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It was almost nighttime. Levin returned to his home, fondly named the Marble Garden, clutching a tiny metal ball in his hand: his latest acquisition, a Shellder. Zion floated closely behind him, as always, and hadn’t let the Pokeball out of its sight the entire journey. Levin knew why, even if the Beldum lacked the Psychic power to express itself – it had been an awkward choice for his team.

Throughout his travels, he’d always preferred – subconsciously or not – to raise mostly stronger and rarer Pokemon than the small shellfish. There was apparently nothing remarkable about such a widespread Pokemon that would elicit Levin’s interest, so Zion was no doubt wondering why. He smirked; they’d see.

Boo the Bibarel was the first to notice the return of his Trainer; running to meet him, falling twice along the way, the beaver hopped around him excitedly. Levin patted him on the hand, thanking him for the warm welcome, but decided to say nothing about the new teammate. Something told him the Shellder wouldn’t exactly get along with someone of such… selective intelligence.

- Hey Boo! How you doing buddy, missed me? Hey, I got a job for you. Could you go find out where Mazo is and call him back? It’s almost dinner time.

Boo nodded vigorously and ran off to accomplish the all-important mission. Levin smiled as he wandered off, then called over the rest of his Pokemon; many had already noticed him and were approaching, and those that hadn’t did soon after Boo passed them by, running as fast as he could. Other than Mazo the Lucario, who had a habit of wandering by himself most of the day, as well as Cygna and Atla, left in the Daycare Centre, only Hebi was missing – and Baal, but that one would be off flying somewhere, and wouldn’t draw close even if he’d heard his Trainer.

- Hey guys! Got someone I want you all to meet. Say hi to Krem!

He released Shellder from his Pokeball, and the tiny shellfish looked around with curiosity. Why were all these Pokemon looking at him and welcoming him like they’d known him forever?

- Hope you’ll make him feel at home, everyone. Now, does anybody know where Hebi is?

Min pointed over to the nearby lake. Sure enough, there was the Dunsparce, deeply immersed in the fascinating activity that was looking at his own reflection. Levin shook his head

- Go on inside guys, I’ll catch up and get dinner ready.

He walked over to Hebi before something happened; the lake was remarkably deep, and there was no way the silly land snake would make it out if he fell in. Krem followed him, hopping to keep up the pace; he probably wanted to introduce himself to the Dunsparce.

Just as he was about to pick up Hebi, who hadn’t even noticed them approach, Levin heard something and turned around.

- Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

Boo was running over to him with a radiant look on his face. Seems he’d found Mazo and delivered the message. Oh well, time to amp up the achievement and send him home happy.

- Well done Boo, I knew you had it in you! Here, I got something for you.

He set his backpack on the ground, opened it and pulled out a handful of Pokeblocks.

- These are for you, but make sure to share with the others, okay? I’ll be right over, let me just get Hebi.

The Bibarel jumped in joy and took the Pokeblocks, munching on one as he left on yet another important mission: delivering the remaining sweets to the others. Levin watched him go and turned back around to fetch the Dunsparce, when Krem nudged him on the leg and pointed at the lake with his tongue, visibly alarmed. Where was Hebi?!

He rushed to the margin, only to find the snake flapping and splashing about in the water helplessly, almost at the center of the lake, and soon he started to drown! Damnit Hebi, you idiot!!

What could he do? He could dive in and look for him, but it was already dark and the odds of finding such a small Pokemon in the depths of the lake were little. Cygna wasn’t available to Dive in and recover him either, and all the others were already inside the house! He turned around; maybe something in his bag would help, perhaps his Escape Rope? That’s when he saw it.

Krem emerged from within the Bag holding something on the tip of his tongue; a Water Stone. How did he know?... He must have spotted it while I fetched the Pokeblocks for Boo… He wants to use it already?!
Things were starting to make sense. Hebi didn’t just happen to fall inside the lake while he was talking to Boo at all… Krem must have Tackled him inside, it was the only way the Dunsparce could have ended up in the middle of the lake! He just wanted an excuse to use the Water Stone...
Levin clenched his fist; he hated being outsmarted, and now he had no choice but to play along; Krem was his best shot at rescuing Hebi anyway.

- You scheming little prick… What kind of… Fine, do it already! Just save Hebi!

The Shellder immediately pulled the Water Stone inside its shell and snapped it shut, and soon afterwards, the already-familiar glow enveloped his body. Several sharp protrusions emerged as the shell grew to almost-human size, and as the light subsided, Krem had evolved. The stood imposing , with a grin that said “You just got played”.
He hopped inside the lake and submerged. Levin held his breath, much like he hoped Hebi was doing down there. But after a short while, Krem resurfaced, carrying the tiny snake gasping for air on top of his shell.

- Hebi!! Thank God… Come here boy, I’m sorry I let you out of my sight! I’ll fix you right up buddy.

He recalled Hebi to his Pokeball, and exchanged a glare with the Cloyster.

- Don’t ever try something like that again. If you want to pull my strings, make sure you pull the right ones... Otherwise you’re in for a very difficult life under my command.

Krem said nothing, but smiled back; a smile that meant he believed the threat, but it wouldn’t stop him from messing with Levin’s head. A smile that said he knew, deep down inside, Levin was impressed and eager to measure his wits against him in the future. But the Cloyster said nothing, as he too was recalled inside his Pokeball.
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