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Bedivere listens with rapt attention to Sir Haykhong's whispered words, leaning in as his voice drops even further in order to reveal the true nature of the treasure that the Slugma believes to be hidden in the cavern; Bedivere's eyes light up at the mention of gold, his ever-present smile widening further. Matching his volume to that of his friend, he whispers his pleased reaction;

"Oh, a fitting find indeed for you and your trainer! There is no metal more royal... more dignified than gold." Bedivere chortles softly, his voice raising once again to answer the Slugma's question regarding craftsmen. "I know just the craftspokemon to aid you... for the medals, and indeed for our previous conversation, as well. I am aware of a group of talented Sableye in a quaint little shop to the West of here who specialize in crafting fine jewelry from precious metals and gemstones, though there are some among them who would likely have the skillset to polish and restore medallions, as well." Bedivere's eyes sparkle with delight. "Eccentric chaps, I'm told, but it is said of many ghost types that we are... not all there! Ohohohoho~"

Meanwhile, Rowan decides to politely ask Coselle how she happens to know his Roggenrola; he suggests that perhaps she was her previous trainer, or may have known such an individual. Coselle shakes her head, and looks up at the ceiling, trying to think of how to explain her relationship to Lalu without either being entirely disbelieved or cast out of Rowan's Base as a freak. After a long pause, she is about to speak, but fortunately for her, a knock on the door interrupts the conversation. She motions to Rowan to the door, as if indicating that she would not think it at all rude of him to answer, and immediately exhales with momentary relief at the distraction. Of course, she knew that it would be only a matter of time before Rowan returned to ask again, and so, she attempts to gather her thoughts... Only to be approached by the very Beedrill she had been glaring at moments before.

Coselle immediately tenses up, going into a defensive position. Despite her previous strength as a Banette, Beedrill poisoning in her current state would be very serious... Even fatal. Lalu bounds behind the Beedrill, who admits to Coselle that they didn't exactly get off to a great start, but assures her that he cares about her, and while there are many people in this world that he would hurt, Lalu was not one of them. Coselle's eyes narrow with a flare of anger as he reassures her that he would never hurt Lalu.

"Funny thing about that, Melittin... It is those we care about, and those who care about us, that have the power to hurt us the most. Even if you say you would never hurt her... One day, you might end up saying the wrong thing, or making the wrong choice, or even encouraging her to kill herse-" Coselle stops mid-sentence, shaking her head violently as if to get a bad memory out of her head. "...Anyway. Please do not be a fool and make stupid promises like that. You will break it. Most assuredly, you will break it. The question is... How will you deal with it when you inevitably do hurt her? Will you learn from it... or will you just go on to make the same mistakes, over and over again? Will you keep on saying that you'll keep the promise next time? Because you never will! You never will!!"

Coselle realizes that her voice is beginning to rise in anger, and takes a deep breath, reeling her emotions back into herself. She tries to smile at the odd couple, pointing in the direction of Mr. Nose, Myrtle and Pomona. "Perhaps you two can socialize with the others, huh? I'm, uh, in need of some air, and a smoke or two." Coselle makes a motion to Rowan as she makes her way through the door, mouthing the words Excuse me as she makes her way past him and the delivery men, pulling an e-cigarette out of her bag with a shaking hand as she begins to light up the moment she is outside and at some distance from everyone. Even though her electronic cigarette's smoke was vapor instead of tobacco, and the scent of the fluid was a mild strawberry, Coselle still liked to use the device as an excuse to get away from others, much as she did with her former tobacco-laden habit-formers.

In another part of the Base, Mr. Nose nods with a contemplative expression as Myrtle indicates to him that she consumes all sorts of negative emotions, not just that of sadness. Mr. Nose's eyes light up at the prospect, and he practically jumps up and down with joy.

Mr. Nose is quite impressed with the Myrtle! An emotional kerchief. Mr. Nose is in need of such a kerchief to wipe the nose of his mind. Without warning, Mr. Nose begins to think of his past, and the torrent of sadness and rage that emanates from his rock-like body is so severe that even those who cannot sense emotion are able to sense the change in the aura around the big-nosed Pokemon. Wincing in pain, the Nosepass offers his deep suffering to Myrtle, apparently under the impression that she will eat it all away. He looks up at her expectantly, tears beginning to form in his eyes.
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