewed them in any case... Damn it, he really was stupid, wasn't he? Giving consideration to giving Neville another chance, when Coselle needed to have her revenge on him, that was stupid. Even moreso the second time, given that he ought to have known better from the first one. And then there was that whole ugly incident with the vial... Keith hated thinking about that incident, as it made him feel horrible every time it crossed his mind. He had never wanted to hurt Coselle, and yet he had managed to do so three times. Was he really that dense? He knew in his heart that he didn't want to hurt Coselle, and yet, what if it happened again? What if he screwed up a fourth time? His stomach churned at the very thought of hurting Coselle again, and yet... how could he ensure it didn't happen? Well, he knew better than to ever side with Neville again, and he always made sure to stay true to his own beliefs following the vial incident, but still, the fact remained that those weren't the only two areas where he could fuck up. It could be something else, anything else, and inevitably, he would never realize his mistake until it was too late. And he didn't want to ever put Coselle through that again.

After a few minutes of thinking to himself, Keith decided that he too could use some air. He murmured "Excuse me a minute," to Rowan and slipped out of the Secret Base. He caught sight of Coselle after a moment, and slowly walked over to her. "So..." he began quietly. "I couldn't help but hear some of what you were saying to Melittin back there. Got me thinking..." Keith sighed. "You're right, Coselle. I can't promise that I won't hurt you. As much as I want to be able to keep such a promise, that doesn't necessarily mean that I will be able to. The most I can promise with any sort of certainty is that I will try to never hurt you. And I've always tried... but it's obvious I've never tried hard enough." He gave another sigh, then turned to look at Coselle. "I want to try harder," he stated in a more determined tone. "I've been thinking about it, and I've come to a conclusion... if I want to try harder, I have to understand you better. I've always said I may never fully understand your need for blood, your thirst for vengeance... but I want to. I want to understand it, Coselle. Maybe if I understand... maybe I can actually stop myself from making the kind of stupid mistakes I've made far too many times in the past. And more than that... I want to understand it because it's who you are." At this point, Keith cleared his throat. He was about to attempt something for the first time... though his learning of Shuppet language seemed to, to his mild surprise, come with an automatic understanding of the evolved form's language, Keith had only ever spoken the former. But between his ability to understand it when spoken to him, and the fact that Coselle spoke it to him very often, he was fairly confident that he wouldn't screw this up. He spoke up again- not in English, not in Shuppet language, but in Banette language. "I want to understand more than just the language," he stated. "You deserve to have someone who understands what you are and why you do what you do, and I want to try to be that someone. I don't deny the stupidity that has been my downfall many times before, I don't deny that it may hinder my attempts to understand... but I want to try."

Rose looked just as surprised as Chuck at the multicolored glow they were both sporting. And then, without warning, the two of them found themselves Teleported somewhere else. Chuck could hear the sounds of people and Pokémon at play in the distance. Then, a sapphire-blue color flashed in his mind, and he saw Rose point in the direction of the sounds. Her head was also tilted in that direction. He at least had the general idea of what she was trying to say, and smiled as he responded, "Lead the way."

Mr. Nose stated how impressed he was with Myrtle's capabilities, but then proceeded to push them to their limits by bringing up memories of his past. Myrtle very quickly found herself overwhelmed with feelings of sadness and rage. While very much to the Shuppet's taste, there was simply too much of it to take in all at once. It was the Shuppet equivalent of being force-fed- too much at one time. She found herself unable to speak as she absorbed as much of the suffering as she possibly could. Pomona, meanwhile, though unable to sense emotions herself, could nevertheless sense something amiss, a definite change in the Nosepass's aura. She saw the tears starting to form in his eyes, and made to hug the Nosepass with her vines once again, wanting very much to help him.

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