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Originally Posted by PikaGod View Post
Trading Lv 1 Male Carnivine to MM for a candy.

*Trade Started*
"A-no-ther Po-ké-mon? How ma-ny does this make now, Meat Sack? Thir-ty-se-ven?"

"Something like that, Myrtle," stated the man who was currently walking through the doors of the Cable Club, conversing with the irate-looking Shuppet floating next to him. Despite the Shuppet's constant mutterings about how impossibly large the team was getting, Keith strolled over to the trade machine and placed a single Rare Candy on it. Then, the switch was thrown. Lights were flashing, the machine was making all sorts of sounds, and before Keith knew it, there sat a Poké Ball where the Rare Candy had been. With a satisfied smirk, Keith picked up the ball. "All right," he said. "Looks like we got ourselves a new teammate, Myrtle."

"Oh, goo-die," Myrtle stated sarcastically, rolling her eyes. "Now what kind is it? You ne-ver spe-ci-fied the spe-cies."

"Ah, yes," Keith nodded as he hurled the ball into the air. "Carnivine, come on out!" he called.

In a flash of light, what could only be described as a giant mutated levitating Venus Flytrap materialized. The next thing Keith knew, he felt the Carnivine chomping down on his head, his hat knocked to the floor. "Gah!" Keith exclaimed as he hastened to pull the Grass-type off his head. "Wow, you're a hungry fellow, aren't you?" he chuckled as he set the Carnivine down on the floor (he rose a few feet into the air once Keith had let go). Keith then produced from his backpack his Pokédex and pointed it at the Carnivine.

"Carnivine, the Bug Catcher Pokémon," droned the device. "Carnivine wraps its vines around a tree branch where it motionlessly impersonates an innocent plant. Once its sweet-smelling saliva has attracted prey, it chomps down with its powerful mouth."

"So, this shouldn't be much different than Goyle," Keith remarked. "Similar behavior to a Victreebel.

"How fas-ci-na-ting, Meat Sack," hissed Myrtle. "Now, ha-ving said that... GET THIS *CENSORED* CAR-NI-VINE OFF OF ME!!!"

Keith wheeled around, and sure enough, his new Carnivine was gnawing on Myrtle. "Carnivine, no!" Keith said sternly as he made to pry the Bug Catcher Pokémon's jaws open. "This is Myrtle. She is your teammate, not your snack!" Keith stated.

"Viiine," whined Carnivine.

"I know, you're still hungry," nodded Keith. At this, Carnivine nodded vigorously. Then, Keith noticed a Patrat sticking its head out of a hole in the wall. He looked at his Carnivine, but he had already lunged. In less than two seconds, the Patrat was trapped in Carnivine's mouth, and in the process of being digested.

"I thought Car-ni-vine wait mo-tion-less-ly for their prey?" remarked Myrtle.

"Looks like this guy takes a more direct approach," Keith replied as the Carnivine floated back over to them. "Alright, so, Carnivine, I am Keith. I am your trainer. Not your snack, not your meal, your trainer. Do I make myself clear?"

"Vine, vine, vine," replied the Carnivine. Keith didn't need Myrtle's translation to know that Carnivine had essentially said "Yeah, yeah, yeah...".

"Well, this ought to be interesting," Keith sighed. "In any case, welcome to the team... Fang."

Fang the Carnivine stopped and thought for a moment, before nodding and grinning in approval of his new nickname. Satisfied, Keith withdrew Fang and exited the Cable Club.

OOC: Trading 1 Rare Candy to PikaGod for his Lv. 1 male Carnivine.

*Trade Closed*
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