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Whimsicott The Land and the Sea

Fallen Icarus- TL2

Wins-8 Losses-10 Ties-1
KOs-17 SP-5 TP-61.5
Debt: 1 SP for Charm
8.5 for Daisy
(not really but) 1 for Kots 1 for Sarcastrophe 2 for Ex

Spoiler: show
Trainer Level 3

Seth (Gliscor)-Male (Uplevel)
Hidden Power: N/A
Gliscor are not true fliers: instead, they glide. If needed to, however, they are able to fly for short distances, and their claws allow them to grab and climb relatively smooth surfaces. Upon evolving, their claws got quite stronger and attacks that use it are 15% stronger then normal. They are also able to use a form of echolocation, allowing them to see through illusions, reveal hidden Pokémon and have a better sense of their surroundings in low-visibility situations. Gliscor can see in the dark, and fight more enthusiastically at night.

Seth comes from a long line of Saiyan (Gliscor) warriors that are fiercely prideful and arrogant, not to mention extremely powerful. Seth was originally named after a vegetable like all Saiyans; however he was somewhat embarrassed of the name and fully embraced the name Seth. After coming to earth to conquer it, Seth was met with opposition from all the Dragonball characters you all know and love. Being crushed by a pinky is extremely frustrating, and thus Seth called upon his Saiyan heritage and achieved SUPER SAIYAN! However, he was still defeated quite easily, albeit now by a index finger. Seth struggled to break his own mental and physical barriers, but after 3 days inside the room of spirit and time, Seth became more powerful than ever, now becoming the one and only SUPER SAIYAN 2!!! Goku and Vegeta now had somewhat of a trouble with Seth, but finished the battle with little more than a bated breath. Seth was crushed beyond belief. He had spent more than 5 years (Actually more like 1 year but meh) training to defeat the Earthlings, but Seth had left barely a dent. In his anger and sorrow which was rushing and pouring from him with the strength of a river 10 fold, Seth finally became SUPER SAIYAN THREE! Needless to say, Goku and Vegeta were crushed. Hohohoho.

Super Saiyan Transformations

Seth can go into one of the Super Saiyan forms once per match for 3 turns. When he goes into this state, he grows a dragon-ball z like head of hair.
-Super Saiyan
Seth's newly grown hair turns yellow, and he can now somewhat fly with his Ki.
Seth is now somewhat faster and somewhat more agile
1.1x boost to all attacks, 1.1x energy use.
Seth can shoot off electric type energy blasts (Sorta like a Kamehameha) that do decent damage for decent energy.
Seth has the energy to shoot off 2 of these per battle
-Super Saiyan 2
Seth's newly grown hair turns yellow, and he can now decently fly with his Ki.
Seth is now decently faster and decently more agile
1.2x boost to all attacks, 1.3x energy use
Seth can shoot off electric type energy blasts (Sorta like a Kamehameha) that do Solid damage for solid energy.
Seth has the energy to shoot off 2 of these per battle
-Super Saiyan 3
Seth's newly grown hair turns yellow and super long, plus he can now expertly fly with his Ki.
Seth is now extremely faster and extremely more agile
1.4x boost to all attacks, 1.7x energy use
Seth can shoot off electric type energy blasts (Sorta like a Kamehameha) that do significant damage for significant energy.
Seth has the energy to shoot off 2 of these per battle

After being in any super saiyan mode, Seth will become extremely tired and sluggish
He will have a harder time executing moves that require quick action
That amount of exhaustion depends on the level of super saiyan, obviously 1 has less exhaustion while 3 is has the most exhaustion

Seth cannot use hyper beam (when a Gliscor), acrobatics, bulldoze, and swords dance.

Rolan (Sealeo)-Male (Uplevel)
Hidden Power: N/A
Sealeo is able to hold objects on its nose, allowing it to manipulate objects and use them in attacks.

The meaning of life is to roll
in the mind of a little blue Spheal and
to every green orchard
and every blue sea
This lively spheal will go
Smells of piney aroma
will never deter
A spheal from his rolling career
He runs circles around his
Many legged foes
until only their confusion is left
When the round ball comes
if you want to keep your dinner

Spheal with it (Special Attack)
Rolan encases himself in Ice typed energy and rolls around his foe.As he rolls, the ground around the floor with become covered in hard ice and be very slippery. The ice covers approximately five steps steps in every direction from the opponents body.
If the opponents tries to move, this move will more likely than not make the pokemon slip, dependent on their surefootedness and traction. When they fall, the damage they will receive will be dependant on their weight, the damage dealing from mild (very light and short pokemon like Pachirusu) and signficant (Heavy pokemon such as Hariyama and Tyranitar) The exact damage is at the discretion of the ref.
This attack will melt from strong fire attacks such as flamethrower, but is resistant to weaker fire attacks such as ember. The ice will last until it is melted, or until the opponent faints. This move can be used once per match.
This attack requires Solid ice energy to use.
Rolan cannot use Water Pulse and Aurora beam.

Trainer Level 2

Ji-ran (Monferno)-Female
Hidden Power: Ice
When threatened, Monferno increases the size of its flame to appear larger then it really is in order to intimidate its oppponent. If a Pokémon would reasonably be afraid of Monferno, said Pokémon will be slightly less effective in battle. The members of Chimchar line are extremely good climbers, allowing them to scale most walls and surfaces and swing from vines and branches with ease. The Chimchar line also gets a boost in the power of its Fire attacks when low in health.

Ji-ran was once a naive, innocent little Chimchar, dwelling in a faraway place that was, long ago, called Sinnoh. It is Sinnoh's custom for young pokemon, pokemon that are about to come of age, to travel on 1 year journey across the land, meeting new pokemon and learning valuable lessons such as acceptance and kindness. Along with Al Capone, a fearless Murkrow, Lancelot, a heroic Scyther, and a lively Piplup named Pip, Ji-ran skipped across the road, ready to face whatever the big bad world had to throw at them. On their travels, Ji-ran and Co. met many pokemon, including members of my current party like Vix. It was hard-going, but Ji-ran entirely enjoyed it, and eagerly awaited the day when she would be able to share these stories with her family. Then disaster struck. Reshiram, angered over the fighting between the 2 brothers, shot across an ocean blue to release his frustration on pokemon in a land where no one he knew would hear about it. The motley crew of 4 caught his eye, and Reshiram, in all his majestic cruelness, swooped down and lay waste upon Pip. Pip's fire resistance would not help him here, and Pip fell to the ground, roasted to the very bone. Ji-ran stared, shell-shocked, and tears welled up, drenching her entire face. She turned his glare upon Reshiram, who looked unperturbed at the very most. Reshiram, who was now thinking this was an epic waste of his glorious time, turned to finish Ji-ran and the others by a single blast of his Blue Flare. Sapphire Flames engulfed the plain, but soon vanished, swallowed by Ji-ran in her furious rage. Ji-ran ignited her hands with fiery energy, which glowed with such raw power that time and space were distorted around her. Falling upon Reshiram, Ji-ran pummeled him like no tomorrow, which caused Reshiram to sorrowfully retreat back to its stone. Ji-ran would never be the same again.

Tears of a Fiery Rain (Special Attack)
Calling upon her great grief and sorrow, Ji-ran wraps a flamethrower's amount of energy around her fists. At this time, attacks related to provocations are more likely to succeed and may even interrupt the attack. If interrupted, the flames will go out and Ji-ran will go on a mad rage, throwing herself on top of the opponent untill Ji-ran is exhausted or the opponent faints. If allowed to continue, Ji-ran will go on to perform a close-combat, with those fiery fists. This attack deals fire-type damage, and for every hit, there is a high possibility of dealing burns. It deals the damage of a close-combat for the energy of a flamethrower+Close Combat. Ji-ran can no longer use Close combat.

Toga (Togepi) - Female
Hidden Power: N/A
All baby Pokémon's techniques that are based on cuteness (such as Charm, Attract, Sweet Kiss, etc) are slightly more effective. Togepi's shell provides a slightly higher defense where it covers. Togepi is able to levitate through minor expenditure of energy.

Togepi is a talented actress, but she also has nasty manipulative tendencies. I would advise everyone to stay away from her.

Signature move: The performance of a lifetime

Toga begins reciting an emotional story of her struggles and the various losses she had acquired in her long life. Among those are:the death of her mother, the bloody massacre of her family, multiple job rejections, and more. The opponent is so overwhelmed by her story that they promptly burst out crying, the tears stinging their eyes.

While the opponent is distracted, Toga gathers normal typed energy into her fists and hits the opponent really hard on the temple. Unless the opponent has an extremely hard head, he/she suffers a concussion that carries on to the end of the next round.

This move costs Major energy to perform, and deals considerable damage.

Wingspan (Zubat)-Male
Hidden Power: Ice
Zubat is completely blind, as it has no eyes. However, it uses sonar to detect things, which means that it cannot be fooled by visual illusions (such as Double Team). Zubat have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound attacks.

Wingspan has a sexy wingspan. As a result of this sexy wingspan, Wingspan has developed a habit of checking himself out in a mirror. However, Wingspan noticed that when he battled, there was no way of seeing his attractive image. Wingspan, while incredible narcissus, was also vaguely intelligent- using this glimmer of brainpower, he gained the ability to make mirrors in battle. Yippee.

Sig Move- Light Screen

Wingspan has learned Light Screen.

Al Capone (Murkrow) - Male
Hidden Power: N/A
Murkrow are symbols of woe amongst Pokémon and people, particularly when seen at night. Murkrow can see in the dark, and fight more enthusiastically at night.

Following upon his old experiments in deadly chemicals, Al has begun experiments on corrosive metals, having regained his sadistic streak. Now, instead of nasty smells and explosions, screams of agony from pained victims filled our household... Even today, I regret not intervening, but the threat of being one of those victims myself was too much to ignore... Tattered remains of individuals stained our very minds, and the home I once held dear was rendered a horror...

The basement now drenched with blood, Al finished his endeavors. The bodies in there were nearly unrecognizable, their figures disfigured by writhing metal chains. The quiet screams could still be heard from their torn mouths... the haunting sharpness is... unforgettable.

Sig Move: Corrosive Chains (Steel)

Using Heavy Steel energy, Murkrow brings out chains made of energy from the ground, below the target. These chains come up from the ground and automatically latch themselves onto the pokemon, wrapping around the pokemon's body. In the first round this used, the effects appear minor- a slight restriction to movement, a forgettable burning sensation, and some damage. However, with each passing turn, the effects become more potent- the burning goes from painless, to painful, and finally to excrutiating pain, while the restriction grows more severe, stopping just short of making it extremely difficult to move at all. As for the damage, at first, light steel damage is pumped into the foe (taking into consideration types), growing by a minor every turn, capping at significant damage. At it's beginning stages, it can be removed by being hit by moves totaling to good damage (and taking into the steel type)- however, at it's peak, even a Fire Blast would be hard pressed to remove the chains. Murkrow cannot use Shadow Ball, Toxic, and Steel Wing.

Eliana (Grimer)- Female
Hidden Power: N/A
These Pokémon are made up of poisonous substances made of liquid slime. Thus, toxic or polluted chemicals heal them instead of harm them. The same is true for poison attacks. Grimer cannot see in complete darkness, though they see better than most in low light. They are also very flexible, and can fit through gaps that most Pokémon of their size couldn't. Their bodies absorb physical blows, and physical projectiles, making all attacks in these manners 85% effective. However, as the slime is liquidized, they take slightly more damage from electric attacks.

Amelia (Drifloon)- Female
Drifloon is considered familiar with Psychic abilities. It can inflate itself to either provide a slight defense against physical attacks or for propulsion. Drifloon is almost always solid, but able to turn ethereal for short periods of time. They are very nimble in the air but light much like Hoppip and can be blown about easily by winds, but in ethereal, they are not influenced by winds or other similar forces. All ghosts fight more enthusiastically at night, though light does not hinder their ability to battle.

Amelia always gives everyone a headache. Whenever she floats around, she breaks things. When she doesn't float around, she starts deflating. It's a constant nightmare. Day in and day out, throbbing migraines would plague our team. Eventually, we learned Amelia liked to create headaches for everyone, and as everyone knows, do what you like in battle. Hence, the move. Woo, more headaches.

Sig Move- Absolute Headaches

Using Significant Ghost energy, Drifloon sets up waves of kinetic energy that stretch out across the Arena. All enemy pokemon that are currently in battle or switch in are affected by this move. When a pokemon is affected by this move (either by activation or switching in) they are inflicted with a terrible headache for 1 turns. This headache does everything a headache would do- create difficulty concentrating, irritability, greater vulnerability to mind affecting attacks, etc. A pokemon affected by this will have trouble forming and using attacks that expend significant damage or more. The attacks in question will more than likely fail or will be released in a greatly weaker form. If a pokemon were to use moves that would cure confusion, this headache will be lessened somewhat. This can be removed by rapid spin for whatever reason. Due to the way her brain was damaged when creating this entry hazard, boosting moves that deal with the mind will have a considerably less potent effect than it would have normally. Drifloon cannot use Sucker Punch or Flash.

Crackers (Magnemite)- Genderless Lv. 2
Hidden Power: N/A
Magnemite moves using antigravity propulsion. While this limits its speed and "flight ceiling" (how high it can float over the ground), this allows it to perform amazing aerial evasive maneuvers that cannot be performed by any other flier. Being inorganic, Magnemite cannot be affected by Poison in any way, unlike other Steel types who could be affected if the Poison is ingested internally.

Sig: Muscle Memory.
Crackers gathers and carefully unleashes several waves of solid electric energy. On contact, these waves only do a moderate amount of damage. The next turn, the opponent will have it's "muscle memory" rewritten. All moves done by the opponent will slightly be off to the side, resulting in easier dodges and such. Ordering: "Attack a little to the side!" will not do anything. There is a 1/30th chance of the muscles totally locking up and not being able to do anything. Widespread attacks like Earthquake that have no care for accuracy and Psychic attacks that do not rely on the body will not be affected, however, widespread moves such as Surf will be affected, since it requires a degree of accuracy, and attacks such as Hypnosis will be affected since it requires a degree of movement (e.g. eye contact)This lasts a total of 4 turns, and can be used once per match. The effect of this move is generally severe enough that it will always work. However, in the case that it is partially dodged, then there is a 50% of it affecting the whole body, and a 90% of affecting the part of the body part that it hit. The side-effects of this attack will not affect pokemon with no... muscles. If the pokemon affected is hit with moves that deal (in total) Extreme Damage or more, the pokemon will forcibly regain its previous muscle memory. Crackers cannot learn Thunder Wave.

Meh (Kadabra)- Male
Hidden Power: N/A
Kadabra emits special alpha waves as a byproduct of its psychic abilities. These waves induce headaches and will disrupt the concentration of Pokémon within 5 feet of Kadabra.

Meh is so smart, everyone seems dumb. Like most intellectuals, he enjoys meeting other intellectuals, but everyone seems dumb, so Meh ends up not having any fun. Because of this, Meh always says meh. Meh.

Sig Move: Meh

Once per Match, Meh can say Meh. When Meh says Meh, other pokemon become depressed. They become insecure about their smartness because Meh just straight-up disregards them with a simple Meh. They question their intelligence, their decisions, and as a result, their attacks are held in. They don't want to be committed to an action, you see. When this happens, their attacks are reduced in strength by 20%, for an equal 20% energy reduction. Even status attacks (like Swords Dance, Thunder Wave, and Attract) are reduced in effectiveness by 20%. (Of course, attacks like Attract don't have a numerical value effectiveness, so take that as you will) What they don't know is that Meh's Meh is a special Meh imbued with good psychic energy especially designed to make them feel insecure. After 3 rounds (not counting the round Meh is used), the pokemon well get over the fact that they will never be as smart as Meh, and will stop being insecure. Meh has never learned Zap Cannon and Psywave because those things are dumb.

Serenity (Clefairy)- Female
Hidden Power: N/A
It is less shy than a Clefable, but is still made a bit nervous from large crowds of people. Clefairy and Clefable can jump high and far, and can use their wings to fly (not fast or well, but they can). The Clefairy family cannot see in total darkness, but they can see better than most in low-light.

Janine (Marill)- Female
Hidden Power: N/A
Marrill's hearing is more sensitive than normal, at the expense of making it more vulnerable to sound attacks. Marrills may use their tail-balls as a floatation device, making it difficult to force one underwater if it does not wish to do so.

Tile (Wartortle)- Male
Hidden Power: N/A
The most militant of the Squirtle family, Wartortle are the middle of the line in speed and agility. Like all of the Squirtle family, they are vulnerable if knocked on their backs.

Trainer Level 1

BFG (Golett)- Genderless
Hidden Power: N/A
Golett is entirely inorganic, meaning it is completely unaffected by poison. Though slow and robotic, it is quite heavy and bulky for its size, allowing it to deal slightly more damage from physical attacks.

Maizono (Mawile)- Female
Hidden Power: N/A
Its metal jaw is very strong and exceptionally difficult to force open. Attacks involved with it are 1.2x stronger then normal. It techniques that are based on cuteness (such as Charm, Attract, Sweet Kiss, etc) are slightly more effective. Mawile can see in the dark.

Enoshima (Misdreavus)- Female
Hidden Power: N/A
Misdreavus will usually stay in the gaseous state but can switch to solid if required. It cannot achieve the ethereal or invisible states. Though not the fastest, Misdreavus can manage a decent speed in the air. However, its flight ceiling is only waist height of most trainers.

D'artagan (Hawlucha)- Male
Hidden Power: N/A
Though not an extremely fast or proficient flier, it is extremely adept at aerial movement. Although it can maintain some level of flight, it prefers jumping and gliding, and can move extremely fast when launching from the ground. When executing physical moves, it can also more easily maneuver to evade counterattacks or position itself in an optimal place.

Athos (Treecko)- Male
Hidden Power: N/A
Thanks to the small hooks on their feet, Treecko are able to scale most vertical walls. Treecko cannot be intimidated easily, and are therefore more resistant to Fear-inducing attacks.

Male Tyrogue- (Courage)
Hidden Power: N/A
Tyrogue are very energetic (meaning they use energy more quickly, but have more of it) and hate to lose. A Tyrogue can keep fighting up to one round after when it shouldfve been knocked out.

Female Emolga- (Spirit)
Hidden Power: N/A
Emolga cannot actually fly, much like the Gligar family, instead gliding over the ground.

Male Whismur- (Len)
Hidden Power: N/A
Whismur is completely immune to any sound-based attack, any sound based attack used by Whismur is 25% more effective then usual.

Male Mudkip- (Whimsy)
Hidden Power: N/A
Being a wet and slimy Pokémon, attacks involving grabs or holds are difficult to execute. It may also use its fin to detect things happening in the arena. Though not truly a Ground type, Mudkip has more Ground energy and is considered familiar with the type.

Male Onix- (Gorge)
Hidden Power: N/A
Onix are large Pokémon, and are able to burrow through hard materials with their Dig attack easily (such as concrete). Onix can see in the dark.

Male Turtwig- (Discord)
Hidden Power: N/A
Attacks on its shell will deal slightly reduced damage, as it is quite sturdy. However they are vulnerable if knocked on their backs.

Spoiler: show
Bird's Keeper Token- The Birdkeeper's Token signifies freedom of thought and movement that transcends the art of the possible. It can be attached to Flying type pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will be significantly faster and more agile than their peers in whatever their usual mode of transportation is, able to travel further and with more precision and dexterity than others without expending much more energy. At ref's discretion, they will be more able to dodge attacks and harder to evade when using their own. This token may be purchased during the week long Easter event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Finished Matches
Spoiler: show

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