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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Two Silver Shards for you, two riddles for me!
An strange bivalve is my best pal. Its product magnifies my power. I live my life on the edge, my brother, and if I ever stop, I'm done. Off I go along the next rough road!

I'm the lowest form of the only Pokémon family common to all these areas: The vast expanses, where trainers flock to search for rarities, the magnificent, northern lair of a crew with evil machinations, an island forest where colourful and tasty treats bloom and where little girls become lost, a deep forest with a shrine to its time-travelling guardian, and a seaside path that makes its way through wildly growing trees and plants.

Originally Posted by Kairne View Post
Is the answer here this lovely Lv 1 Female Aipom?
Congratulations, a Sun Stone is yours!

Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
I believe this Level 1 female Ponyta is the answer to this shard quest riddle. (original post)
Allow me to take Black Beauty here off your hands. And another Fire Stone for you.
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