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Squirtle Ooh, a post icon? I think we all know what this means...

Pomona, Chance, Bellatrix, Pisces, Himiko, Carla: As Pomona was still exclaiming how happy she was for Rubeus and Bubbles, she was interrupted by a sudden exclamation from Bellatrix. The Ivysaur, along with Chance, turned to look at the Skuntank, who was currently trying to shake a Blue-Striped Basculin off her tail.

"Pisces!" exclaimed Pomona. "What are you doing?! Why are you trying to eat Bellatrix?"

"Oh, you did not just take a bite out of my tail," said Bellatrix, as her Tail started to gleam as though made of Iron. Then, she used her tail to slam Pisces to the floor, forcing her to let go. The Basculin, however, looked entirely unperturbed by the Iron Tail attack, and glared insolently at the Skuntank.

"Yeah, I think I did, bitch," snapped Pisces. "See, I'm hungry. And when I'm hungry, and I see a good meal, I go for it. You got a problem with that?"

Bellatrix's eyes narrowed. "Yeah, as it just so happens, I do got a problem with that," she said. "No overblown fish dude makes a meal of me-"

"'Dude'? 'DUDE'?!" interrupted Pisces, enraged. "I'm a GIRL, moron! You 'dude' me one more time and I'll choke you with your own tail!"

"Why, you little-" began Bellatrix. However, she was interrupted as she felt someone holding her back. She looked- it was Chance. And the Squirtle looked pissed.

"Let me handle this," the Squirtle said to Bellatrix. "If there's one thing I hate, it's a bully."

Bellatrix honestly felt more inclined to handle the situation herself- she had a much larger level advantage over the Basculin, and was fairly confident that a single use of her Shadow Claw attack would be sufficient to get her point across, but seeing just how fired up Chance was, the Skuntank found herself curious as to just how well Chance could handle Pisces. She therefore nodded and backed off, allowing Chance to stomp right up to Pisces, even though the Tiny Turtle Pokémon was not much larger than Pisces (seriously, watch the anime- Basculin aren't especially small).

"Oh, you hate bullies, do you?" sneered Pisces. "Wanna know what I hate? I hate stupid, arrogant meals who don't know their place on the food chain!"

"I want you to leave right now," hissed Chance. "Leave right now, and never try to eat any of us again."

"I'd like to see you try and make me," chuckled Pisces. In response, Chance opened her mouth and unleashed her Water Gun, spraying Pisces right in the face. Once the attack was finished, Pisces was scowling angrily. "Oh, it is ON, bitch!" she exclaimed as she lunged forward, slamming the Squirtle with a Tackle attack. Undeterred, Chance fought back with her own Tackle, sending Pisces skidding back across the floor. But the Basculin wasn't giving up. Now she let fly an Ice Beam from her mouth, which Chance responded to by blowing a howling Blizzard from her own mouth. Chance's Blizzard overpowered Pisces's Ice Beam, and the Basculin exclaimed as she was pelted with freezing snow. Then, she gave another yell, however, and jumped forward out of the snowstorm to slam Chance with a Superpower attack. The move threw the Squirtle right up against the counter, where she slumped to the floor, struggling to get back to her feet.

"Now then," said Pisces as she turned back to face the Skuntank. "Where were we?"

"Not so fast..." grunted Chance as she climbed to her feet and slowly stomped back over to the Blue-Striped Basculin. "I will never... let... a bully... win," she stated simply before a dazzling glow overcame her whole body.

"Whoa! Chance!" Pomona exclaimed as she watched her friend evolve.

"Wow," remarked Bellatrix, looking mildly impressed.

"This could be bad," Pisces muttered under her breath.

At last, the glow faded, and where Chance had been wearily standing moments ago, there now stood a refreshed and confident-looking Wartortle.

"Now then," said Chance, looking down at Pisces, for with evolution came something of an increase in size. "Where were we?"

"Somewhere around dinnertime, I think," Pisces replied stubbornly as she lunged at Chance. However, the Wartortle's eyes glowed a bright blue, and Pisces was stopped in midair. Then, the Basculin was slammed against the floor repeatedly by the power of Chance's Confusion attack before being thrown right into the Bar's large aquarium.

"Wow, Chance, that was so cool!" Pomona exclaimed as she extended her vines to hug the Wartortle.

"Thanks, Pomona," smiled Chance as she hugged the Ivysaur she looked up to. Then, Chance turned to face Bellatrix. "Hey, Bellatrix, sorry for insisting on getting involved in that... I know you probably could've taken Pisces out with one move, it's just... Bullies make me angry, you know?"

"Don't worry about it," smiled Bellatrix. "Actually, I kinda enjoyed watching you stand up to her like that."

"Hey, hey, Carla, Himiko," Pomona said, walking up to the pair of Espeon, "How was that? Wasn't Chance's Confusion attack awesome?" she asked.

What?  Squirtle is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Squirtle evolved into Wartortle!
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