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Originally Posted by gmoyes View Post
Ex-Admiral Insane-

After your frantic search for your missing belongings and still not having a clue where you were and where you were going, you strike off in a random direction hoping to track down the thief who took your Pokedex and cigarettes, or at the very least, get out of the woods. While you weren’t as panicked about the Pokedex, the fact that your cigarettes were also lifted made it personal. Heedless of your little Ralts’ advice, you trust your instinct to guide your way.

And as it turns out, trusting your instincts this time around actually worked. Twenty minutes into your hike, you see a light off in the distance and some smoke rising over the treetops. Knowing that these were signs of someone else here in the woods, you immediately head straight for it. Soon enough, you discover the source of the smoke. You find a small log cabin nestled among the trees. Judging from the light coming from it and the smoke rising from the chimney someone was home. Chances were that the person inside knew how to get out of the woods, or even at this late time, let you stay the night. But then it struck you that perhaps the person who stole your stuff lived here and it might not be a good idea to wander into the home of a thief.

You pause to collect your thoughts, and then realize that your partner Rags wasn’t right behind you. In your blind rage, you must have left the little psychic type in your dust. You weren’t too concerned about him losing you, the Ralts could track you psychically. You guess you could wait for him to catch up, but the cabin was right there almost beckoning to you to knock on the door.

What do you do?
OoC: Took me a while, but here:

"Look! Over there, there's smoke! A clear sign of cigarettes. Let's go!" Lucas geared up his speed another notch to get to the smoke that was coming from beyond the trees. He didn't pay attention to what Rags had to say. He was going to retrieve his cigarettes! And his Pokédex of course.

"How disappointing. It's just a cabin." Lucas sighed at his apparent misfortune. "Can't I get a break? I just want to catch the thief."
"But wait! Maybe the thief is inside and we can catch him then." It was clear that the young man wasn't thinking straight, but he still waited to hear Rags' response.
"Huh? Rags?" Looking behind him finally, the trainer could notice that his Pokémon was missing. Apparently the Ralts had tried to warn his trainer but he didn't listen to him. In his haste, Lucas had now abandoned his only Pokémon (at this time) in the woods.
Stupid, stupid, stupid, he thought to himself, hitting his head with each word.

Folding his arms out of slight frustration, he sat down with his eyes closed to gain a little peace of mind. Slowly inhaling before exhaling he could feel his tension slipping away slowly thereby allowing him to think more properly.
Rags needs help, but on the other hand there's a cabin. Mulling it over, he had finally made his decision. Rags was a Psychic Pokémon who can slightly sense feeling and the smoke was evident, so he could possibly find his way back. Now the cabin on the other hand...It's obviously inuse. Whoever is inside might help me. They might know the woods well enough to help find Rags or at least give directions out of the woods. However...If they're not friendly, it might be disastrous to enter the building. "Hmmm." If he had been paying attention, he would have noticed his face was looking more and more pensive, almost like he had just bitten a fresh lemon.
If the person inside is the thief, I'll still have found who I'm looking for.
It's decided.
Standing up, Lucas headed towards the cabin, ready to knock on the door. To him, the pro's weighed out the con's and it was worth the risk to ask for a little help.

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