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Originally Posted by kaisap112 View Post
Hiya folks! Since Celebii is a bit busy during this first update round, I'll be your updater for a bit. Celebii will take over again once the educational system stops trying to murder him.

Ex-Admiral Insane: Eager to find a Pokémon to catch, you rush right into the ominous morning fog. Deciding to be the fastest and the very best no one ever was, your feet send tons of sand flying around. After about ten minutes you start running out of speed, stopping to catch your breath. Still not believing your luck of getting a pink umbrella, you open it above you in disbelief: the manliest, most butch trainer alive, and his…Pride-pink umbrella. You decide that owning the umbrella would be a good course of action: returning with a super-strong, rare Pokémon would leave no doubt about your abilities as a trainer, and you could brush the pink umbrella off as an unfortunate accident – or just make pink the new black and your signature color for fans to fawn over. A lazy “slaaaaa” ringing in your head suddenly, you snap out of your daydream and…see a shadow moving in the distance. Excited, you start running as fast as you can…!

And fall down a hole covered by sand. Rushing definitely was a bad idea. Looking up from the bottom of the hole, you see that high up the hole you fell in from is now covered…by your umbrella. The pink light coming through the umbrella seems to be making fun of you, but even reaching up to it while standing up doesn’t make you tall enough to reach that umbrella. You need to figure out another way to get out…

What will you do?
After a few minutes of running, Lucas decided to stop for a while and walk at a more leisurely pace. Surely, he must have gained some footing on the other entrants. He took this small time out to start thinking about the Pokémon he might encounter. If he could find a cool-looking Pokémon it might even out his mistake of the umbrella. Looking up at the umbrella he had picked up, he could see some light come through it giving him a slight pinkish glow. Needless to say he didn’t enjoy it, but no one else was around so he could safely walk around with it without feeling embarrassed. That is, until he saw a shadow moving in the distance.
“Yes!” he shouted out in glee. “A Pokémon!” And with those words he started sprinting forward to catch up to it, hoping to be the first with a strong-looking Pokémon.
If I’m also the first to catch a Pokémon, people might also see me as an experienced trainer. I can only imagine-
“Sla,” came a soft voice from his belt. His Slakoth was calling out to him from its Pokéball.
“Quiet Kong.” Where was I? Oh yeah, people will know my nam-
“Sla,” came the voice again.
“Stop it Kong, you’re ruining my concentration.” I will be famous. This will be the first step-
With the word step in his mind, he took one right before the ground beneath him sunk. The sand started pouring down into a hole in which Lucas had practically leapt in. The fall didn’t feel that long though and he was at the bottom in no time. His hand hurt though.
“Sla,” came the soft voice again. (I told you)
“Ouhh,” Lucas moaned both out of pain and as a response. “Just shut up.”

Taking a small moment to ease some of his pain, he looked at his new environment. It had a soft pink glow that reminded him of his umbrella. Not surprising as he found out why his hand hurt. When falling, the umbrella caught on the sides of the hole and his hand slid past the handle giving him a soft burn. The umbrella was now above him, blocking the entrance of the hole and letting only pink light through as if mocking him just as much as Kong.
He reached up to try and grab the handle but even when standing on the edge of his toes, he couldn’t reach it. What now? He considered shouting for help but he didn’t want any of the other contestants to see him in this state. Then again. They’re quite far behind me and maybe that Pokémon will come and help and then... He took a few seconds to think some more. And then when the Pokémon comes out and helps me, I can immediately capture it. Two birds with one stone. What a great idea. He was almost feeling positive about his situation and the plan he had created.
“HELP! I’m stuck down here! HELP!”
“Ru! Ralralru.” (Get serious! Think of a real plan to get us out of here) Rags came out of his Pokéball to try and knock some sense into his trainer.
“Well what do you sug-“ He stopped midsentence and gave a small mischievous grin towards his Pokémon as he remembered the Pokédex’s info on Rags. Rags didn’t like it at all.
Originally Posted by Pokédex
Ralts, the Feeling Pokémon. Type: Psychic. National Number: 280. Height: 0.4 metre. Weight: 6.6 kilogram. Body description: Amorphous, Bipedal, Tailless.
Lucas clicked the Pokédex off before it spewed out more nonsense he wasn’t interested in. It was the weight he was interested in and a few moments later, he had tied the rope he got from the park around his low weight Pokémon. Not without resistance though.
“You ready Rags?”
“Ru!” (No!)
“Okay then,” his trainer replied, thinking it was a yes. He picked Rags up and got ready to throw him up to the top.

“Sla,” came another voice that interrupted him. Kong also came out of his Pokéball this time.
“Kong. That’s amazing! You’re actually standing on your own two feet this time.” He actually was. Kong had finally, for the first time since Lucas saw him, stood on his own legs.
Kong pointed at Lucas and shook his head slowly. “Sla, sla, sla.” It was pretty clear that he was mocking his trainer.
Lucas snapped at his Pokémon’s insult. “You don’t get too judge me you lazy sloth. I don’t see you do anything.”
Kong merely blinked with his eyes at his trainer’s words and walked slowly and sluggishly like a sloth would towards Rags. He stretched his right leg a little behind Rags and placed it close so it wouldn’t hurt him as much.
Rags had a bad feeling about it and wanted to move out of the way, but it was a little late for that. Kong’s leg started glowing white as he prepared to perform Mega Kick to launch Rags up. Lucas held the other end of the rope that was attached to Rags and grinned at his new Pokémon’s first attempt to be a team player.

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