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Grovyle Ho-oh Says: You can be of any sex

Weebos (c) vs. Jami' (a)
2 vs 2
Realistic without Death
72 hour DQ
Arena: Ship's Deck.
Ships Deck (Outdoor): The battle takes place on a cruise ship out on the ocean. On the ship specifically, the battle starts off on the ship's front deck. It is quite probably that the battle can spill out into the ocean or into the inside of the ship.
Special Rules: Easily destroyed, Onlookers, Terrain Edge (Sea w/ Wild Pokémon [sea] as an special rule), Building Edge (Concrete/Indoor with special rules Onlookers and Confined in effect)
Optional Rules: Artificial Lighting, Terrain Edge (Pool/Outdoor [basically, a pool on the front deck] with special rule diving platform in effect), Terrain Edge (Beach, replaces Sea [aka ship is docked in harbor])
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