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Originally Posted by Itzatrap View Post
Trading 3x Rare Candies, 1,000 coins and TMs Overheat and Focus Punch to biggggg5 for his male level 6 Heracross.

**Trade Started**

Trading Heracross for the above mentioned items. Thanks itza!

Trade closed

Hercules' stats:

Hercules: male level 6 Heracross
Nature: tbd
Ability: Guts
Birthday: April 21
Pokeball: Pokeball

Held Item

Level Up: night slash, Tackle, leer, horn attack, Endure
TM: struggle bug, brick break Focus Blast
HM: cut, strength, rock smash
Move tutor/egg/advanced:Megahorn

Tameness: 0
IQ: 0

Obtained from Adoption Center

Also because it is easier then trying to fit them into my already incredibly messy profile I will be using both Tms on my Charmander Hotstuff.
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