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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
Trading a Lv. 4 Genderless Magnemite to Ex-Admiral Insane for 6 candies and 5k coins. Stats below.

Spoiler: show
Species: Magnemite
Gender: Genderless
Type: Electric/Steel
Level: 4
Held item: 0
Nature: (Undeclared)
Ability: (Undeclared)
Level Up Moves
START- Tackle
Lv. 4- Supersonic
Lv. 7- Thundershock
Lv. 11- Sonicboom
Lv. 15- Thunder Wave
Lv. 18- Magnet Bomb
Lv. 21- Spark
Lv. 25- Mirror Shot
Lv. 29- Metal Sound
Lv. 32- Electro Ball
Lv. 39- Screech
Lv. 43- Discharge
Lv. 46- Lock-on
Lv. 49- Magnet Rise
Lv. 53- Gyro Ball
Lv. 57- Zap Cannon

HM Flash
MT Gravity
MT Magnet Rise
MT Swift
MT Signal Beam
Contest Stats: Smart: 0 Cool: 0 Beauty:0 Tough: 0 Cute: 0
IQ: 0
Beauty Points: 0
Birthday: June 15
Obtained: Adoption Center

Trade Initiated
Sorry it took so long

Trading 6 candies and 5,000 coins to Tyoyo3131 for his Level 4 genderless Magnemite

*Trade Closed*
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